Thursday, September 5, 2013

November 16

Tonight is looking to be a good one.  Nang and I are going to have a private dinner together in one of the empty dorms and spend the night there as well.  I didn’t ask him how his clanmates feel about him spending an entire night off, even though I have heard such things are not particularly popular among the Kalquorians.  The shocked look I got from Weln when I told him about it this morning said it all.

“A Dramok sleeping away from his clan just for the sake of having sex?  That’s unheard of,” my cutie-pie Imdiko said.

“You aren’t sleeping with your clan.  You’re sleeping with me,” I pointed out.

“That’s different,” he said.  “I’m with you on my clan’s behalf to make sure you are taken care of until you leave for Kalquor.  When did Dusa ever spend a night with you and not Esak?”

“There were a few times when Esak was working a night shift—”

“But never when Esak was available.  It’s just not done.”  Weln was adamant on that count.

I don’t pretend to understand the intricacies of clan life.  I’d think Weln was upset I’m sleeping with Nang and not him, except he’s doing a night shift.  He’s got a new elderly charge who is so traumatized by everything that’s happened to him that he wakes up at all hours of the night screaming.  Poor man.  Poor Weln who has a three-night run of soothing the insomniac fellow.

Meanwhile, I have a bedmate to keep my own nightmares away tonight, and I’m not going to worry about how Nang’s clan will take it.  That’s the commander’s problem.  Instead, I’m going to try to be more like Candy and thank the universe for every little good thing that comes my way.  Maybe it will invite more nice things if I have a grateful attitude.

I’m going to have a bath and do myself up to give old Nang a special thrill.  I’m still swiping Candy’s clothes, and did she have something special for me to use on my date tonight.  Where that crazy woman found a garter belt and stockings is beyond me, and she’s not talking ... at least not about that.  Her face was beet red when she showed them to me.

“Don’t wear panties,” she dared me.  “Just these under the skirt.  It will blow his mind.”

I think she’s right, so I’m going to do it.  I’m showing up demurely dressed except for the missing drawers.

November 16, later

I’m waiting for Nang to come escort me to our special place.  I’m all dressed ... sans underpants of course.  It feels weird to not be wearing panties.  All airy and naughty.  I know, I’ve not worn them before.  It’s still strange.

Weln is being a bit odd.  While I was bathing, he left a message on my com that he needed to talk to me as soon as possible.  “There’s something you need to know, and you need to know it right now,” he said.  He didn’t sound upset or panicked.  He sounded pissed off.

Of course my initial worry was that something has happened to Mom.  I commed, but Weln didn’t answer.  I didn’t even bother to leave him a message, knowing he was probably too busy.  Besides, there are better people to talk to if something is up with Mom.  I commed Dad next, because he’d know all the details. 

“Eve is fine,” Dad assured me.  “She’s resting, but I do want to discuss what we need to do for her.  Can you meet with me tomorrow?”

“Sure,” I answered.  I felt all squirmy inside because, me being me, I’m expecting the news to be bad.

Nothing terrible is happening that Dad knows and Nang will be here any moment, so I’ve decided not to try to com Weln again.  Tomorrow will be soon enough to deal with non-emergencies.  My hair is fixed as best as I can do – clean and brushed.  I’ve put on the little bit of makeup I have.  I’ve got on a pretty lace-trimmed blouse and a skirt with heels that make my legs look killer.  I’m not wearing underwear.  Damn it, I’m ready to have a nice dinner and a naughty romp.  I don’t want to hear anything bad.

Nang’s here!  I’m off.


  1. Oh boy! I have a bad feeling about her night with Nang. Wonder what Weln found out. I'll be on pins and needles until Monday.

  2. Nang has been bad news from the start.

  3. Yeah, I'm not yelling at the computer screen right now at all. *she says sarcastically* What a cliff hanger! I'll be pondering the possibilities all weekend!

  4. When Weln said "right now", that's bad. It sounds like he didn't want her to see Nang until he spoke to her. And she's leaving without speaking to Weln.

    Weln is pissed off, which isn't a good sign. We can imagine all kinds of terrible things, mostly about Nang (like he's invited half of the Dramoks on the campus to a gangbang) but we'll have to wait until Monday.

    Darn you, Tracy St. John! :)

  5. Damit damit damit. .people wonder why I like monday

  6. Rut roh!! I'm got a bad feeling Scooby Doo!

  7. I think this calls for a special 'Saturday edition' of Shalia's Diary. I do NOT want to wish my weekend away.
    DANG IT!

  8. Now I think his clan has found out about the night away and plant to crash the party. I don't think she will be hurt, but this is going to be a big scandal in the Kalquorian community. I've been thinking that Nang's behavior was strange for a clanned man!

  9. Like I said before Nang doesnt want to be clanned anymore. He has probably left his clan. He wants a female, for all we know he maybe planning to kidnap Shalia and keep her. I know that's a little extreme but Nang is in love or at least thinks he is. And he now sees his clan as a hinderance to his happiness.