Monday, September 16, 2013

November 18

What a day yesterday was.  It was just too much angst after waking up and feeling so good about the night I had with Nang, only to hear Mom was getting worse, then how treacherous Nang had been, and finally getting in his face about it.

I can’t even begin to describe the satisfaction I got when I walked into Nang’s office, saw the smug smirk on his face as he rose to greet me, and loudly announced so the four Kalquorians and my bodyguard just outside could hear:  “You are a complete asshole, and I am never going to have anything to do with you again.”

Ha!  Seeing his grin fall off his face gave me no end of admittedly vicious happiness.  I am a bitch, but Nang totally deserved it at that moment.

“Door, close,” he said.  The conversations that had been going on beyond it had gone utterly silent in the wake of my declaration.  I had half a mind to order it open again.  The commander needed shaming in the worst way.

“What’s wrong, Shalia?” Nang asked, though something in his tone told me he had a pretty good idea I’d found out about his shenanigans.  He hung back rather than come near me.  Good thing.  I’d have clawed his eyes out.

“You sent Dusa and Esak away.  You were behind it all along.”  Just the statement made me seething mad all over again.  “You hateful shit.  You knew I love them.  You knew I needed them for as long as I was here.”

Nang was as stone faced as an Easter Island statue.  “They aren’t good enough for you.  They have no rank.  You need a grown man who can see to your needs, Shalia, not children.”

“Fuck you!” I raged.  “You just wanted me all to yourself.  Admit it, you didn’t want to share!  And you didn’t care who you hurt!  You didn’t care that you broke my heart!”

His expression twisted into something ugly, dangerous, and mean.  “What about my heart?” he shouted back.  “What about me being hurt?  How do you think it feels to have someone right there, someone you know wants you but keeps denying it?”

“I never denied I was attracted to you,” I said.  “I always told you the truth.  You’re the bastard who refused to let it go.”

Nang was suddenly in front of me, yanking me close.  “Of course I wouldn’t let it go.  I love you, Shalia.  And I knew if I could just get you away from those young fools, you’d love me too.”

His grip on my arms was painful, and I jerked, trying to break free of him.  He only pulled me closer.

Nang’s eyes were wide, his expression bordering on desperation.  “I know you have feelings for me.  After last night, I have no doubt of that.  Forget Clan Dusa.  Send your mother on to Kalquor for the treatment she needs and stay with me.  I’ll make you happy.”

“Let me go, Nang,” I groaned between clenched teeth.  “You’re hurting me.”

He automatically released me, thank God.  I was honestly afraid he wouldn’t.  Weln’s warnings that Nang might become dangerous in his jealousy replayed in my head.  But the commander let me go, and I took full advantage of it.

I punched him in the face with every bit of strength I could muster.  There was a loud crack as his nose gave way, and blood splattered from his nostrils.  Nang stared at me in shock.


“You bastard,” I said, backing towards the door.  “Do you think a thousand of you would be worth a single Clan Dusa?  That I would ever choose you over my mother?  I’d rot on this dying planet before I would stay with you.”  Then, my voice filled with venom, I said, “I despise you, Nang.  I wish I’d never met you.  Stay the fuck away from me.  Door, open!”

I ran out, afraid he’d come after me.  I was glad to see the five Kalquorians outside the room were still there, staring in fascination as I fled.  My bodyguard followed, though not too close.  It suited me fine.  Site commander or not, I didn’t think Nang would get away with chasing me down in front of the other men, not when I was sobbing.  Yeah, I turned crybaby with the mix of disappointment and fear overcoming my anger.

Nang hasn’t tried to contact me.  I haven’t heard a peep from him since I ran off yesterday afternoon.  I went straight from his office to Medical, where I sat with Mom until Weln got off work and collected me.  Surprisingly, my Nobek bodyguard was still on the job, and he followed us back to our room and stood outside the door, same as ever.  When Weln left for his shift this morning, another one was there.  Nang didn’t order them away.

I am done with Nang.  Completely done.   As long as I’m here, I will look no farther than Weln for male companionship.  After I leave Earth, it’s going to be a long, long time before Shalia Monroe entertains anything possessing a cock ... or two.


  1. Nang is delusional! And why set yourself up for heartbreak? His clan has zero interest in women, so he can never clan Shalia. To make matters worse, even if she stays with him, they'll have to leave before Earth dies, and Shalia will have to go to Kalquor and eventually be clanned.

    Shalia is lucky she got that punch in and was able to leave. She should have taken Weln's advice and stayed away. It was satisfying when Nang's nose crunched and bled. You go, girl! :)

  2. Nang seems pretty possessive. I'm afraid Shalia has not heard the last of him yet. The punch to his nose was fairly satisfying. I wonder how he will explain it. Hopefully he will just let her go to Kalquor, but I'm not counting on it.

  3. I hope she can go to Kalquor but i don't think it going to be that easy Nang is slightly crazy, and i am still waiting for Shalia to figure out Matt is so not trustworthy.


  4. I don't think the rest of her stay is going to be as un eventful as we'd all like!

  5. I'm waiting on the reaction from his clan. You know somebody in that hallway will be talking. In addition what is he going to tell his Nobek? I guess he could say it was a training accident but with a protective Nobek I think the truth will come out.

    I am afraid for Shalia...I am hoping either his clan will reign him in or he will restrained by the fear of looking bad in front of his men.

    You go Tracy! Love the story.

  6. Yay! I never liked him anyway. I doubt he's be that easy to get rid of but it's a start.

  7. I wonder if because of Nag's treachery while Shalia either get Clan Dusa back or she will be able to go hang with them before Kalquor and some sort of special dispensation is made that would allow her to Clan them after all. I'm reminded of Empress Jessica's sister Lindsey and their clan being young.

    @ Tracy---Thank you, thank you, thank you for listening to your readers and giving us what we all want. You're the best!

  8. Yeah, it's usually a bad sign when someone starts declaring that someone else loves them or will love them. Controlling behavior outside the bedroom is not attractive. ;-)

  9. --Nag's treachery while--
    I meant Nang's treachery will..

  10. I felt Nang was getting to attached to Shalia. But declaring his love is crazy. Like she is going to give up everything for him. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when he tries to explain his nose and the fight with Shalia to his clanmate.

    Way to go Tracy, lots of drama.

  11. I guess we got those obsessive assholes in every race.

  12. When does the ship to Kalquor arrive? How much more trouble can Shalia get into before then?? :)

  13. I hope she leaves for Kalquor soon, I am so ready for her next adventures and a change in scenery all though I can only guess that Nang will some how not be to far behind.....things will be sure to heat up. I can only guess at how much fun and trouble Shalia and Candy can find. Just can't wait!!!