Thursday, August 8, 2013

November 8

You know, if my life isn’t threatened every couple of days, I start to feel like I’m not important anymore.  Thank goodness people keep trying to kill me, thus feeding my ego.

Yes, that was sarcasm.  I’m sick of nearly dying.

I was walking with Candy.  She was chattering in her typical, happy way about the kind of men who would make her perfect clan.  If you ask me, she’d need at least a dozen Kalquorians to meet all those requirements.  She wants a cute one, a rugged one, one with movie star looks, one that looks more animal than man, a gentleman, an aristocrat, a primitive beast, a sweet one, a strong one ... oh, her list just went on and on.  I’m not sure if she’s going to be too picky to actually choose a clan or if just any three men will do. 

I still had my Nobek bodyguard, though I’ve been thinking of telling Nang I probably don’t need one anymore.  After all, his talk did go really well.  I guess Candy and I weren’t really paying attention to where we were going as we talked.  We were just too distracted by our conversation.  It was a surprise when the Nobek suddenly appeared at our shoulders and quietly told us, “Mataras, we’re too close to the outer perimeter fence.  I must ask you to move away.”

We came to a halt.  “Oops,” Candy said, her eyes growing round.

“Yikes,” I agreed.  I could actually see the fence glittering in the site’s security lighting.  “Thanks for the heads up.”

We were set to put distance between ourselves and the fence when the bodyguard’s head went up and he sniffed the air.  “Someone is coming.  Earther male.”  He moved in front of us and drew his blaster.

We huddled up behind the Nobek, probably too close, but he didn’t tell us to move back.  He was a wide fellow and made a nice shield for us.

“Inside or outside of the fence?” I whispered to our protector.

“Inside.  Probably someone who simply wandered off course as you did, but – wait, here he is.”  The Nobek raised his voice in challenge.  “What are you doing so close to the perimeter?”

I heard a surprised yelp.  Then a familiar voice answered, “Hello, Nobek.  You startled me.”

“Matt King,” I told my bodyguard.  “He’s the spokesman for the Earthers here.”

The Nobek holstered his weapon.  “Mr. King, I need a reason why you’re out here.”

I moved to the side to see Matt coming our way.  He looked shocked to see me and Candy with the Kalquorian.  “Oh hi, ladies.  Nobek, to answer your question, I was out walking and got a little confused as to where I ended up.  I was just trying to get my bearings and get back to the safe zone.”

Candy tittered.  “All the Earthers are wandering lost tonight.”

My guard nodded.  “Please continue on your way then, Mr. King.  Mataras, if you will also move to the designated zone?”

“Thank you.”  Matt walked past us with a smile.  He suddenly began coughing, hard and loud.

“Are you all right?” I asked.

He waved me off.  “Choking on my own spit,” he said with a lopsided smile.  “Good night.” 

He hurried away, and Candy and I started in the direction the Nobek indicated.  We’d only gone a couple steps when the air around us shivered.

“Get down!” the Nobek yelled and knocked us flat to the ground.  The telltale shwoop sound of a percussion blaster rang out.  My bodyguard turned towards the fence while staying crouched over us.  He fired at the fence, simultaneously barking Kalquorian into his com.

Moments later, we were surrounded by Kalquorians shooting at who knew what.  Candy screamed her head off.  I shoved my face against the ground with my arms covering my head, like I might burrow into the ground like a mole.  Grass and dirt went up my nose while I huddled tight to the lawn, waiting to live or die. 

The blasting was over within seconds, but it sure seemed like longer.  Kalquorians picked Candy and me up off the ground.

“Are you all right?” my bodyguard asked.  He smelled of arousal, and I looked at him wide-eyed.  Who gets sexually excited over a deadly fight?

“I’m fine.  Thanks,” I said.

An older Nobek ordered, “Get these women out of the area right now.”

My bodyguard immediately picked me up and took off running.  I didn’t have a chance to yell my surprise.  Another Nobek carried Candy.  Within moments, we were near the dorm room I share with Weln.

“All right.”  My Nobek came to a halt and put me down.  “Check yourself over, Matara.  Make sure you weren’t hurt.”

I took a few breaths to slow my racing heart.  I took stock of my situation.  “I’m pretty sure I’m okay, Nobek.  Thank you for keeping us safe.”

Candy was also unhurt.  She gave the two Nobeks big doe eyes.  “Thank you so much.  I could kiss you both.”

That got a reaction, as you might imagine.  Already excited from their firefight, the men looked very intently at Candy.  Unfortunately for them, the Nobek who had carried her away from the attack had to go back to his squad, and my bodyguard was stuck with me.  No hero sex for those boys, not that I’m sure Candy is ready to give up her virtue quite yet for all her talk.

She and I went into my quarters, leaving the would-be loverboy Nobek outside the door.  Shaken, Candy decided to spend the night, which was perfectly fine by me since Weln was pulling an all-nighter.  Coming close to death definitely doesn’t leave one feeling good about being alone.


  1. Matt Kings starting to show his true colors!!! Cough, cough indeed!

    Now I really hope Candy isn't involved! I love her.

  2. yup never trusted him, he's a snake

  3. I wonder how long it will take Shalia to figure out that Matt is on the wrong side. I also hope Candy isn't involved. She seems so silly and fun. It would be interesting to see her get together with a clan.

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  5. Ditto on Cara, brenda and butterfly's comments.

  6. I hope Matt doesn't hurt Shalia. I bet he is part of the resistant.