Thursday, August 1, 2013

November 4

They’re gone.  Dusa and Esak left yesterday, early in the morning.

The night before, we got some good news at least.  Weln got approval to join them at their new site just outside the remains of Atlanta, and he also got the okay to stay here until Mom and I leave for Kalquor.  That at least was a little something to celebrate.  So we did in our usual fashion:  we had sex.

Animal sex.  Desperate sex.  I owe Candy an outfit, because Dusa ripped the one she loaned to me into confetti before picking me up and pinning me against the wall.  “Get this damned formsuit off me,” he snarled at the other two men before plastering his mouth against mine.  I could hardly breathe from the force of his kiss.  Meanwhile, Esak and Weln worked to get his uniform off so that his burning hot body moved against mine.  His boots kept them from stripping him entirely, leaving everything hanging from the knees down.

He shoved his cocks at my pussy and ass, like rams storming the palace gates.  I opened to him, crying out at the harsh invasion but wanting it as desperately as he wanted to give it to me.  It seemed right that it should hurt just a little, like losing him and Esak hurt me inside.  Dusa thrust deep into me with one strong plunge, skewering me so that I screamed.

He pounded into me, hard so that I thudded against the wall. I wrapped my legs around his hips, squeezing tight in rhythm with his thrusts, making him go as deep within me as I could, yelling with each powerful claiming.  I clawed at his shoulders and back, biting his lips.  He growled like a vicious beast, his upper lip curling back to show fangs.  He crushed against me, forcing me to take him deep.  His groin ground against mine, sending devouring pleasure through my clit.

His thrusts shoved the tip of his cock against my cervix.  The sensation completely erased the line between pain and pleasure.  Dusa held me a willing captive, his dark eyes riveted on my face as he took what he wanted.  My head tossed from side to side as heaviness bloomed in my gut, need demanding it be born from my womb.  The orgasm came with monumental force, blasting through my loins and up through my chest, throat, and head.  It annihilated me utterly.  I only knew Dusa climaxed when I came back to reality to feel his cocks pulsing hugely, pouring him into me.  His groans bled from one to the next, shivering my eardrums.

He let me fall to the floor, though he kept me from doing so hard.  I slid down between the wall and him, the friction of our contact settling me as gently to the carpet as a mother lying a baby in its crib.  He stepped back, his primary cock still dripping slightly, and Esak stepped forward.

The Nobek looked the most primal I’d ever seen him, what with those scars livid on his now-fuzzy scalp.  Instinctual terror lit in my stomach to see him coming for me.  I was instantly aroused once more and offered no protest when he grabbed me by the hair and tugged me away from the wall.  There was no violence in the way he made me crawl across the floor, just a firm, uncompromising grip and insistent pull.  I followed his direction on hands and knees, eager to know what he had in store for me.

Once I’d moved to where there was enough room, Esak got behind me, keeping a handful of my hair.  He knelt between my legs, pushing them far apart with his knees.  I shivered to feel the larger of his cocks settle on the bud of my anus, then pressing in until the smaller penis just did enter my vagina.  Esak’s free hand went to my shoulder.  He gripped it tight.

I forced myself to relax and open to him, knowing what was going to happen next.  I welcomed it.

Esak thrust his hips forward, pulling back on my shoulder and hair at the same time.  All the breath left my body as he buried himself to the hilt with one shove.  Orgasmic pain billowed through me.  You read that right.  The pain hurt so good I almost climaxed immediately. 

He didn’t let up for an instant.  His groin slapped hard and loud against my ass, and he grunted with each thrust.  I had no choice but to take it, my staccato yelps adding to the din.  We were like beasts in the wild, the female mounted by the prevailing male, forced to absorb his eager need to breed.  We were primal animals, guided only by natural impulse.  There was nothing but the most base urges left to us, the whole thin veneer of our humanity gone.

At some point Esak leaned over me, taking a mouthful of the back of my neck and biting down, much like a tomcat taking the female in heat.  He growled, and the vibration of it shivered down my spine, making me raise my hips higher, inviting him deeper inside.  Both his hands were clutching my hips, driving me back onto him.  I might carry the bruises of his fingers for weeks.  I will be sad when they fade.

He plunged deep over and over.  I clawed the floor and screamed breathlessly as my body fought for the sanctuary of climax.  At last it closed over me in a maelstrom of stormy sensation, sweeping me far and wide.  Pulsing, pounding, and quaking, I fell into the abyss with the sound of Esak’s howl following me down.

The warm weight of my adored Nobek fell over me as our spasms slowly faded.  His arms closed around my upper body, simultaneously claiming and sheltering me for the last moments we had.  His chest heaved against my back as he regained his breath.  We rested for  a bit, loathe to separate too soon.

At last Esak stirred, lifting off me with obvious reluctance.  It was Dusa who picked me up and laid me on the bed.  He slid next to my prone body, and Esak joined us, lying on the opposite side of me.

As if rehearsed, each man grasped a wrist and pinned my arms over my head.  Then they grasped the backs of my knees and drew them up and out, opening me wide for the waiting Weln.  

The Imdiko crawled up so that he kneeled between my splayed thighs.  My breath caught at the position I was in:  I felt as if Dusa and Esak offered me to some pagan god, a sacrifice to a great and terrible deity.  That was how Weln looked at that moment.

Where was the gentle, sweet Imdiko I thought I knew?  Nowhere here.  Perhaps it was the waiting for his turn and watching his clanmates with me that made his face so primitive with brute lust.  Maybe it was the angst of knowing this was our final night together as a foursome.  Whatever it was, there was nothing remotely kind in Weln’s expression.  All I saw was feral need.

I lay trembling in the unmoving grasp of Dusa and Esak, waiting for Weln to claim his victim.

His naked body shook all over, as if he was barely restraining some violent urge.  There were only the barest sliver of blue-purple irises showing around his wide-pupil stare.  He crept over me, as sinuous as a snake.  His mouth opened, and fangs descended.

I made a noise of doomed acquiescence.  Weln grabbed my hair and used it to pull my face to once side, exposing the side of my throat.  His face descended.  The rough rasp of his tongue scraped along the thick side muscle of my neck, a taste before the kill.  Then he bit.

I whimpered, though the pain was over in an instant.  As he injected me with his toxin, he positioned his cocks to enter me.  However, he didn’t enter right away.  Instead, I was held still, feeling all sorrow and fear whirl away under the tide of euphoria.  My thoughts lightened, and I was newly aroused.

Weln slid his fangs free and rose over me.  The expression etched in his dark face was still that of a dangerous predator, but instead of terror I knew only desire.  I arched a little, offering my throat again to him.

He circled it with one hand.  Not choking or hurting me in any way, but displaying his dominance in no uncertain terms.  The other hand clutched one of my breasts, squeezing just shy of pain.  I nearly purred with the sensual excitement of it.

Weln entered me.  Unlike the near desperation of the way Dusa and Esak had taken me, he was slow.  Not slow as in being careful, but slow as if to make me aware I was under his utter control.  His words reflected that assumption:

“Feel me moving inside you.  Feel how I possess you.  Your body and will yield completely to mine.  You have no choice but to accept this.”

My pussy flexed in response to the demanding tone.  Feeling his power over me, I went softer and more accepting than ever.  From the corner of my eyes, I saw Dusa bite his lip.  I thought he might be getting aroused again.  Esak nodded in approval.

Deeper and deeper, Weln filled me with himself.  My helpless body offered no resistance.  I could detect every single inch of his cocks as they parted my flesh, opening me to his demands.  He pinched my nipple and I squirmed a little as a bolt of heat shot from it directly to my clit.  I felt no urge to escape, however.  I was his.  I belonged to him, to all three of them.  I would not deny them their rights to me.

Weln arrived at the end of me, the contact between the tip of his cock and my cervix sending daggers of near-painful ecstasy through my belly.  I cried out.

“Who is your master, Shalia?” Weln asked.

“You,” I moaned.

“Do you give this body to me to use as I see fit?”

“Yes.”  The word came out in a groan.

“Then to whom does this belong?”


“And what will you deny me of this body?”

“Nothing.”  I was adamant about that. 

Weln’s smile made him savagely beautiful.  “I accept this gift of you.  You will lie still and quiet for my pleasure.”

He fucked me slowly, dragging his cocks outward with methodical sadism before pushing back in just as gradually.  He released my breast to draw lazy circles around my clit, teasing it unmercifully, making it blossom into red, swollen eagerness.  But he refused to touch the burgeoning tip, and the slow penetration and withdrawal excited me without allowing orgasm.  He watched my face all the while, a rather cruel expression darkening his.

Weln made me take this crawling pace for what felt like eons.  I was suspended, too aroused to be comfortable.  My every thought was eclipsed by the soaring need to be taken faster and harder until I could finally come, releasing the unrelenting pressure that didn’t grow or recede, but only remained at a steady throb.  After long enough, it was more torture than pleasure.

I wanted to beg for mercy.  I wanted to move against him, to bring my hips to his with quickness, with force.  But even if the other two hadn’t been holding me, I’d given myself to him, to with as he wished.  It wasn’t my place to demand anything.

I settled for tiny pleading whimpers, sounds I thought Weln would not identify as being anything but what I could not help.  I hoped he would understand how desperately I needed him to give me release.

“Who knew how brutal gentle lovemaking could be?” Esak grinned.  “You are a vicious bastard, my Imdiko.”

“I’d advise you not to forget that,” Weln smirked back.  “Consider this your one and only warning.”

Dusa laughed evilly, and Esak looked at the two men with mingled threat and delight.  Meanwhile, I was left to endure the painstaking fucking the Imdiko delivered.

He pressed deep inside me and held there for a moment.  Then he ground hard against me in circles, sending deep, demanding pleasure into my clit.  I bit my lips together hard and moaned before I could stop the sound.  The effort to remain still and silent brought tears to my eyes.  I needed to come so bad.

“Lie there and take it,” Weln demanded.  His hips slid back, emptying me halfway before suddenly slamming hard against me once more.  He ground against me with deliberate force.

I shook all over, tension making the need worse.   Desperation doubled, then tripled when Weln drove powerfully against me again and worked his lower body in circles against mine.  My mouth flew open, and I cried out.  Heady arousal spiked deep in my gut, ripping control away.

“No escape, my little Shalia,” Weln snarled.  His groin crashed and crush up against mine.  I wailed again at the insane heat that erupted.  I wasn’t just shaking now; I jerked violently as if in the throes of a seizure.  Even Dusa and Esak couldn’t hold me still.

“You can’t get away.”  Thrusting.  Grinding.  “Mine to fuck all night long like this if I wish it.”  Thrusting.  Grinding.  Thrusting.  Grinding.  “You have no choice but to accept my desires.”  Thrusting.  Grinding.

I was sobbing now, nearly wailing with vicious need as he tormented me with monstrous pleasure.  I voiced inarticulate pleas, spoken language having deserted me.  Weln moved faster and harder, just as I’d wanted, but the ecstasy was ferocious, ripping at me with erotic savagery. 

Then orgasm roared through me, a ravening, cruel eruption that tore through my insides, shredding my womb, belly, chest, throat, and mind.  I think I screamed but I couldn’t hear myself.  All I could see was the fierce face over mine, and all I could feel was my guts being consumed in a firestorm of elation. 

My pussy felt as if it contorted with the force of the orgasm, drawing hard on the invader that punished it into almost hellish rapture.  Weln jerked against me, as if trying to escape, but now I had him, capturing him as he’d captured me, forcing his bliss out in a thick, boiling stream.  His body bowed backwards as he discovered his plight much too late, that he was the one who would offer sacrifice.  He screamed as I emptied him.

We were exhausted after that, but none of us fell asleep.  With the next dawn taking Dusa and Esak away, every moment was precious.  We talked, we cuddled, we did all we could to pack in as much joy as we could in our last hours together.  Of course there wasn’t enough time.  Is there ever?

Finally the sun began its climb over the horizon.  Reluctantly we rose, dressed, and Dusa and Esak packed their few belongings.  A ground shuttle took us over to the Academy’s landing pad where the long-distance shuttle waited.

I smiled through the flood of tears escaping my eyes as I wrapped my arms around Esak’s neck.  “You take care of yourself.  No more getting your head blown off,” I said.

“Yes, Shalia,” he whispered in my ear.  There was the slightest tremble in my fierce Nobek’s voice.  “Please stay out of trouble for a change.”

“What fun would that be?” I teased, but I cried harder.  I made him look at me.  “Be careful out there.  Take care of Dusa.”

He nodded.  “Always.”  He swallowed.  “I love you, Shalia.”

“I love you too, Esak.”

That made his eyes bright.  He kissed me hard and then stepped back to allow Dusa to say goodbye. 

“Shalia,” the Dramok breathed, enveloping me in his arms.  “If only I could keep you with me.  I know there are many clans out there that can give you so much more than mine, but I am greedy.”

“I am going to miss you so much,” I wept.  “Vid me as often as possible.  I want to know you’re okay.”

“I will.  You do the same.”

We stood there for as long as we could until someone said, “Dramok, Nobek.  You must board now.”

A shudder ran through Dusa’s body.  “Be well, my pretty one.  Know that I love you.”

“I love you too, Dusa.”  I stared into that handsome face.  Maybe I wasn’t ready to be clanned, but I did love him.  Of that, I had no doubt.  “Thank you for all the times you came to my rescue.”

He managed a grin.  “I enjoyed the rewards.”

He and Esak embraced Weln briefly, whispering in the Imdiko’s ears.  Weln was crying openly.  I felt guilt on top of my sorrow.  If not for me, he’d be going with his clan.  Even this brief separation was killing him.  Poor Weln.

Dusa and Esak at last had no choice but to board the shuttle.  Weln and I clung together after the hatch closed, shutting off our view of the two men.  Then the shuttle lifted into the sky.  With a low hum, it shot away and they were gone.


Weln and I went through the day like zombies.  We kept close, desperate to keep the vast emptiness from swallowing us.  We found some solace in tending to Mom and keeping her company.  Our hearts broke anew when we got a com from Dusa and Esak letting us know they’d arrived at their new worksite.  It hurt to hear their voices as if in the room with us but not seeing their faces.  We held each other while we forced bright tones in answer to our missing lovers’ questions.

The terrible day couldn’t end fast enough.  When it finally did, we went to bed in the room that had witnessed so much, Dusa and Esak’s former quarters.  Weln shoved apart the two beds, the space too much for the two of us, too much of a reminder of what we’d lost.  We clung together, crying some more.  I finally fell asleep.  I don’t know if Weln ever found rest himself.

I feel like a huge chunk of my soul has been ripped out.  Were they really part of my life for only two months?  Is that actually possible?  Because it feels like longer.  It feels as if we’ve been together for years ... and yet like it was only yesterday Dusa brought me in after finding me unconscious in someone’s flower bed.

I can’t wait to go to Kalquor now.  There’s little left for me here.


  1. Whoa... I'm wrecked. I'm half excited to see what's in store and half utter devastation.

  2. I agree. It's so sad. I can't wait to find out what's in store for Shalia, but I get the feeling that Dusa, Esak & Weln will never clan anyone else but her. I want a HEA for all of them.

  3. Where's the darn tissue box?

  4. That was incredibly sad. I loved Clan Dusa. Maybe Kalquor will be better.