Thursday, June 20, 2013

October 14

It’s been a few days.  And now that some things are settling down again, I’ll see what I can write.

I’ve waited to see if Esak would regain consciousness first.  The very first night he was on guard at one of the old service entrances to the Academy -- where vendors used to bring in supplies and that kind of stuff -- about twenty people attacked from the outside.  The bastards had old-style hand grenades, really old antique explosives.  Where they found them, I can’t even imagine.  While half the group shot with blasters, the other half threw these grenades at the guards.   Only six exploded, but six were more than enough.  Four Nobeks were killed, and Esak and two others were badly injured.

My poor Esak.  They had to shave his head to treat the skull fractures he received from the attack.  He’s bald now with a bunch of scars.  But he’s alive.  Thank God he’s alive.  

It’s taken this long for him to wake up, which had the doctors really concerned.  Dusa has nearly paced a rut in the floor of Esak’s treatment room.  Weln has been at his side the whole time, talking, reading to him, and keeping Dusa sane.  I’ve bounced between Mom and Esak’s rooms, trying to keep an eye on them both.  I'm doing lots of praying.  For once, my prayers have been answered.

We did get good news on Esak.  There’s no sign of long-term brain injury.  He’s answering questions, acting alert, seemingly in possession of all his marbles still.  He’s going to be all right.  Let’s hear it for those tough Kalquorians.  The crazy Nobek even insisted Dusa take still photos of his healing scalp, so he can show off evidence of his scars once his hair grows back out.  He’s taking this whole ‘marks of honor’ business pretty seriously, but I’ve been told that’s normal for his breed.  He proudly repeats the phrase I taught Weln who told it to him:  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  It’s become Esak's motto.  I’m glad he went back to sleep because I swear if I hear him say those words one more time, I’ll kill him myself.  He scared me.  He scared us all.

Not to make light of Mom’s condition.  She’s still doing better, getting stronger.  She’s getting some serious squeezing power back in her hands.  I even asked her if she was going to break mine in her grip.  She whispered in a slurring voice, “Want to knit, Shalia.”  I told her, “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.  The way things are going, you’ll be giving Santa a new cap, scarf, and gloves when he shows up Christmas Eve.” 

Then again, we won’t be on Earth this Christmas.  Wow.  I never would have suspected last Christmas that it would be Earth’s last.  Damn it, now I’m thinking how I’ll be on my way to Kalquor and Dusa, Esak, and Weln will still be here.  Dr. Dad Nayun too.  That maybe I’ll never see any of them again.

This has been such a screwed up week.  I haven’t seen or talked to Nang since the last attack.  No surprise there.  This place has become a fortress.  We are as if under siege.  All operations except security and basic support like Medical have been suspended.  Meals are delivered to dorms and here in Medical rather than having a bunch of people gather in one place, making them susceptible to attack.

Life has gone crazy.  Again.  But at least those most important to me are still here.  I’m taking whatever good I can find in this situation.