Monday, May 13, 2013

October 3, later

Oh my gosh, I can barely keep my eyes open.  It is so late.  I wanted to put down the latest before I go to sleep.

Not that there is anything earthshaking to report.  I spent the last few hours with Dusa after Mom went to sleep.  I got her Nobek guard to promise to contact me if she woke or anything.  It’s nice to have our own bodyguards in that it allows me to go visiting my sweetie pies without worrying so much.  Esak was on duty though, so it was just me and Dusa.  I was happy to spend some time with him seeing as how I’d been hot and bothered by Nang’s flirting-stalking thing.  And no, I did not mention that to my young Dramok friend.

When I arrived, Dusa had a glass of wine waiting for me.  We sat down at the small table in his room, and he said, “I need to tell you something, Shalia.  And I want to ask for your help.”

Let’s see ... Dusa has rescued me, saved my life, and made me like sex a whole lot more than is proper.  Of course I told him, “Name it and it’s done.”

He grinned at me.  “I’ve decided I want to clan Weln as my Imdiko.  He’s a perfect match for me and Esak.”

I was glad to not feel weirded out by the whole dude-with-dude thing.   “Sounds good to me.  He’s always there for Mom, absolutely patient with whatever stunts she pulls and protective as well.  He’s got my vote.  So what can I do?”

Dusa seemed delighted to have my approval.  “The problem is that it’s too soon to ask him.  We’ve only just met and our schedules don’t allow us much time together.  But I know he’s the Imdiko for us.  There is no doubt in my mind.”

I nodded.  “Kind of like ... love at first sight?  That’s something we Earthers say when we meet the right one and know right away.”

I wasn’t sure ‘love’ was the appropriate term, given Dusa and Weln were men.  Yes, yes, I know Kalquorian men are usually bisexual.  So I guess I’m a little weirded out after all.  So much for openmindedness.  I’ll deal with it, okay? 

Appropriate or not, Dusa’s grin got bigger.  “Yes, just like that.  Esak says he knew Weln was meant to be our clanmate immediately too.”

“But Weln doesn’t know that?”

“I’m not sure.  I’ve seen him with a couple of other Dramoks and their Nobeks.  He’s being courted rather heavily, which is no surprise given what a good Imdiko he is.  Besides that, there aren’t as many of his breed as there are Nobeks and Dramoks.”

I hadn’t known that.  “Are you saying Imdikos are rare?”

“There are half as many caregivers as there are Nobeks.  They certainly aren’t as nonexistent as Kalquorian Mataras, but it can be difficult to find a good Imdiko.  They usually get clanned pretty young.”

Boy, I am never going to get used to Kalquorian society.  “So you’ve got some competition for Weln’s affections, I suppose.”

“Right.  I don’t want Esak dangling other Dramoks and Nobeks off any high places either.”

That got us laughing.  At the same time I thought, yikes.

Dusa said, “So I wondered if you would put in a good word with Weln for me and Esak?  He likes you a lot, you know.  He says Matara Eve is lucky to have such a dedicated daughter as you.”

I was startled.  Weln thought that highly about me?  I thought back to a few weeks ago before Mom and I had come to the Academy, when we’d been hiding in a house and starving.  I’d not been very nice to Mom then because I’d been completely stressed out.  Hell, I’d even contemplated smothering her to death so she wouldn’t have to suffer anymore.  No doubt Weln’s good opinion would come crashing down if he knew about those desperate thoughts.

Swallowing the sudden lump in my throat, I told Dusa, “I’d be glad to tell him how wonderful I think you two are.  It would be the truth.”

Dusa gave me his brightest, sweetest smile.  “Thank you, Shalia.  I will be forever grateful.”

“Of course, I think you should earn my praise.”

When he gave me a puzzled, concerned look, I arched my eyebrow at him.  Then I blatantly stared at his crotch.

Dusa laughed at my antics.  “Oh please, let me.  I’ll work very hard to prove my case to you.”

Which he did.  Moments later I was naked on my back on the bed, and his face was buried in my pussy.  His lips and teeth tugged gently at my nether lips, making me groan.  I ground my crotch against his mouth until I received a few sharp smacks on my rear for being too demanding.

“Why can’t I ever be in control?” I asked, though in all truth I was perfectly happy to lay there and be served.

“Because I am the Dramok.  I am in control.”

“Come on.  Can’t I be on top for once?”

“You on top?  Of me?”  Dusa started to laugh, then he abruptly got serious.  “You know, that is actually not a bad idea, Shalia.  Of course I’ll let you be on top.”

“Really?”  There was something devious in his expression that made me doubtful of his intentions.

“Yes.”  Dusa rose up from between my legs ... oh sadness ... and laid down next to me.  He patted his groin just above his perky penises.  “Up you go.”

Well all right, I thought.  I clambered on top of my big boy and settled myself on those gorgeous cocks.  I was so ready to ride my mighty stallion, ha-ha. 

I discovered a problem almost immediately.  Kalquorians are big, and I don’t mean just sex organs.  They are big all over.  Big enough that an Earther girl’s knees don’t quite hit the bed when she’s sitting on one.  I realized I was going to have to get my feet under me in a squat to make it happen.

“No Shalia, just lean forward and brace your hands on my chest,” Dusa said.

“I don’t see how that is going to work,” I told him after considering.

“Trust me.  It will work great.”

I decided to humor him, if only to prove he was wrong and I was right.  So I leaned forward, placing my hands on his chest.  Okay, so I could dig my toes in and move back and forth that way, but I still thought the squat position would give me more range of movement.

Before I could point that out, Dusa grabbed hold of my hips.  His grin was evil.  “Now we both get what we want.  You’re on top and I’m in control.”

I opened my mouth to ask him what the hell he was talking about when his hands powered me upward, lifting my butt towards the ceiling.  His cocks slipped deliciously outward, coming close to escaping me.  He reversed then, simultaneously yanking me back down while shoving his groin up.  We met with a meaty smack.

He hit every good part of me when he did that, making my insides seize with bright rapture.  With one thrust, I was on the brink of orgasm.  I yelled, my fingernails digging into his chest.

“I thought you would like that,” Dusa smirked.  He picked me up again, forcing me to balance on his chest.

“This isn’t quite what I was talking about when I said I wanted to be on top,” I gasped.

“It’s what you’re going to get.”

The next instant I was on my way down again, yanked down into another gut-wrenching, climax-begging crash.  My mouth opened wide in reaction as ecstasy bolted momentarily through me.  “Dusa!” I screamed.

“That’s what I enjoy hearing; you screaming my name,” he growled.

Up I went once more, with me leaning against my arms and hanging on for dear life.  I had no choice but to keep my arms braced, which meant I had no way to stop the demanding Kalquorian.

Our sexes pounded against one another.  Another blast of erotic elation.  I was so close.  I shuddered and spasmed in warning.

Dusa lifted and jerked me down twice in quick succession.  That did it.  Orgasm seized my body and tore me apart in a gorgeous cataclysm.  I wailed and thrashed as pulses rolled through me.  My arms went out from under me, tumbling me onto my lover’s body.

When I recovered my voice, I groaned, “You beautiful bastard.  That was over too fast.”

“Who said it was over?” he growled menacingly in my ear.

“What?”  I struggled to pick my head up to look into his face.

Dusa grinned at me.  It wasn’t a nice smile by any means.  “I bet I can make you do it again.  Maybe several times.”

With that warning, he was moving my hips again, pounding his cocks into me hard and fast.  I could only slide up and down his torso, his power too great to halt.  The position put my clit right up against him, rubbing hard against his warm, firm flesh.  There was no protection from the rising tide of renewed climax.

I’m not sure how many times he brought me.  Maybe it was only one long, sustained release that kept growing and crashing, heightening over and over until my mind shattered.  It felt like forever before Dusa finally uttered a massive groan and I felt his cocks jerk inside me.

We lay for a long time afterward, gasping like landed fish.  I couldn’t have walked if a hundred Tragooms crashed into the room to attack us.  Jesus, Mohammed, and Moses, that man wore me out.

Finally Dusa said, “Yes, you should be on top from time to time.  Thank you for bringing that to my attention.”

I muttered, “Bad Kalquorian.  Bad Kalquorian.  Death by orgasm sounds better than it actually is.”

He sighed hugely.  It was the sound of a greatly satisfied man.

I made him carry me home.  I thought I might never walk again.  My Nobek guard’s eyes were wide in awe during the whole trip.  After Dusa put me into my bed and just before he closed the door behind his exit, I heard the guard ask, “Dramok, do you already have a Nobek?”

Yeah, Dusa is pretty impressive.  I think Nang might have to put aside his stellar opinion of being the better lover.


  1. I hope they can convince Weln! But what will this mean for everyone? If he accepts they'll be a full clan and able to court Shalia. What about Eves treatment?
    Love these snipits!!!!! They keep me guessing :)

  2. I really enjoyed today's entry! I laughed out loud when Shalia said "Bad Kalquorian". That was a bit evil of him, death by

    It's making me a bit 'mental' trying to figure out what is going to happen about Nang and his clan and how soon are Shalia and Eve going to be leaving for Kalquor and if Weln will accept being in Dusa's clan.....OMG, so many questions to be answered. Can't wait!

    The only problem with doing a diary form is that we don't get the POV of Dusa, Nang and the rest. I would really like to know what they are thinking about Shalia and what Weln and Esak are thinking about each other and Shalia etc. :D

  3. I LOVE that Dusa & Esak want to Clan Weln. I just wonder if they should consider whether whether Weln is interested in girls?? Just a thought...