Thursday, July 4, 2013

October 22

Esak was released from Medical yesterday.  He’s still flat on his back in the dorm he shares with Dusa, but let me tell you, it hasn’t stopped him from being a naughty Nobek.

After I spent most of the day with Mom, including eating dinner with her, I was finally told to leave.  She is really responding to therapy now.  Her bad hand is regaining movement and strength, though her leg is still pretty much bum.  She can open her eye too, and her mouth doesn’t look like it’s falling off her jaw on one side anymore. 

Of course I headed straight over to the boys’ quarters to see how Esak was doing on his first night home.  He was lying on one side of the bed, his poor bald, scarred head and muscular shoulders propped up on pillows.  Dusa was there of course, and so was Weln.  I don’t think Dusa and Esak have asked their fave Imdiko to clan yet because of all the drama that’s been happening lately.  They might as well do so.  They already operate like an old married trio, ha-ha.

I’d barely leaned over to kiss Esak hello when he told the other two, “She should be naked.”

“You should be quiet,” I told him.  “You are supposed to be resting.  No funny business, young man.”

“Mouthy little Matara,” he said, but he was grinning at me.  “Please, my Dramok?”

“Of course.”  Dusa looked at me expectantly.  “Take your clothes off, Shalia.”

I know, I know.  Pushy Kalquorians who needed to be told a thing or two.  But the thing was, the instant Dusa ordered me to strip I got incredibly warm and tickly inside.  My panties went wet immediately.  I wanted to be naked in front of them.  I wanted to obey.

Thinking what a freak I was, I rolled my eyes like I was only humoring them and pulled my blouse off over my head.  “Pushy, pushy,” I complained.  “What, if you say jump, I should ask how high?”

“That sounds about right.”

“In your dreams,” I retorted for lack of something smarter to say.  I slipped my shoes off and shoved my jeans down to my ankles and stepped out of them.

For all my grousing, my insides were aflame.  The three of them were watching me and becoming obviously aroused.  Maybe Esak was out of commission, tented sheets notwithstanding, but I knew I was going to be filled up with Kalquorian cock pretty soon.  They looked at me like they were entitled to me.  Even Weln eyed me with that attitude.  I don’t know; maybe once you’ve had sex with a Kalquorian, he believes he has a right.

It should have pissed me off.  Instead, it made me feel very vulnerable, very submissive, and very eager to please.

I got my bra and panties off and waited for my next order.  For several seconds, none of them spoke.  They simply stood (or in Esak’s case, lay) still and looked me over.  I felt smaller and weaker by the second.  I was reminded of how big and strong they were, how easily they could overpower me.  Even Esak, as hurt as he was, would probably have no problem taking me down if he wanted.

At last, the Nobek spoke.  “Lay next to me, Shalia,” Esak said.  “On your back.”

Weln pulled the sheets back, displaying the Nobek.  He was just as naked as me, and his cocks were at firm attention.  Nice to know the lower equipment still worked perfectly fine.  I did as he told me to, lying down next to his warmth on the bed.

“Spread your legs wide.  Hands behind your neck.”

My heart was speeding up.  I rested the back of my neck in my hands and parted my legs.  One ended up slung over Esak’s.

He reached over and rubbed his fingers into my slit.  His calloused fingers came in contact with my clit.  I gasped and jerked against his hand as excitement curled low and tight in my sex.

“Do not move.  Be still while I enjoy touching you.”

I took a shuddering breath and looked into his eyes.  I saw no mercy in them.  I was to do as I was told, and no disobedience would be tolerated.  Esak might not have been able to punish me, but I didn’t have to be told Dusa would happily take up that responsibility.  Maybe Weln would too.

Esak’s gaze held mine as he played with me.  Within seconds I was whimpering and trembling all over.  He stroked my pussy, taking special delight in torturing me by rubbing my clit between finger and thumb.  I didn’t dare resist, especially when Dusa sat next to me and Weln crouched between my legs, both watching avidly.

“Enjoy her with me,” Esak breathed.  “Make her squirm with want.”

The other two men were eager to join in.  Weln filled my soaked pussy with two fingers, pumping in and out with steady strength.  Dusa plucked at my nipples until they were hard, then he dragged the harsh velvet of his tongue across the tips in turn.  I squirmed all right and yelped while I was at it.

“Fuck her, Weln,” Esak said.  His eyes were very dark.  “Fuck her hard.”

Weln pulled his fingers free.  He was extremely excited to judge from that pearly drop on the tip of his main cock, which was curving back towards his abdomen.  I moaned as he got himself into position.

“You will remain still, Shalia,” Esak told me.  He was still rubbing my clit, occasionally tapping the tip of it with his finger to send stabbing pleasure through my abdomen.  “You are to surrender your body to him.”

“Say, yes Nobek,” Dusa prodded me.  He pinched my nipple.

“Yes, Nobek,” I whimpered. 

Weln waited just long enough to hear my acquiescence.  Then he thrust in, finding the end of me with shocking quickness.  I suddenly had twin rods of Kalquorian shoved deep inside.  A thin scream poured out of my mouth as heady pleasure blasted through my core.

“That’s it,” Esak rumbled.  “Make her feel it.”

Weln gripped my thighs so that my knees fell over his forearms.  Holding me tight, he thudded against me, pistoning in and out quickly.  Esak stroked my clit without mercy, and Dusa continued his sensual assault on my breasts.  Monstrous elation was growing fast as the men worked me hard with erotic intent.

I was sobbing and begging for mercy.  Or at least I was trying to beg, but I couldn’t think of how to form words properly.  What came out were nonsense syllables, something a lunatic in an asylum might jibber.  I was going to come very, very fast and very, very hard.  My voice got higher and louder as profound pleasure crashed through me.

I filled with starlight going supernova, exploding fit to shake the cosmos.  Wave after wave poured out of my body, shivering all of creation.

A voice spoke in my ear, intense and inexorable.  “Again.  Do it again,” it insisted.

Since the sensations that had taken me over were still there, still filling me and caressing me and tormenting me, it didn’t take long to obey.  Another shattering cataclysm hit, twisting my insides like pretzels.  Then I unraveled, losing myself in gorgeous release that left me limp.

A moment later Weln groaned and ground hard against me.  His head fell back, eyes squeezed tightly shut.  His cocks pulsed, releasing delight inside my body, filling me up with his ecstasy.

“That’s good,” Esak whispered.  His fingers stilled on my hot button.  “That’s very good.”

Weln shuddered.  He sagged a little, his head drooping down, his lips curving into a satisfied smile.  A few more small pulses, and the Imdiko pulled free.

“Now your mouth on me, Shalia,” Esak said.  “Your ass in the air for Dusa’s enjoyment.”

I could hardly move, I was so relaxed from my orgasms.  Dusa actually had to help me raise up and crouch between Esak’s legs.

I hadn’t been in the mindset to disobey or even question anything I’d been told to do, but worry for Esak surfaced as I looked up his body to meet his heavy-lidded gaze.  “Are you sure?  You’re supposed to be careful.”

“I am going to lay here.  I will be quite still as you suck me to climax,” he said. 

“I will keep an eye on him,” Weln assured me. 

“Give him your mouth,” Dusa said, wedging thick thighs between mine.  “Show him how happy you are that he is still with us.”

I questioned no further.  I was elated Esak remained among the living and that I could pleasure him.  My hands closed over the bases of his cocks and I set about demonstrating my gratitude that he still lived.

His hands stroked through my hair as I kissed, licked, and sucked at his hot flesh.  Meanwhile, Dusa speared me, his larger cock filling my ass delightfully full, his smaller one rubbing that special place inside my pussy.  I moaned with delight as I greedily drank in Esak’s lubricating juices.  I looked up from time to time to see my battered but beautiful Nobek watching me.  His lips were parted and wet, his chest moving quickly as I fellated him.

I knew Weln watched us and I wondered which sight he enjoyed more:  Esak’s cocks disappearing between my lips or Dusa’s cocks plumbing my ass and pussy.  Knowing I was on display made me extra aware of how I pleasured Esak.  I used lips, teeth, and tongue in every way I could think of to make the Nobek groan and pant.  His legs jerked on either side of me in reaction.  Esak’s growing excitement seemed to feed Dusa’s as he pumped harder and harder, his groin making loud slapping sounds against my ass.  I could hear him gasping too.

They went at the same time.  Dusa jerked frantically as Esak arched against the mattress. That exotic mixture of Kalquorian salty-spicy-sweetness poured into my mouth in thick, creamy expulsions.  I greedily swallowed every drop I was offered.

Weln expression assured me he’d been properly impressed as we carefully separated.  While he and Dusa gently argued which of them would share the small bed with me and Esak, I cuddled with the injured Nobek.

“Thank you,” he whispered.  “For indulging my ordering you around and for the oral gift.”

I smiled at him, so very happy he was here with the rest of us.  “Don’t ask me why, but I enjoy being told what to do.  No thanks required.”

He grinned back.  “I know you like it, but not many admit to such things.  It takes a lot of strength to give yourself up like that.  I’m glad I got the chance – I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to know someone like you.”

He swallowed hard.  The fact we were soon to be separated was not lost on Esak, and he lowered that fierce Nobek pride for a split second to show me how much it affected him.  I kissed him in thanks for the gift of rare vulnerability.

Dusa finally turned dominating Dramok on Weln, making the Imdiko lie in the bed with me and Esak.  Dusa sat in one chair, putting his feet up on another.  “That doesn’t look comfortable,” I told him.

“Everyone be quiet and go to sleep,” he ordered, though he smiled at us.  “I decide where I’m comfortable and who sleeps where.  No more arguments.”

I certainly didn’t want to fight with any of them.  Not when we were coming close to the end.  So I was a good little Shalia.  I shut up and snuggled between Nobek and Imdiko, enjoying the warmth of the two bodies settling against mine. Though it wasn’t very late, I think I was asleep only seconds afterward.


  1. What a wonderful send-off for my weekend trip. Tracy, thank you for taking the time today to post this. I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th and a safe weekend if you are traveling.

  2. Now that's what you call a "Bed Time Story" For those in the USA, Happy Independence Day.

  3. Okay, this is going to sound horrible, but I'm starting to get emotionally attached to Shalia having a HEA with the guys. She needs to sleep with Nang so I'm not completely wrecked when she has to leave on a space ship!!

    My stomachs in knots just thinking about it now!

    1. I know. I'm hoping they wind up together. How old is Sheila, the guys may be older then her, because of the aging difference. Okay gotta get my copy of Alien Embrace, no sleep tonight.

    2. There is no age or description given of Shalia in the hopes the reader will identify herself as Shalia. :)

  4. I'm sad, too. Tracy's stories always contain some sort of HEA...can we help it if we want Shalia to have one, too?

    Besides, I think we've gotten as attached to Dusa, Esak & Weln as Shalia has! We can't help it if we're a little in love with them for her.

    Can we influence Tracy enough to change her mind about Shalia and her young men? Or is Shalia's fate already planned?

  5. I'm hearing announcer voice again! "Will Shaila save herself for Clan Dusa or will the inattention of Nang seduce her away? Will the rescue ship come before horrible fates befall all the inhabitants of the academy and what does the possibly nefarious Earther politician have up his sleeve? *Dun dun daa* Until next time on Shalia's Diary."

  6. As much as I like Clan Dusa. I would really like to see Shalia play the field and experience more than one clan.