Monday, September 9, 2013

November 17

Ah, what a night.  That was definitely one for the books.

Dinner was so lovely.  Nang had it all arranged before he brought me to a very nice dorm room.  He must have consulted a vid on dating Earthers or something, because he did it up just like in the movies.  Soft music playing in the background.  Candlelight.  China plates.  Crystal glasses.  Real silverware.  A snow-white tablecloth.  Champagne, ronka steaks in this unbelievable sauce, and a fruit dessert set off a reaction that was the epicurean equivalent of an orgasm.

Nang had dressed up too, at least in the Kalquorian style I suppose.  I was startled to realize I’d only ever seen him in his armored formsuit or naked.  He had a long-sleeved sunshine yellow shirt on that was low-necked enough to show off that mighty chest to advantage.  It actually made his skin glow.  Yellow is a good color on that man.  His chocolate brown pants molded deliciously to his butt and thighs.  I wish it had been chocolate; I would have licked it right off his too-gorgeous self.

He pulled my chair out for me; then rather than sit across the small, intimate table, he sat right next to me.  The meal was right out of a young woman’s fantasy; quiet conversation which consisted mostly of Nang singing the praises of Shalia, gentle kisses here and there, and even the occasional feeding me from his fingers.  We laughed and acted like a couple in the first throes of love.

Hokey.  Silly.  But so very, very wonderful.  I felt like I was in a dream.

Gentleman Nang was a revelation.  I enjoyed him very much.  But when the Naughty Nang I’m familiar with took over after the champagne and dessert were all gone, I was ready for him too.

“I have such plans for you tonight, my lovely Shalia,” the commander said, his expression going erotically ominous.

“I certainly hope so,” I answered.  I shifted in such a way so that my skirt rode up and showed off the lacy top of my stockings.  Nang’s eyes widened in appreciation.

“What have we here?” he asked.  He ran his finger over the top of my thigh, pushing the skirt hem higher and higher until he discovered my dirty little secret:  no panties.  I was thrilled to see his fangs descend in an expression of pure lust.

“Oh, you bad little girl,” he breathed.  “You’ve been sitting here all this time like the sweetest thing imaginable, and all along you’re being so mischievous.”

“Whatever will you do with me?” I stage-sighed.

“Unluckily for you, I’ve already got the perfect punishment in store,” Nang grinned.  “Get up and come over here.”

‘Over here’ was in a second room that was bare except for a long length of cord coiled on the floor and what seemed to be a pulley system installed on the ceiling.  I swallowed, suddenly incredibly nervous.

“Um ... Nang?  What’s all this?”

His grin got bigger and scarier.  Me being the strange woman that I am, I found the expression made me more excited.  I couldn’t wait to hand myself over to the commander.

“Don’t worry, Shalia,” Nang said.  “You’re going to find out right now what I’ve got in store for you.  Strip.”

My clothes went flying.  Seconds after the order, I stood before Nang, naked and shivering.  Not from cold.  No, I was almost sweating from the heat that came from that big Kalquorian’s possessive stare.

“Good girl.  I’d reward you if you would continue to do everything you’re told, but you won’t have much choice.”  He drew me to stand beneath the pulley block and the cording that depended from it.  “Now stand absolutely still.  You do not dare move, Shalia.”

That dark stare make me instinctively lower my gaze.  “Yes, Nang.”

He picked up the coiled cord on the floor next to me.  The next thing I knew, he was knotting it around my waist and back, tying it into a complicated diamond pattern along the front of my torso, from beneath my breasts to just above my hips.  I watched fascinated as he worked almost too quickly for the eyes.  I’d never been tied up so prettily.

“Hands behind your back, just above your ass,” Nang told me.

I did as I was told, and the cord went about my wrists.  I noticed Nang put a finger between the binding and my skin, making sure to not cut off my circulation.  What a nice guy, I thought.  That thought would come back to haunt me.

He did some more work behind my back, where I couldn’t watch.  Since the front was so nice and artistic, I wanted to see the rest, but Nang had that alpha dog look on his face, the one that made me unsure if speaking would get me into trouble.  So I kept my mouth shut.  Nang is a dog that will bite.

After a few minutes, he said, “Up you go, little one.”  He pulled on the business end of the pulley and I discovered I was attached to the other end.  I rose up in the air with a little squeal of surprise.   He didn’t put me up too far; just enough that my toes left the ground.

Nang chuckled at my shock.  Then he got back to work, binding my ankles and tying them so that my legs bent back and up, holding me wide open.  Oh, I liked where this was going.

“Very nearly done, my sweet prisoner,” the commander grunted.  He moved in front of me.  I saw how swollen his groin was, and it made me wet in an instant.  I love seeing how much a man wants me.  It gives me a little rush of power, even when I’m tied up and at his mercy.

Nang’s cord was now winding about my chest, framing my breasts and cinching tight enough to make them rosy with slowed circulation without impeding my breath.  Goodness.  I blinked to see them going pink.

“Perfect,” Nang breathed.  “Open your mouth.”

I did so and got a mouthful of the cord he was tying me up with.  He gagged me with it, and tied it off behind my head.  Carefully, he tilted my head back and bound me in such a way that I couldn’t do more than shake it from side to side just a little.  As a matter of fact, that was all the movement I could manage.  I was trussed tighter than a Christmas turkey.

Nang stepped back to view his work.  “Oh yes,” he said, his voice edging into a feral growl.  “By the ancestors, that is perfection.”

I could only look at him.  I couldn’t speak and I couldn’t move.  I was totally at his mercy, suspended there in midair.  He gave me a gentle push, setting me to twirl slowly around.  He stopped me when I faced him again.

“Mine,” he said, his tone dangerous.  “If I could, I’d keep you here just like this so I could come in and enjoy you whenever I wanted.”

I got a thrill of terror at his words, though I knew his menace was only part of our fun.  When he looked at me like that, it was easy to imagine him carrying out such a threat.

He patted my breasts, not very gently.  They had begun to ache being constricted the way they were, and Nang’s petting was close to spanking them.  I moaned behind my gag, my pussy reacting to his domination in its usual aroused way, creaming like crazy.  He plucked at my nipples, making them sting.  I shuddered, and he smiled.

“That’s it,” Nang whispered.  “Feel your helplessness, Shalia.  Know that I am in utter control of you, and you cannot escape me.”

He went to a corner, which was dark.  I’d not seen anything there, but Nang brought out a small, soft bag.  He opened it and brought out something that resembled a cat o’nine tails.  My eyes widened.

The handle was very short, just large enough to fit in Nang’s palm.  The fronds of it were slender pieces of leather, knotted at the ends.  There were a lot of those.  I tried to jerk away as Nang approached me, but I couldn’t move.  I tried to protest, but with the cord tied across my mouth, I couldn’t do anything but offer a muffled groan.

“Someone’s a bit scared,” Nang murmured.  He walked around me, dragging the flogger over my face, my head, my shoulders, my back, my ass.  They slithered over my body like eager serpents. 

“Why are you afraid, Shalia?” the commander asked me.  “Do you think perhaps I will actually damage you?  That I will cause you injury?  Where is the trust, my little Earther pet?”

All I could feel were those tails tracing over my very vulnerable ass.  I was scared.  I’ll admit it.  I had put myself in a dangerous position.  I knew Nang liked to be rough.  I hadn’t expected him to bring out a medieval torture device, however.  Not in my wildest dreams.

“Shalia, Shalia,” he said, making the knotted ends dance gently over my exposed flesh.  “I would never cause you real harm.  Will I give you pain?  Oh, most certainly.  But you like the kind of pain I offer.  This – you will love this.”

I moaned.  Yeah, I liked a little discipline with my sex, but I thought Nang might take it too far.  With me unable to talk, there was no way I could tell him when it got to be too much.  I had really fucked up.

“Let’s begin,” Nang said.

I tensed, certain I was about to be flayed alive.  I already had tears welling in anticipation.  The tails hit my ass, and I yelped a little as I waited for searing agony.

All I got for all my fears was a little peppering sting.  No flesh ripped to ribbons.  No blood flying.  Just tiny twinges where the knotted ends had landed.  I thought, that’s it?

Nang laughed.  “You really psyched yourself up for hell, didn’t you?” he teased.  “Shalia, I don’t know whether to be amused or hurt.  How could you think I would do any damage?  Didn’t I say pain but no harm?”

Well, yes he had.  But only Nang knows what’s going on in his head.  It was then I realized that I really don’t trust the man, not like I had Dusa and Esak.

“Now let’s enjoy ourselves, shall we?” the commander said.  He flicked my butt again with the flogger, and I relaxed, enjoying the sting and my inability to prevent it.

It turned out Nang was a master with this instrument.  He put it to me all over, striking my ass, back, belly, breasts, and thighs.  Little by little, as the endorphins did their work, he increased the strength of the strikes, sending burning trails over my body.  It was more an intense sensation than pain.  I floated beneath his excellent discipline, finding an odd sense of peace as he plied his talent.  My moans filled the room, moans of delight as I drifted deep into a strange euphoria that consumed me until there was no thought left.  Just fiery, exciting throbs lighting the entirety of me.  And arousal.  My pussy pulsed with my heartbeat, loving how I was at the man’s mercy, how I was given completely over to him.

Finally the ‘whipping’, such as it was, ended.  I actually groaned a protest.

“No, no, my little lovely.  You have had enough.  You are wearing my marks now, though they will fade in a day or so.  It’s just as I wished.”  Nang’s strong hand stroked my skin, sending tendrils of lovely tingles throughout my body.

I was still floating in delicious surrender when he stepped behind me, lowering me so that my pussy and ass lined up to his groin.  Wide open, I absorbed his thicknesses, his larger cock entering my tighter passage with ease.  He was every bit as soaked as I.

I swung back and forth through the air, Nang moving me so that his cocks plunged in and out with slow, steady sweetness.  As one hand kept me sliding over him, the other rubbed and plucked at my clit.  Waves of gentle release swept through me.  In my rapturous state, I don’t know how long it went on.  Time had no existence, and I have no idea how many times the commander brought me to climax.  My mind was definitely in an altered state.  There was nothing but the ebb and flow of orgasm, until at last my body drew on Nang’s hard enough for him to spill his seed inside me.

Afterwards, he untied me from all those knots, setting me down gently on my feet.  I swayed drunkenly, and Nang was forced to hold me up, laughing as he did so.  He took me to another room with a bed.  There, he gave me a pain inhibitor and I watched bemused as he traced the fine stripes he’d put on my flesh.  It sounds weird, but I saw them as a sort of badge of honor.  Maybe I have a bit of Nobek in me.  Nang was pleased with me, which made me even more satisfied.

The commander gave me stim tabs, which are better than coffee.  We played all night, finally quitting (with regret) when the sun came up and Nang had to report in to his office.  Leaving me with a couple more stim tabs to get through the day, along with pain inhibitors so my tiny welts wouldn’t make my life miserable, he left with a very pleased look on his face.  A look I put there, if I may be so immodest.

I’m going to get dressed in a few minutes and go see Mom.  But right now I’m lazing in the bed where Nang and I made love over and over.  It really was an amazing night.  I have to say, I’m really starting to regret the rest of his clan is homosexual.  Sure, Nang can be a jerk, but he’s starting to grow on me.  Besides, since when am I such a prize?  I definitely have my moments of jerkiness too.

All right, I’m not going to lay here and go drama queen with the woulda, couldas.  It’s a waste of time and I’ll only get depressed again.  I want to soak in the afterglow, and I refuse to ruin what was one of the best nights of my life.


  1. I have a bad feeling about their night together. This could turn into a scandle of epic portions. Nang obviously want Shalia so much that he is offically cheating on his clan with her. Spending the night with her, falling in love with her. It's obvious he wants her so badly that he will break Kalquor clanning customs to be with her. I really think he is torn between wanting her and staying with his clan. He may even regret clanning with his Nobek and Imidoko.

  2. I was sure something nefarious was a foot!! I'm shocked she came out of her evening unscathed. Way to keep us guessing!!!

  3. Nang is not a "jerk" and he is not "cheating" his clan. what he is just doing right now as nobek Lindon quote it: what nature intended him to do!

  4. I've been all for Shalia hooking up with Nang since the very beginning BUT him spending an entire night with her is a huge Kalquorian faux pas, as explained by Weln on Thurs post. I think this may have qualified as cheating. And I'm freaking out we still don't know what Weln was trying to reach Shalia about!!

  5. I feel the same way. What was so important that he told her he needed to speak to her right away. This could be bad for Shalia but it's hardly her fault. She didn't know until Weln told her that clan members never sleep apart if they are stationed together and we are assuming this is okay with Nang's clan. Weln works with Nang's Imdiko. He might know a whole different side of the story.
    For the record I like Nang but I think he is getting to serious about Shalia.

  6. Weln did tell Shalia that Nang spending the night away from the rest of his clan was just not done; so it sounds like it was a Kalquorian faux pas.

    I was hoping we'd hear from Weln and find out what he wanted to tell Shalia.

    Way to make us squirm for another few days, Tracy!! UGH!!

  7. I know Nang is a jerk and up to no good but I can't help it, I love Nang. So he is one big sexy snake in the grass,jerk, but I love when Shalia has sex with him!