Monday, June 10, 2013

October 8, later

Commander Nang is back to being a butt.  I wonder what the penalty is for strangling a Dramok. 

Oh, why do I even bother being offended?  After all, I’ve given the man every indication just how attractive I find him.  I’ve even told him flat out.  I sure wish he’d cut me a little slack and stop tempting me though.

The trouble started when he stopped by to see me and Mom at Medical.  I was standing outside, enjoying the sun for a few minutes.  Mom’s condition has been pronounced stabilized, and they’re already working on some therapy with her.  That Kalquorian medicine is just amazing.  Sure, ‘therapy’ only consists of getting Mom to attempt to open that droopy eyelid, lifting the corner of her mouth, and twitching fingers and toes, but that she’s out of danger is just terrific.  I felt pretty okay about them kicking me out for twenty minutes or so while they work with her.

“I see you’re not hovering today,” came that deep voice I know all too well.  “Matara Eve must be doing well.”

I turned and smiled at Nang.  “Good enough for some exercises, which I was politely asked to not attend.  How are you?”

He blew out a breath.  “Still dealing with this new threat outside our base.  The tracking squads found what looked like a very large encampment last night, recently abandoned.  The signs went in all different directions from there, so we’re having trouble pinning the attackers down.  They’ve split into smaller groups.”

No wonder Esak hasn’t been heard from yet.  I offered the one good point I could think of.  “If they’re on the move, then they aren’t shooting at us.”

“There is that.  Maybe I’ll get a chance to get you into my office to help me work on my presentation soon.”

I frowned at him.  “I thought we had that pretty much pinned down?”

He shrugged.  “I want every little detail to be perfect.  It’s going to take a lot more for me to convince Earthers Kalquor means no harm than it did for you to convince Kalquorians we were coming on a bit strong to your people.”

He had a point.  “So why don’t you send me what you’ve got so far and I’ll look it over?  Once everything looks just right, you can rehearse it in front of me.”

“I’d rather just work on it with you right there.”  Nang’s smile had that roguish quality that set off warning bells for me.

“Are you sure it’s your presentation you’re talking about?”

The bad boy didn’t even try to mask his ulterior motives.  “Well, if you ended up under me naked, that would be more to my liking.”

I scowled.  Most of my good feelings about him coming over to check on Mom’s condition evaporated.  “We are not having this conversation again, Nang.  The answer is still no.”

“I bet you’d change your mind if those younglings weren’t around.”  His grin didn’t dim for an instant.

I got mad, mostly because I knew he was right.  There is just something about Nang that makes me turn to goo inside.  Hot, melting, aching goo.  If there were no Dusa and Esak, I’d probably be camping out in the commander’s office. 

I stamped my foot like a five-year-old.  “Nang, go back to work before I say something ugly to you.”

He chuckled.  “Yes, my sweet, tempestuous Shalia.”  He turned away, and I caught myself looking at that gorgeous, sculpted ass.  Stupid, bodyhugging formsuit uniform.  I wish Kalquorians would wear something a little more concealing.

Who am I kidding?  I’d cry if they wore anything else.

I should have known better, but I just had to stop him.  “Tell me something, you big, overbearing creep.”

Nang stopped and looked at me, his smile expectant.  “Yes, my beauty?”

“Why do you keep trying with me?  Why don’t you give up?  Isn’t it frustrating?”

He laughed and shook his head.  “On the contrary.  The building anticipation is quite enjoyable.  Plus, it gives me more time to plan what I’m going to do with you when you finally give in to me.”

With that he walked off, leaving me fuming.  And hot and bothered.  I know I keep saying it, but damn that man!


  1. :D I know everyone is all, "poor Dusa, ect." but I just LOVE Nang!

  2. I just love nang and the cat and mouse game there playing. Tracy I hope your listen, you'll make me the happiest woman in the world if shalia gives in to nang even if it's it's just once. LOL LOL thanks

  3. I agree, there is just something about Bang that is sooo yummy!