Thursday, August 29, 2013

November 14

I was on my way to see Nang this morning when I ran into Matt King.  He was out strolling around Academy grounds, like he didn’t have a care in the world.  Well, it has been quiet for a few days.  A lot of the lockdown restrictions have been lifted.  Non-security personnel are simply told to stay out of sight of the perimeter fence.  That suits me just fine.  I’m in no hurry to get shot at again.

That kind of makes me wonder how Matt feels that he came so close to coming under attack like Candy, me, and my bodyguard did.  He must have heard the ruckus since he couldn’t have gotten very far when the bastards outside opened fire.  I bet there was a ceremonial changing of the shorts as soon as he got to his quarters.

As always, he seemed happy to see me.  That’s a politician for you; if he knows what he’s doing, he can make you feel like his very best friend.  Don’t get me wrong – I like Matt.  He’s a good guy.  But I have a well-honed edge of cynicism that even the most hale-and-well-met fellow can’t assuage. 

“Hi Shalia!”  His smile could have beamed the dark side of the moon bright.  “You look wonderful today.  It’s nice to have things quiet for a change, huh?”

“We’re overdue,” I agreed, stopping to chat. 

I didn’t want Matt walking with me to Nang’s office.  He might be understanding of a professional relationship, but the fewer that know I’m banging the big guy, the better.  There’s a reason I still have a bodyguard lurking nearby.  My escort this morning kept several feet back so that he didn’t intrude while keeping an eye on me.  Half the time, I don’t even realize the Nobeks are there anymore.

“You won’t have to worry with this place much longer, I hear.  The word is that the transport to Kalquor will be arriving in less than two weeks,” Matt said.

“Really?”  I counted in my head and realized he was right.  I’d lost all sense of time with everything that’s been going on.

“You are still going there, right?”

“Of course.  Mom needs to get medical care as fast as possible, and Kalquor is considered the best.”  Dad’s grim outlook if she didn’t get their help was still preying on my mind.

“Indeed they are.  I’m still three or four weeks away from heading to Mercy Colony myself.  I was going to New Bethlehem, but they’ve banned all new colonists from that place.  Something’s up out there, but no one will say what the problem is.”

Of the farming colonies, New Bethlehem is one of the most ambitious.  I was surprised to hear they’d cut off new residents, especially in the wake of Armageddon. 

“Mercy is supposed to be pretty nice,” I said.  Mercy Colony is also very traditional when it comes to keeping to our former state-sponsored religion.  No way I was setting foot in that place.

“I’m looking forward to a new start,” Matt said.  His look became concerned.  “I’m a little worried for you and the others going to Kalquor, however.  My understanding is the same transport will be taking our incorrigibles to Galactic Council space to be arraigned and tried for their various crimes.  I wonder how safe you’ll be on the same ship?”

“Hmm.  I didn’t realized they’d be along for the ride.”  The people who had kidnapped Mom were among those detained by the Kalquorians.  I’d wondered off and on, with more meanness than I really care to admit, how the Pageant Trio were doing under lock, key, and Kalquorian guard.  I really have no sympathy for those bitches.  I’d like to see their heads shaved and them forced to wear burlap sacks for the rest of their lives.

Yeah, I’m petty.

“You should really check into that,” Matt advised.  “Since your mother was already targeted, you don’t want to take chances.”

“You’re right,” I agreed.  I’m pretty sure the Kalquorians will keep the malcontents locked up tight, but Mom is my responsibility.  I would be remiss in not making myself informed as to all the details so I can guarantee her safety.

Matt and I parted company, him strolling along, whistling and looking up as the breeze rustled through the pine needles over our heads.  I hurried a little, knowing Nang was waiting for me.  Who knows what he’d do to me if I was late for our little ‘meeting’?

I wasn’t late, but he put me through my paces in the most delightful, rough ways.  The bastard tied me down on his desk and then surprised me with a vibrating dildo.  He did things and put it in places I don’t want to write down, making me beg him to let me come until I was hoarse.  Every time I got close to getting off, he took it away.  By the time he finally tossed it aside and took me, I was hurting from the need to orgasm.  Damn, I hated it but I loved it too.  He finally let me climax.  Afterward, I called him every name in the book.  He just laughed.

I’m beginning to accept the fact that I’m something of a kinky freak who wants my sex weird.  I don’t know if I would enjoy normal sex anymore after screwing all these dominating Kalquorians.  Oh well, there are worse things to be, I suppose.  I’ve never killed anyone at least.  That’s got to count for something.

After I’d dressed him down to my satisfaction, I asked Nang about the violent Earthers being taken to the Galactic Council of Planets for evaluation.  I worried out loud about the security measures that would keep them from those of us going to Kalquor.

“Oh no, they aren’t going to be on the same transport as you and Eve,” he assured as he untied me and helped me dress my wobbly body.  “You’ll be on one of the Empire’s transports, while the violators will be on one owned by the Galactic Council.  That bunch will be picked up in four days.”

“Great,” I said, rubbing the reddish cord marks on my wrists.  Nang didn’t tie them too tight; I just strained awfully hard against them.  I’m glad it’s cold enough to wear long sleeves so no one sees.  I should show the marks to Candy before they go away though.  She’ll go nuts to see evidence of me being tied down.

“By the ancestors, Shalia, look at your arms!  Why did you fight so hard?”  Nang fussed over the welts, putting a cream on them to ease the swelling and pinkness.

“I’m sure it has nothing to do with you tormenting me by withholding orgasm,” I remarked in a dry tone.  “You really are a vicious bastard, Nang.”

Instead of laughing like I thought he would, Nang surprised me with a gentle kiss.  It felt kind of weird since just minutes before he was being so demanding and ruthless as he fucked me silly.  Now he caressed me like I was a fragile china doll.

He whispered, “You know, you don’t have to leave on the next transport.  You could stay here with me and leave Earth when I do.  It would be nice to travel together to Kalquor, wouldn’t it?”

My throat closed to see his hopeful, wanting expression.  Damn, I’d already lost so much.  I really wished that staying with him was an option, even with all the violence around us.  Having him escort me to Kalquor, where I really have no idea of what to expect, would be something of a relief as well.  I’m so tired of not knowing what’s coming next.  Having an anchor to latch onto was so very tempting.

Tempting, but not enough to think twice about what I had to do.

“Thank you, Nang,” I said, after returning his very sweet kiss.  “I might have considered it, but I have to get Mom to Kalquor as soon as possible.  I can’t wait one second longer than absolutely necessary to make sure she’s taken care of.”

I didn’t add that if sticking around had been an option, I’d leave with Dusa’s clan instead of Nang.  Why be a bitch if I didn’t have to?

Disappointment darkened Nang’s expression, but he nodded.  “Of course.  Forgive me for not thinking of Matara Eve’s needs.”  He gave me a rueful smile.  “It’s just that you have made me a very happy man these last few days, and I hate the idea of giving you up.  It makes me forget everything else.”

I smiled up at him.  “We’ll just have to enjoy what we have now.”

So I’m almost back to where I was with Dusa and Esak:  involved in a relationship while knowing it’s going to end soon.  The big difference is that I’m not in love with Nang.  Sure, he means a lot to me as a person.  I do like the big guy, even if the words ‘jerk’ and ‘bastard’ come up a lot when I talk about him.  He’s hot and delicious, and he values my thoughts.  That means a lot.

Still, I think I’ll miss Weln even more.  Yes, I’m still sleeping with Dusa’s Imdiko as well as getting crazy with Nang.  Sue me.  I like sex, and Nang and Weln are very different men.  Weln is a sweetheart, always looking out for me and fussing over my welfare.  I know he’d mean as much to me as Dusa and Esak if we had the time and ability to remain together.  Plus, Weln is my last link to the other two.  When we make love and I fall asleep in his arms, I can almost feel my favorite Dramok and Nobek there with us.

Okay, so I’m behaving like a tramp.  Maybe that’s exactly what I am.  I just can’t figure out how to get along right now without  keeping both Nang and Weln nearby.  Sex actually has little to do with it, when you get down to it.  I need them, damn it.  I just do.


  1. Yep, Matt's a sleeze and was fishing for information from Shalia.

    But... as a military wife I've been bombarded with OPSEC regulations for almost ten years now, so maybe I'm just paranoid. lol

    1. I don't think you are paranoid at all....he IS a sleeze :)

  2. I have so many theories on what's about to happen!!! Biting my tongue in case one of them is correct, I hope it's not!!

  3. Matt King is NOT a good guy...he's a politician...a politician being a good guy is an oxymoron, imo.

    Nang is not a good guy in some ways either; I am sooooo glad Shalia is not in love with him!

    I'm holding out for Clan Dusa to eventually hook back up with her; maybe on Kalquor...

    1. EXACTLY. Matt should be holding a sign that says LIAR.

      Nang as her fuck buddy isn't terrible, but I don't understand why he wants her to stay with him. He knows he can't clan her, so there is an end to their relationship. Right?

    2. Nang is thinking just like a selfish man. I so want her to run away from him. I keep telling her ;>) but, does she listen?

  4. I'm pretty sure Matt King is part of the "resistence." What I'm curious about is if the authors of Armegedon managed to survive it; cock roaches often survive where others don't. As for being a "tramp," I've never seen what the problem is with that. As long as whatever you're doing is safe, sane, and consensual and everyone is over 18 then who cares? Have fun with it, why not? It doesn't hurt anyone. Cheers all! :-)

  5. "As for being a "tramp,"..."As long as whatever you're doing is safe, sane, and consensual and everyone is over 18 then who cares? Have fun with it, why not? It doesn't hurt anyone."--- I agree but I think in the case of Shalia she is coming from the POV that it's wrong to even be INCLINED to have any normal feelings of want or desire let alone actual sex, let alone unmarried sex and let alone multiple partners or polyamorous. That where the Tramp label comes in.
    Glad that's not how it really is.

  6. I think we can all agree, Matt is just fishing for information.

    However, I'm starting to see Nang in a new light. Yes, he is dominating and can be a jerk sometimes. But I feel like he really cares about Shalia deeply. Can you imagine growing up on a planet with almost no women left, so you clan these two guys who aren't attracted to women because you think you will never be able to have a woman except trips to brothels occasionally. Now all of a sudden in your middle age, there is a whole planet of them. You could have a matara and child except for your clan mates. That has got to be hard. No wonder he wants to hold onto fantasy of having a real relationship with Shalia for a little longer.