Thursday, September 12, 2013

November 17, later

I just finished talking to Dad and a couple of other doctors consulting on Mom’s case.  Things have taken a turn for the worse.  Her dementia is growing.  Last night, she threw herself out of bed, jabbering nonsense about getting the car repaired.  Her leg still won’t hold her up, so Mom was crawling across the floor when the orderlies rushed in.  They ended up sedating her because she kept trying to leave.

“You want me to have her put in stasis, don’t you?” I asked miserably.

Dad held my hand, trying to give me some comfort.  “It’s not necessary right now,” he told me.  “She’s doing better this morning.  We can sedate her at night to keep her in bed.”

The doctor handling Mom’s case, Imdiko Ginna, added, “I’d like to see her keep going with physical therapy for as long as possible.  The stronger she is going into stasis, the quicker she’ll recover when they revive her.  My recommendation is that you put off cryo-freeze until it’s time for you two to leave.”

Dad said, “She absolutely needs to be on the next transport heading to Kalquor.”

I nodded, feeling tired despite the stim tab I’d taken.  Fun time was now officially over.  “All right.  Therapy until it’s time to go, and stasis when we leave.  Whatever is best for Mom.”

I signed off on it officially.  All the doctors except Dad left.  He stayed behind to offer hugs and comfort for a few minutes.

Oops.  Com’s going off.

That was Weln calling to find out where I am.  He’s heading over right now, told me to meet him outside of Medical.  I told him, “I don’t need any more bad news.  Mom isn’t doing so great.  She tried to crawl out of her room last night.”

Weln said, “I’m sorry to hear that Shalia, I really am, but there’s something you need to know right now.  I’ll be right there.”

Well, let’s see what the next shitstorm is going to be about.

November 17, third entry

That motherfucking asshole.  That unholy piece of shit.  I am so mad after talking to Weln, I can’t even think straight.  I’ve been walking around the Academy for the last hour now, trying to calm down and not go looking for a blaster.  It’s not working.  All I can think about is how much I want to blow Nang’s fucking head off.

So I’m typing away on my handheld, hoping that writing will help me get hold over myself.  I’m going to confront the manipulative creep, but if I do it now, I’ll try to kill him.  I really, really think I will.

Nang had Dusa and Esak transferred.  They found out from Dusa’s commanding officer yesterday, because Dusa mentioned to him in passing something about how he wished the Atlanta site hadn’t needed them right away.  The commander was surprised and told him that Nang had commed him and asked if he could use a rescuer and security guard.  According to this guy, Nang had told him Dusa and Esak requested the transfer because they wanted the opportunity to advance their ranks faster!  The son of a bitch lied!

Weln is very worried now, as are Dusa and Esak.  “We think the commander did it to get his biggest competition for you out of the way,” the Imdiko told me in low tones.  He’d taken me well away from Medical to where we could see if anyone came near to listen to our conversation.  “This is not normal behavior, Shalia, not for a Dramok who knows he cannot clan you.  We’re afraid of this jealousy.”

I was fuming.  “He knew I would never sleep with him as long as Dusa and Esak were around.  He knew I didn’t feel right about it.”  I wanted to punch something.  Unfortunately, the closest things were Weln and a pine tree.  I wasn’t going to take a swing at my sweetie, and the tree would hurt me a lot more than I could hurt it. 

It took everything I had not to scream.  I had to settle for muttering between clenched teeth.  “I am going to rip both Nang’s cocks off!”

“You have to be careful,” Weln cautioned, pulling me close and clutching me to his chest.  “It could be he’s so possessive that he’d be a danger to you.  Don’t approach him alone.”

I’m pretty certain Nang wouldn’t hurt me.  But I’m more than ready to hurt him.  Damn it, after what happened last night with him ... I’m so fucking pissed.  Not just at him, but at myself too.  I was even thinking how sad it was I’d never be able to clan with the bastard because of his clanmates!

Thank God for homosexual Kalquorians, and I don’t care how blasphemous that sounds.  Who knows what awful situation I would have found myself in if Nang’s Nobek and Imdiko liked women?  All I can say is, they’ve got my sympathies for ending up with such a jerk for a Dramok.

I gave Weln a bunch of noncommittal statements that led him to believe I wouldn’t confront Nang.  I let him kiss me and we soothed each other as best we could before he had to get back to work.  Poor Weln.  He was separated from the men he loves too, and all because Commander Asshole thought he had a right to me.

I will confront Nang.  Just as soon as I can get hold of myself, he and I are going to have it out.  I sure hope he enjoyed last night, because it was the last time he’s getting with me.


  1. I am so glad that she knows the truth, but I think she is being stupid confronting Nang on her own, I have a bad feeling about how he is going to react to being confronted.

  2. I also agree she should stay away from Nang. He is becoming the jealous possive type instead someone who know this should be about fun causual sex.

    I wonder how his Nobek and Imdiko feel about this unhealthy attachment he has for Shalia. I can't wait for the next entry.

  3. Yikes!! The truth comes out! I thought them getting transferred then was fishy with everything going on there. Nang is dangerous for sure! He will hurt her or kidnap and hid her for himself and blame it on others if confronted alone by Shaila!! Scary! Love how this is turning out!

  4. I had a feeling he was behind Dusa and Esak's transfer!! Can't wait to see how this plays out. We still don't know how Nang's clan reacted to Nang spending the night with Shalia. Will they be her allies in cutting ties with Nang or will they be jealous and irrational?

  5. I thought Nang was behind the transfer!

    Weln is right,Nang is much bigger than Shalia and it seems is acting out of character for a Dramok. She should definitely not confront him. He obviously lied to his clanmates, and got Dusa and Esak transferred. I'd be concerned about his possessiveness of Shalia. But I wonder if his Nobek and Imdiko know about their tryst...maybe someone should tell them. Meanwhile, I think Shalia needs to avoid Nang and tell him she's no longer interested.


    (I'm still hoping for Clan Dusa to include Shalia!):D

  6. Now that shalia confronted Nang will she get a big shocker when she gets. pregnant by Nang they didn't use protection?