Thursday, May 9, 2013

October 3

Nang commed me first thing this morning, asking me to help him with his presentation.  With nothing else to do, I was more than happy to swing by his office.  You’d think I’d have the good sense to know Nang would be after more than my brilliant advice.  That man doesn’t give up easily.

Before he started in on me, he did have some questions about the presentation he was going to give to my fellow Earthers.  He wanted to know how to phrase stuff, how to appear genuine and friendly, and how to not come off as the Almighty Conquering Kalquorian.  We worked on his expressions and tone of voice. 

I took the opportunity to mention Matt King to him.  That guy has some smooth ways about him, including the ability to make you feel like he wants to be your very best friend.  Nang is a good guy, but a little on the pushy side.  He could definitely benefit from a few lessons on how to schmooze.  Matt King seemed the perfect person to show him.

“So he came up to you while you were eating dinner with the youngsters again?” Nang asked.

I rolled my eyes.  “Nang, I like Dusa and Esak.  They’re incredibly sweet, and we have fun.  Why can’t you just accept they got to me first?”

“I have no problem with that.  What I don’t understand is why you won’t give me a chance too.  You know I can satisfy you sexually.  I’m more mature than they are and can talk about more important things than kurble matches and lemanthev music.”

“Your clanmates don’t like women.”

“But I do.  And you said you’re not looking to clan yet anyway.”

“Ugh,” I growled at him.  I stood to pace the room.  “I told you my whole monogamy issue thing.  Look, the other Earthers are finally starting to believe I’m not an utter whore.  Why would I jeopardize that by making it easier for them to find out I’m hopping from Kalquorian to Kalquorian?”

Nang folded his arms over his massive, chiseled, delicious chest (yeah, I have the hots for him though I’m fighting it with all I’ve got) and smiled without attempting to conceal his smug attitude.  “I bet if you and I made love, with actual intercourse, you’d narrow it down to just me.”

“Not too full of yourself, are you?”  Sheesh, the man’s ego was unbelievable.

“I’m an experienced man.  They are boys.  Kiss me and tell me there isn’t a difference.”

I knew there was a difference.  I noticed it every time I was foolish enough to let Nang to get his lips on me.

I sighed.  “I am not going to kiss you, Nang.  I will not deny that I lose all my good sense every time we get frisky with each other nor that you drive every sane thought right out of my head.  That’s why I am not going to let you touch me.”

He grinned, as if I had challenged him.  Maybe that’s what he saw it as.  He started walking towards me.  No, he was slinking towards me, like a cat on the prowl for a nice, juicy Shalia mouse.  “Maybe I could get you on my desk again.  Bend you facedown over it, spread your legs wide.  Pin you down so you can’t escape while I fill your sweet, tight ass with my primary cock.  Wouldn’t you like to feel it filling you, driving into you over and over?”

I was backing away towards his door, trying hard not to run.  I’ve heard if you run from a Nobek, he can’t help but chase you down then fuck or kill you.  I didn’t know if it was the same story for a Dramok, and I wasn’t willing to find out.

Nang’s grin was growing by the second as he stalked me, his eyes narrowing into dangerous slits.  “I smell you, Shalia.  You’re aroused.”

Yeah, he was right about that.  My heart was hammering, my mouth was dry, and he was scaring the heck out of me.  But my panties had installed a swimming pool nonetheless.  I have some pretty weird urges when it comes to big, bad Kalquorians.

My voice was trembling and I knew he could hear it.  I said, “Nang, I am leaving.  You are going to let me go, because if you don’t I am going to scream my head off and bring everyone running.”

“You won’t scream.”  He was only an arm’s length away now.  I backed into the closed door of his office and fumbled for the knob. 

“Shalia,” Nang whispered, taking that final step to loom over me.  I wasn’t getting out.  I wasn’t going to scream, and I wasn’t going to escape.  I looked up at the huge Dramok and waited for him to touch me the ways he knew how, the ways that I couldn’t help but surrender to.

Instead he bent down to press his lips to my forehead.  His fingers caressed my cheek.  And he bent further to whisper in my ear.  “Sooner or later, you will come to me.  You will give yourself to me willingly.  And when I am inside you, when we are at last fully joined, when I am fucking your beautiful body and you are screaming with the greatest pleasure you have ever know, you will wonder why you resisted for so long.”

With that Nang straightened.  Still with that damnable smug smile, he turned away and went to his desk.  I stared as he settled down to work without another look at me.

Jerk.  I hope I have the strength to never prove him right.


  1. I absolutely love Shalia's Diary. I look forward to reading them even though it leaves me tied in a knot wanting to read more. Shalia's a strong woman because I would have been over his desk in a heartbeat.

    1. Me too. Even though I'm still not sure of his motives. He seems to be happy with his own clan so anything he starts with Shalia would be temporary at best. Unless there is something we don't know about yet...?

  2. Bahaahaaa, I love Nang. Shalia is so screwed.

  3. Nang is HOT. But I feel sorry for him.

    Does knowing the relationship will never go anywhere make it easier or more difficult for Shalia to resist Nang?

  4. I kind of feel sorry for him too... Just a bit. He's clanned to two men that dont want a woman. Maybe Nang doesn't want a full time woman of his own, maybe he just likes affairs.
    So is Shalia the only woman he's trying to have sex with??
    This story is so twisty-turny and I love it :)

  5. Do it, do it, come on Shalia do Nang! Every girl is entitled to a one night stand or two. :)

  6. I love Nang too, it would be great if the hook up together. To bad that his clan mates don't like woman. I still have my hopes up.