Thursday, June 6, 2013

October 8

When I got back to my dorm last night, I found Dusa waiting for me.  He paced back and forth in front of my door, worry on his face aging him beyond his years.  It scared me to see him like that, and I hurried to him.

He smiled at me and pressed a kiss to my forehead, uncaring of my Nobek bodyguard looking on.  “How is Matara Eve?” he asked.

“She spoke to me today,” I told him.  “I really think she’s going to be okay.”

“Wonderful.  Can we go in?”

“Of course.”  I led the way and closed the door, leaving my bodyguard outside.

The instant we were alone, I asked, “What’s wrong?  Is Esak all right?”

Dusa nodded, but a shadow passed over his face.  “He’s fine.  They sent him out to track the group that’s been attacking the Academy.”

No wonder my favorite Dramok looked so concerned.  “Yikes.  That’s a dangerous bunch.  I hope he’s careful.”

Dusa snorted.  “As careful as a Nobek knows to be, anyway.  He’s excited to be at the forefront of the action.  It makes me anxious, though.”

Poor guy.  I was troubled for Esak’s safety too.  Those Earthers who had been bombarding the gates meant business, and I was sure they wouldn’t hesitate to kill any Kalquorian they came across.  I went to Dusa and wrapped my arms around his waist.  He enclosed me in his strong arms and we stood that way for a little while.

Finally I said, “I spoke to Weln today.”

That made Dusa’s voice a little brighter.  “Really?  How did that go?”

“He’s not seeing anyone but you and Esak now.  He was thrilled you’re seriously considering him for your Imdiko.”

When Dusa didn’t respond, I looked up at him.  His expression was a mixture of quiet joy and concern.

“What?” I asked.  “I thought you were ready to clan him.”

“Oh, more than ready.  I just wish we weren’t constantly under some kind of threat.”  Dusa frowned.  “I hate asking him right now when Esak and I work so many hours.  We’d hardly see him, and that’s not right to do to him.  Plus our work is so dangerous, and he’s been rather sheltered for most his life.”

“He’s trying to toughen up,” I said, recalling our conversation earlier in the day.  “He wants to worry over you.”

“That’s an Imdiko for you,” Dusa chuckled.  He sobered again.  “It would be horrible if I clanned him and then something happened to me and Esak.  Leaving him on his own like that – I can hardly stand the thought of it.”

“Would he feel worse if something happened to you two and he didn’t get the joy of being your Imdiko, even for a short time?  Maybe you should ask Weln and let him make that determination.”

Dusa’s frown deepened.  “I hadn’t thought of that.  This whole war with Earth and now trying to rescue people who don’t want to be rescued has made things so complicated.”

“Yeah,” I said.  “I need to shut up and stop making it worse with questions you hadn’t considered.”

Dusa laughed a little.  “Shalia, I like that you bring up all the options.  I would never ask you to shut up.”  Then he got that mischievous twinkle in his eyes that let me know he was thinking naughty thoughts.  “Of course, there are some situations in which making you be quiet could be fun.”

“Uh oh,” I said, warming at the dangerous look coming over his face.  “What has that devious mind come up with this time?”

He showed me by tearing a strip of material from my bedsheet and gagging me with it.  Then he tied me naked to the bed with my arms and legs splayed wide.  I lay helpless beneath him, the flow from my pussy soaking the sheet beneath me.

“Someone likes to be dominated,” Dusa teased me.  He hadn’t bothered to undress yet, except for pulling his boots off.  Somehow being nude while he was still fully dressed made me feel all the more vulnerable, though I couldn’t say why.

He kneeled over me, his knees straddling my torso.  His play began with my breasts.  First he rubbed them as if giving them a massage.  The rough pads of his calloused palms and fingertips made my nipples erect in no time.  He plucked at the stiff points, sending warmth tumbling down from my chest, into my belly, and lower to excite my pussy.  I moaned against the cloth tied around my head.

“Some pleasure to start,” Dusa whispered.  His smile turned a bit cruel.  “And then some pain in a little while.”

I whimpered.  What was he planning to do?

He cupped my breasts.  His thumbs gently stroked my pebbled nipples, sending more thrills through me.  “Yes, lovely Shalia.  I think a little punishment will do you good.  Not because you’ve done anything to deserve it, but simply because it pleases me to give it to you.  Does it please you to surrender yourself to my discipline?”

I wanted to say no.  I wanted to shake my head at him, to tell him I wasn’t going to give over to such strange urges.  However, my sex was gushing in anticipation of what he might do to me.  I was falling under his spell and there was something deep inside me that only wanted to submit and to please him with my submission.

I really don’t get myself sometimes. 

Almost against my wishes my head nodded, giving Dusa permission to do with me what he wanted.  Part of me – okay, I’ll be honest – most of me was happy to yield everything to him.  My lower parts clenched in anticipation.

“Good girl,” Dusa said, and his approval made me feel like I’d done the right thing.

He continued fondling my breasts.  He bent over to stroke them with his tongue, the rough flesh rasping over them.  My nipples engorged, delighting in the pleasure.   Dusa suckled on one, the tip of his tongue dancing over it.  Then he did the same to the other.  Every touch seemed to transmit directly to my sex.  Even as I moaned under his sweet enticements, my guts churned nervously.  My lover had promised pain as well, and it made every sensation that much more acute.

Dusa released his mouthful of breast.  His gaze trained on my face, he flicked his tongue over the tip of my nipple, whipping it fast to send darts of the purest pleasure down into my belly.  His finger and thumb closed over the other nipple as he did this, and he slowly applied pressure.  I groaned, caught up in the thrills charging through my body. 

The pinching continued to tighten, resolving into an ache.  I gasped.  It was beginning to hurt.  A splinter of heat speared into that breast, even as the other continued to receive the thrill of Dusa’s lashing tongue.  I whimpered.

The vise of his finger and thumb bore down harder.  Dusa watched me intently as I trembled.  Dull pain suffused where he pinched, throbbing with my heartbeat.  The sting caused tears to spring to my eyes. 

He relented, releasing my smarting nipple.  His mouth went to it, sucking gently, soothing the sting.  At the same time, he seized the other one and began squeezing it as he had the first.  Again, pain pulsed from the rude grip.  This time he didn’t stop until a tear escaped my watering eye.

“Good girl, “ he breathed, kissing the hurt away.  “Good girl.”

Much like when he and Esak had spanked me before, I felt a mild wash of euphoria.  I thought it might be the influence of endorphins, released to assuage the pain of rough use.  It felt good.  I wanted more.

Dusa kissed the tip of each breast, then sat up.  A hand flashed, and there was the sharp sound of flesh slapping flesh.  An instant later, I felt the slight sting of his strike on the side of my right breast.  My breath caught.

He slapped the other one.  Another slight sting.  A groan that might have been pain or pleasure escaped from behind my gag.

Those big hands swatted my breasts in turn, quickly, lightly.  Almost gently, in fact.  Dusa’s gaze shifted from my chest to my face, watching me take the tender discipline and gauging my reaction.  My skin warmed under the lightning-fast strikes.  Little by little, the slaps gained in power until he was spanking the shivering mounds, making them red and hot.

I felt no pain, just the burn and occasional twinge of discomfort.  I felt almost stoned, my senses submerging in bliss.  The endorphin hit was full force now.  Dusa’s power display had me aroused.  I thrust my chest up, inviting more of his mastery.

“Yes,” he growled, his fangs peeking out from behind his lips.  “Give yourself utterly to me.  Make yourself entirely mine.”

When my breasts were scorching hot, Dusa ended the swats.  I whimpered a soft protest.  Some kind of switch had been thrown in my head, and all I wanted to do was show him how I belonged to him.  That I would give him everything just to make him happy.  That I would endure all for him.

“Sweet, sweet Shalia,” he breathed.  His cocks had his formsuit stretched so taut I thought they might rip right through the fabric.  “You are such a gift.”

Dusa moved down to kneel between my splayed legs.  His fingers slid down my open slit, finding me soaked with need.  “Very good, my pretty.  I will test you further and let you prove how much you wish to serve me and my need to master you.”

I nodded frantically.  Nothing mattered but Dusa’s satisfaction.  I had never been so out of my mind to please anyone in my life.

He plucked at my clit, and rapture made me jerk in reaction.  That nubbin fairly sizzled with ecstasy at his touch.  My guts seized for an instant, ready to make a swift dash for release.  Dusa didn’t let go, but he stilled all movement so that my sex hummed with pleasure without falling over the precipice.  Meanwhile, his other hand stroked through my intimate folds, exploring the petals minutely as if to memorize every curve.  I was drenched with juices.

Dusa released my clit and stopped caressing my pussy.  His hand flashed, and there was a light clapping sound.  The next instant heat suffused my secret flesh where he’d struck.  A thunderclap of painful ecstasy slammed into me, taking me right to the verge of climax.  I screamed against my gag as my lower parts clenched, trying to realize orgasm that wavered just out of reach.

Dusa stroked the top of my mound, well away from my shuddering pussy.  I wrenched against my binds, desperate to find release.  I made desperate choking sounds when the pulsing pleasure ebbed instead.

When I stopped writhing and moaning, Dusa stroked my engorged clit with the lightest of touches.  I shivered at the effervescent pleasure bubbling through my body.  I couldn’t hold a coherent thought in my head.  Everything was sensation; pure, unadulterated feeling.

Dusa’s hand flashed.  Strong contact blasted through my sex.  Another flash.  And another.  The light strikes peppered faster than I could follow with my eyes, but my pussy and clit recorded every spank that landed on them.

No pain.  Only a fierce concentration of intensity that billowed big until it blew through me like an explosion.  I came with Dusa smacking my tender flesh, shrieking fit to blow the ceiling off had the gag not muffled me.

It was some time later that his voice brought me back to reality.  “Shalia?  Can you hear me, my pretty?”

I blinked.  He was laying on top of me, his naked body pressed to mine, his eyes gazing intently at my face.  I was still tied and gagged, so all I could do was nod.

“You really left me there for awhile,” Dusa said.  His smile was sly.  “Was it a nice trip, my pretty?”

I was still having trouble assembling my thoughts.  They were thick and sludgy, and my body hummed happily, feeling all glowy and warm.  I floated with only my lover’s weight and the ties on my wrists and ankles to keep me on Earth.

I finally managed to nod again, and Dusa chuckled.  “You are so sweet.  I—” he swallowed and stopped himself.  “I am glad we’ve been able to share all we have,” he finally said.

He kissed the tip of my nose, then raised up so he could adjust his cocks to enter me.  With a sigh, he slipped inside.  My flesh was still hectic with sensitivity, and I warbled a cry as he filled me tight with himself.

Dusa lay back down on me, keeping most of his weight on elbows and knees.  He moved his hips steadily, taking his time as he pleasured himself with my body.  His lips kissed all over my face, as if in worship.  He never varied the speed or intensity of the taking, letting passion rise slow and sure until he spilled groaning into my trembling flesh.

He untied me and pulled the gag from my mouth.  Then Dusa settled back on me.  We fell asleep that way, my body pillowing him and his body blanketing mine.  We woke this morning with just enough time to make love again before Dusa had to head off for his work shift. 

What a night.  It’s hard to be back in the real world again after all that, but not hearing from Esak or his squad yet has brought me thudding back to Earth.  I hope he’s okay.  Please God, let him be okay.


  1. Wow.... I love it when I don't see a super hot scene coming and then, BOOM! I'm left staring at my computer screen drooling a little. ;)

    1. A good distraction from the tropical storm, isn't it? :D

  2. A very pleasant and stimulating surprise.