Thursday, August 22, 2013

November 12

I slept with Nang again.  Was there any doubt it would happen?  Damn it, maybe I should walk around with a scarlet ‘A’ on my chest. 

I do get points for trying to keep it from happening.  A little.  I showed up at his office with no warning, kind of hoping he’d be too busy to entertain me.  However, I was ready for him, sexually speaking.  The closer I got to his office, the more my heart pounded.  I was trembling all over by the time I got there, and my thighs were soaked.  I didn’t wear panties, thinking I’d like to keep the few pair I’d managed to scrounge up.  Nang tore up the last pair, so I reasoned it was both sexy and practical to not wear any. 

A couple of security Nobeks were just leaving as I arrived.  They looked me over with obvious lust, bowed, and grinned before going on their way.  Then Nang stood in his doorway, looking absolutely delighted to see me.  It’s nice when people are happy you’re in the room, even if it’s simply because they’re about to get some action. 

“Come in, Shalia,” he said, stepping aside to let me walk into his office.  He closed and locked the door behind me.

I was so nervous and aroused I couldn’t say a word.  All I could do was stand there like an idiot with my eyes wide enough to nearly pop right out of my head. 

Nang stepped up to me and leaned down.  His kiss was gentle and sweet.  His hands cupped my breasts and he traced his thumbs over my nipples.  I moaned and swayed.  Just that little bit was enough to make me feel I could come right then and there before he got anywhere near my pussy.

“Sweet girl,” he whispered against my lips.  “But you were naughty last time, weren’t you?  I would be remiss if I didn’t correct your behavior.”

Juices ran down the insides of my legs.  I shivered hard.

“Just a little pain, and it will be over,” Nang said, taking my hand.  He tugged me across the room to his desk.  He sat on its surface.  “Lay over my lap for your discipline.  That’s my girl.”

I leaned over those rock-hard thighs, feeling the muscles beneath my stomach.  Nang placed his hand between my shoulder blades, holding me in place while the other hand lifted the skirt to my waist.  His groan of appreciation as my naked ass came into view made me worry he wouldn’t be so harsh with the punishment.  I actually wanted him to be thorough, as if it would somehow alleviate some of the guilt I still carried.

His calloused hand caressed my shuddering flesh.  I moaned again, feeling how rough his touch was.  How hot.  In a few seconds, I thought perhaps I would find whole new levels of rough and hot.

Nang felt along the crevice, discovering how wet I was.  His lascivious chuckle made my hair stand on end.  “Excited, are we?”  He rubbed my folds with enthusiasm that made me clench and writhe.  “Shall I hold back for this first chastisement?  Give you a small demonstration while showing a little mercy?”  His voice deepened.  “Or should I make you take the full brunt of my displeasure with your lack of obedience last time?  Would you like my handprints left on this exceptional ass?”

My sex gushed a flood at the threat in his tone.  I made a sound that was half-sob, half-groan as my guts lurched in excited response.

“I see.”  Nang sounded pleased, and I felt something swelling against my hip.  He was getting hard.  The telltale scent that reminded me of cinnamon grew heavy in the air.  I was so in for it, and I could hardly wait.  The anticipation was killing me.

“You will lie here for your spanking,” he said, his voice barely above a whisper.  His hand stroked my ass again, so very tenderly.  “You will accept it for however long I deem necessary to teach you your lesson.  You will not beg me to stop because you know you deserve this punishment.  You will mind me, Shalia.”

He paused, obviously waiting for a response.  I was already weeping a little in anticipation.  “Yes, Nang,” I whimpered.

“Very well.  We will begin.”

At the last possible second, I remembered Esak telling me to stay relaxed when it came to spankings because tensing up made it hurt worse.  I barely had time to make my muscles ease before Nang struck.

The explosive smack sounded like a pistol shot.  For an instant I felt nothing, and then the pain walloped me.  My ass seemed to burst into flames.  I yelled and jerked.

Nang’s hand between my shoulders kept me down, and he dealt another slap to my burning butt.  Agony suffused my rear.  I shrieked.

“Naughty, naughty Shalia,” Nang taunted from high overhead.  Smack.  “Such a bad little girl.”  Smack.  “And now she pays the price for her disobedience.”  Smack.

I squalled.  Tears dripped off the end of my nose.  I wasn’t trying to get away from it, as painful as his wearing my ass out was, but I couldn’t help but flail with every heavy blow from his hand.  My feet kicked wildly in the air.  Damn it, it hurt.

Yet that weird part of me was liking it.  The roasting heat of my spanked flesh was pulsing straight to my pussy, making me wetter and wilder than ever.  The endorphins released, making me feel a little euphoric even as my ass shrieked with torment.

“That’s it,” Nang grunted, his hand rising and falling, spanking me without any sign of let up.  “I love watching that ass dance under my hand.  Beautiful.  Beautiful!”

The blows were coming faster and harder, yet there was less and less agony every second.  I was firmly in the grip of an endorphin high now.  My ass actually rose to meet his harsh palm as it punished me.

“You’re turning such a gorgeous shade of red,” Nang groaned.  “Getting blistering hot.  That’s it, my lovely.  Move into it.  Good.”

His groin was as hard as steel against my hip.  I could feel how slick the leg of his formsuit had gone where I poured excitement onto it.  We were both getting off on this.  I guess that makes Nang as crazy as I am.

At last the spanking ended.  My ass throbbed with every heartbeat.  I gasped sobs and Nang was breathing just as heavily, though he wasn’t crying over it.  He pushed me a little, making me slide down his long legs to the floor.  He kept hold of me on the way down, assuring I wouldn’t land hard.  I kind of crumbled there at his feet, my whole body trembling and strengthless.

“Strip,” Nang ordered, rising to his feet.

His tone told me it didn’t matter how weak I felt at that moment.  I was to obey without hesitation.  Drunkenly, my whole being humming with peace despite the throbbing of my back end, I lifted myself into a kind of sprawling kneel.  My fingers fumbled with my blouse, working it off over my head and peeling it off my arms.  Then I struggled out of the skirt, rolling drunkenly around on the floor, hissing every time my poor butt made contact with the carpet.  I’m sure I looked comical as hell, but Nang’s stern expression never wavered as he stood over me, arms crossed over his chest.

Finally I emerged naked.  I looked up at the Dramok, panting as I lay at his feet.

“On your knees,” he said.

I was so wasted I used his long legs to haul myself up.  Once I managed to kneel, I clung to the waist of his formsuit to remain upright.  Who knew discipline could be so wearing on a girl?

Nang had a little pity on me and released his cocks himself rather than making me do it.  They nearly smacked my chin as they burst out of their confines.  The sweet-spicy scent of him filled my nostrils, and my mouth actually watered.

“Suck them,” came the command.

The steely voice was such a turn-on.  I loved how he was being so demanding, assuming absolute dominion over me.  If I didn’t know  better, I’d have thought he’d gotten pointers from Dusa.  Good heavens, the man was absolute power and it was incredibly exciting.

I immediately set about mouthing those engorged organs, hungrily lapping his lubrication.  Nang tasted similar to the other three Kalquorians I’d enjoyed, though there were differences.  His flavor was spicier than the rest, more musky.  Nearly animal, in fact.  I licked and sucked desperately, loving how good he was.

I remembered that funny quirk he’d displayed last time we were together.  My eyes rolled up to watch his face, I slowly, deliberately slid my mouth over his larger prick, drawing him in deep.  Down until I nearly had him in my throat, down until I gagged.

His eyes dilated, going nearly black.  His lips parted and he groaned.  “Shalia.”  My name sounded like a prayer, so reverentially did he say it.

I stroked him with my mouth a few times before doing it again.  His cock jerked eagerly in my mouth as I coughed, squeezing out a few drops in reaction.  The tendons stood out in his neck, letting me know I’d nearly gotten him to lose control.  Ha.

“On your back,” he panted, easing away from my eager mouth.  “Down on the floor.  Hold your legs open and spread.”

I slid down and landed right on my sore bum.  I hissed in reaction and rolled onto my back, grabbing the backs of my knees and getting my poor ass off the ground.  Nang was crouching over me the next instant, eagerly pressing in, filling me up fast and hard to make me gasp.

The possession nearly brought me over.  Nang hit my G-spot with delightful force, making me convulse.  He continued in quickly, collided with my cervix and ground brutally against my clit.  My hair electrified, seeming to stand straight out from my scalp as astounding elation shot through me. 

“Don’t do it,” he snarled through gritted teeth.  “Don’t you climax this time without my permission.”

I clutched him hard, fighting with all I had to maintain control.  Nang rode me furiously, clapping our groins together as if trying to make me disobey him.  I kicked and shoved at him, desperate to contain the orgasm trying to break free.  We were a couple of wildcats going at each other, though no doubt Nang held back tremendously or I would have been really hurt.  All the while, climax was tearing to break loose, to make me a disobedient lover once again. 

Nang pinned my wrists to the floor and hooked one leg over his arm.  He had me tied up and helpless, his cocks pounding into me.  I screamed as the coiling pleasure began to unravel in my stomach.

“Nang, please!  I’m begging you!”

His rhythm staggered.  “Do it,” he moaned.  “Now.”

I let loose as he jerked hard once more.  Elation bloomed in my belly to fling wide throughout the rest of me, making my toes curl under and my back bow.  That put my poor spanked rear on the floor, and the flash of pain only added to the explosion.  Nang howled and released his own pleasure. 

We fell apart afterward, Nang flopping to his back, spread-eagled across the floor.  I curled on my side, not wanting to abuse my ass anymore.  I was going to have to find some aspirin somewhere.  No way in hell would I approach Dad for a pain inhibitor, not when he was no fan of Nang.

After a few moments of recovery, Nang looked over at me.  “Are you all right, little one?  I didn’t really hurt you, did I?”

I gave him a lazy grin.  “Only the kind of hurts I like.”

He chuckled.  “You are wonderful.  You do know that, don’t you?”

I pretended nonchalance.  “Yeah, that’s what they all tell me.”

Nang propped up on his elbow.  “I’m serious, Shalia.  I enjoy that we are so compatible when it comes to intimacies.  You are the most perfect lover I’ve ever had.”

I blinked at him.  He sounded absolutely sincere.  “Thank you.  I admit I still don’t understand why I find submitting and pain so arousing, but I’m glad to have someone who doesn’t judge me for that.”

He reached over and stroked my cheek.  As rough as he’d been while we were in the throes of passion, he was twice as gentle now.  “All I see is perfection.”

It made my heart thump the way Nang looked at me.  Oh, please don’t tell me another man is going to decide he’s fallen in love. 


  1. I'm good with Shalia getting it on with Nang now. It's hot. She should expand her horizons, although I am still excited to see when she starts dating. I can't wait to get a bigger look at what the Matara lottery system on Kalquor is like :)

    Now I just feel kinda bad for Nang's clan though. The whole "You are the most perfect lover I’ve ever had.” seems sorta messed up coming from a guy that's been clanned for a long time. I hope his clan aren't the crazy-jealous type. Shalia does NOT need more enemies. lol.

  2. Like the sands of through the hour glass, so our the days of Shalia's life. lol I'm loving her hot hookups with Nang!!

    I'm with you CaroleDee, I'm wondering about his clan too, now. They were all cool with him blowing off some steam with Shalia, but 'most perfect lover?'. That just pillow talk? Men say crazy things in the post coital high. I can't wait to see what's going to happen next!

  3. I 'm with you ladies. I knew sex with Nang would be hot. I think his clan is okay with him being with Shalia. I can't wait for her to get to Kalquor. The lottery system will be really smokin hot.

  4. I'm really looking forward to Shalia getting to Kalquor too. I can't wait to read about the yummy guys Tracy will be coming up with for Shalia to date.

  5. Yes, sex with him is hot, but, how much of a dom can a girl take? Given the fact that his clan is gay, there is no chance of joining his clan. Besides, I find Nang really creepy. Sexy, but, creepy

  6. Just re-read, still got to say Nang is way hotter than Dusa