Monday, September 2, 2013

November 15

I’m just knocking out a few notes about today as I wait for Weln to get in.  There’s not really much to write about, just a bunch of trivia.  But I’ve bathed and had Weln’s dinner delivered already, so I’m bored now.  Really bored.  I need to come up with a hobby or something to do. 

Anyway, I spent some time with Candy today in her quarters.  Kalquor is already sending her information about the clans currently in the lottery system.  I guess they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our vaginas, ha-ha.  Sheesh, we’re still nine months away and the men are already lining up for us Earther girls.  It’s kind of sad, actually.

Candy had her computer up and was flipping through files of eligible clans who have won the right to court us.  I say ‘won’, but in reality the clans are selected randomly so everyone can get a fair chance.  A clan chosen to vie for a female mate answers questions designed to help them find the most compatible candidates for their personalities. 

The women are supposed to answer our own set of questions, which I haven’t bothered with yet.  For one thing, there are about five hundred questions.  Are you kidding me?   When I asked Dad about it, he said, “Some of the questions are the same ones over and over, simply worded in different ways.  That way, the system can figure out exactly what it is the potential Mataras really want and require from their mates.”

Another reason I haven’t bothered is that I’m just not ready.  First, I didn’t plan to clan at all.  Then I didn’t want to clan, but if I had to, it would be with Dusa.  Now, as I slowly get used to the idea that his clan is out, I find it too sad to move on.  I haven’t answered one single question on that ridiculous list yet.

Candy, on the other hand, devoted three straight days to it.  She told me she considered every question very, very carefully, mulling it over at least five minutes before answering.  “Only those absolutely perfect for me should approach,” she said.  “I couldn’t wait to get it done and see my suitors, but at the same time, I wanted the best to pick from.”

Apparently, there are hundreds of ‘perfect’ clans for Candy so far, and more get added to her list every day.  Watching as she went through the stats on her beaus, I couldn’t quite figure out just what her guidelines had been.  There were younger clans, fresh-faced, strong, and gorgeous.  There were older clans, maturity stamped on their expressions.  Still strong and gorgeous.  I couldn’t believe how hot one threesome was whose youngest member was supposedly ninety.  Sure, Kalquorians live an average of about 250 years, but those virile-looking guys were just ridiculous with sexy power. 

Politicians.  Business owners.  Military men.  Doctors.  Miners.  Farmers.  Every conceivable occupation seemed to be represented.  If this was Candy being picky, I can’t imagine how many more applicants she would be fielding if she hadn’t narrowed the choices down.

“It’s a smorgasbord of Kalquorian beefcake,” I commented drily.  “I can’t see how you’ll narrow this down by the time we get there.  How will you ever pick your first clan to meet?”

“Oh, I’ll figure it out.  I’m in no hurry yet,” Candy said, waving her hand dismissively as she eyeballed the still vid of three utterly delicious specimens.  Supervisor for shuttle manufacturing plant, professional kurble coach, and sentient being rights consultant their professions read.  The members of that clan sounded kind of important.  It made me wonder what kind of candidates I’d attract.

“At one time you made it sound like you couldn’t wait to get hitched,” I said.

Candy turned around to grin at me.  “I’m looking forward to being the center of three men’s world, but did you read the amenities they plan to have at the compound they’re building for us?  It will be like a fabulous retreat for the rich and famous!  We will be so spoiled rotten, no clan will end up wanting us.”  Candy laughed with childlike delight.

“What kind of amenities?” I asked.  I hadn’t really thought of where I’d end up staying as Mom got help and I was courted by clans.  Somehow I’d always hazily visualized a small, cheap apartment setting.

“Oh, not much,” Candy said in a tone that told me she was being silly.  “Just a workout center, pools, spas where a species known as the Tratsods give relaxation treatments and massages—”

“Massages?” I interrupted.  “You mean they actually put their hands on us?”  Such things had been really illegal on Earth, except in the case of medical rehabilitation. 

“Tratsods don’t have hands,” Candy informed me.  “They have lots of tiny tentacles.  And yes, they touch you, but since they aren’t compatible for sex with us, it’s not a big deal.”

“Wow,” I said, trying to assimilate all this information.  “What else?”

“Beauty treatments.  Guest speakers and entertainers.  Boring stuff like medical care.  Kalquorian language classes.  Childcare.”

“Childcare?”  I snorted.  “Kind of putting the cart before the horse, aren’t they?”

“Goof.  Of course there will be some women who bring their kids along, those whose husbands didn’t survive.”

I could have smacked my own head for stupidity.  “Wow.  Can you imagine?  I wonder how many clans are going to want to take care of Earther kids.”  I sure was glad I wasn’t in that situation.  I can’t imagine being desperate not only to find a way to live, but having to make sure my children would have a decent situation in which to be raised.  Things are tough enough worrying about my mom.

Candy brought up another vid, one showing the planned complex where all us single Earther gals would live until clans swept us off our feet and carried us away.  “Already under construction,” she told me. 

As we went over all the perks included, I could see why eager Candy might put off joining a clan.  It really was as if we were being offered a fabulous vacation.

“Food, board, allowance ... wow,” I breathed. 

“And hundreds of men begging for our attention, proclaiming our greatness as ‘lifebringers’,” Candy giggled.  “It’s a huge change from being Earth’s evil temptresses bent on fouling up all of creation, isn’t it?”

I agreed.  It was actually starting to sound kind of fun.  I thought maybe I should start working on my own questionnaire.  Maybe after we start heading towards Kalquor, anyway.

I spent the afternoon with Mom, who was too quiet for my liking.  Lying around all day except for therapy is not much fun for her.  She still doesn’t have enough muscle control to knit.  She can’t go for walks, though I did get her in a hover chair and take her outside after getting permission from her doctors.  After we came back in, I went through the library of entertainment vids, trying to illicit some interest from her to watch a concert or movie or documentary.  Every suggestion I made was met with either silence or the same response over and over; a slurred, “If you like.”  She’s got no spark.  No real interest.  Mom seems to exist in a fog from which she catches a glimpse of the world around her from time to time.  She’s beginning to really scare me.  I’m worried she’s giving up.  Maybe it’s time to put her into stasis, though that thought terrifies me too.  It’s selfish of me, but even with her being so diminished, she’s still my mom and therefore, important to have around.  I want her in any capacity I can have her.  Cryo-freezing her and placing her in a storage bin until she gets to Kalquor is just too awful to contemplate, even if it is ultimately for her own good.

I met with Candy again for dinner.  Thank God for that woman.  She looks at this mess of a world around us and the uncertain future ahead with such optimism.  She sees nothing but the good things that might be, and every option is better than the last.  Why – WHY – can’t I be like that instead of old sourpuss, cynical Shalia Monroe?  I would love to go through life like a kid in a perpetual candy store.  Ha, ‘candy’ store.  Pun not intended.

Matt King sat with us in the re-opened dining hall.  Things have been quiet since the Academy hunkered down and increased site and buffering security rather than chasing the attackers around. 

I know Nang is waiting for the worst to happen, but he puts a good face on things for me.  Most of the time when I ask about how things are, he shrugs me off.  “Every day we don’t take casualties is a good day,” he says.  Which isn’t exactly the most calming response for my nerves, but I know he’s busy and stressed.  I let it go and offer him the little bit of comfort a girl with a taste for being tied up and spanked can.

Anyway, Matt sat with me and Candy.  We talked about a bunch of stuff, like the lack of attacks, the earsplitting nature of Kalquorian lemanthev music, my mom’s health, the upcoming transport of malcontents to Galactic Council space, reminiscing about our old lives ... gosh, just everything under the sun.  Candy did most of the talking, jumping from subject to subject, running on like she always does.  I exchanged many an amused look with Matt at our Candy’s always effusive chatter.  Gosh, I wouldn’t trade that girl for the world.  Now if Weln would just get his cute tush in here, I might end the day with a smile on my face.


  1. Sentient being rights consultant, lol!! I'm loving the eharmony, Kalquorian dating system. I hope we get to see Candy date. :) I can only imagine the run around she'll give the bachelor clans of Kalquor.

  2. Great post!! I'd like to see Candy date too!

    Sentient Beings rights -->

  3. Even with the world in shambles one must stop a moment and yell at the light.

  4. I wonder if their politicians are as bad as ours (with the exception of Rajhir, of course!). Then Matt would fit right in. Too bad he's going to Mercy Colony.

    I'm glad Shalia has Candy and her infectious enthusiasm about going to Kalquor.I can understand why Shalia is reluctant to complete the questionnaire. Once Eve is "fixed up", will she live with Shalia, and eventually her clan? Or will she be able to live on her own? She's too old to clan, isn't she?

    1. Dang, I know Tracy did a Q&A a while back about the clanning system and addressed older women, but I can't find the post :(

      If I remember correctly, she said that older women are eligible to clan. I'm going to keep looking for the post, if I find it I'll link it here.

    2. Found it!
      Q: Will older ladies get clanned to older Kalquorians because they would like to have a female not just for breeding (like Empress Jessica's mom)?

      A: Absolutely. It hasn’t really come up yet, but older women are indeed valued by older clans. You can look forward to 48-year-old Elisa in the upcoming Clans of Kalquor 8: Alien Caged. It's time us more mature gals got our clan too! Elisa's would-be beaus are over 100 years old, which you know is still prime for Kalquorian males. In many cases, younger Kalquorian men also like older women quite well. Yuder is not the only man to appreciate the allure of mature ladies.

      Here's the links for Q&A 1 and 2:

  5. Great line Tracy: “And hundreds of men begging for our attention, proclaiming our greatness as ‘lifebringers’,” Candy giggled. “It’s a huge change from being Earth’s evil temptresses bent on fouling up all of creation, isn’t it?”

  6. Shalia needs to fill out her questionaire. I want to see what type of clans she attracts. Also I can't wait fot Alien Caged, I would love to read about a woman my age finding a clan.