Thursday, May 16, 2013

October 4

Holy smokes, we came under attack today.  Somebody, or rather a bunch of somebodies, opened fire on the sentries at the Academy’s three entrances.  They had it timed just right too, when shifts change.  As the Kalquorian guards switch off, they exchange information, orders, so on and so forth.  They were a bit distracted and caught by surprise. 

From what Weln told me when he escorted Mom to our dorm, a bunch of Earthers outside the Academy ran up and started shooting percussion blasters at the Kalquorian sentries.  Then an unmanned shuttle was sent through the main entrance to crash through the gates, causing a big explosion and several fires.  Then more  blaster fire hit as Kalquorians tried to guard against what they thought was an invasion attempt.

After heavy firing that lasted about ten minutes, the blasting ended.  Just like that, it was over with four Nobeks  younger than Dusa and Esak dead.  It’s awful and I keep thinking how glad I am Esak wasn’t on duty at the gates.  Still, he’s usually outside the Academy helping to track down Earthers who need help, and that to me is even more dangerous than guarding ... or at least it should be.  Those poor boys.  None of them were clanned, from my understanding.  No doubt they have parents though, parents who will grieve for them just as any Earther mother and father would.
Meanwhile, there is a lot of damage to clean up.  Construction has already started up to make a barricade at the main entrance, and we’re under lockdown again while the situation is examined by Nang and his officers.  He commed to let me know the lockdown would probably be over by tomorrow morning.  He sounded pretty pissed off and frustrated by the attack.

Nang didn’t have long to talk, but he did tell me, “The attack wasn’t to gain entry, apparently.  They only wanted to kill and intimidate.  They accomplished the murdering part.”

Nang didn’t let the Monroe women’s bodyguards leave us this time.  He’s not taking any chances that someone will take advantage of the confusion like they did when Mom was taken.  Dusa commed to check on us and to make sure we are protected as well.

Look at me with all these Kalquorian knights in shining armor!  Could a girl get any luckier?  Still, as much as I enjoy having the attention and would miss my alien friends, a big part of me looks forward to getting out of this nightmare.

I forgot to talk to Weln about Dusa and Esak when he was here.  Oh well, it wasn’t exactly the right time to make small talk anyway.  Weln was required to return to his own quarters as soon as he saw to it Mom and some of his other charges were safely in their dorms.  Matters of clanning will just have to wait until this latest emergency is done with.

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