Monday, April 29, 2013

September 30

Ah, thank heavens for bossy Kalquorian men.  They can be the most paternal creatures in the universe, but sometimes that’s a good thing.

When Dusa and Esak showed up, they had Weln with them.  Without any ado, Dusa told me, “Come with us, Shalia.  Weln is going to take Matara Eve to her activities.”

“I don’t want him to.  And I don’t want to go anywhere,” I protested.

“That wasn’t a request.  The sooner you get out and face the world again, the better you’ll feel.”  Dusa folded his arms across his chest and gave me a look that was older than his years.

“Mom is upset.  She wants to stay with me.”

Mom’s voice came from her corner.  “I will go with Weln.  He keeps me safe.”

I turned in surprise.  She was already gathering her knitting into her little bag.  Weln walked past me to help her.  She smiled at him.  “Hi.  Can I have pilchok for lunch?”

“Absolutely, but you’ll have two vegetables and a fruit as well.  No hiding the vegetables under your napkin or throwing them at anyone this time.”

She wrinkled her nose at him.  “All right.  But I get dessert too.”

I felt my stomach turn watching her getting ready to go, getting ready to leave me.  Maybe I was being ridiculous, but I didn’t want her out of my sight.  “Maybe I could go too?  Spend the day with you guys?”

Weln gave Dusa a look and moved his gaze to mine.  “That would be too disruptive.  Matara Eve needs to get back on her schedule.  She needs her life back to normal.”

Dusa came over to put his arm around me.  He cupped my chin and tilted my head so I had to look up at him.  “You can come with me and Esak, or we can take you to Medical and have you assessed for trauma therapy.”

I tried to jerk away, but he wouldn’t let me.  “I’m fine!  I just ... Dusa, I could have lost her.”

His smile was gentle.  “I know.  But she’s going to be okay and so are you.  The longer you wait to face the world again, the harder it’s going to get.”

Mom and Weln were heading for the door.  My hands kind of fluttered at her as she passed by.  She grabbed one briefly, squeezed, and kept going.  “See you later, Shalia.”

I followed her out, all the way to the shuttle waiting to take her, Weln, and her guard to the rec room.  As the hatch closed and cut off my view of her I had to fight to not beat on it, to demand I be allowed on board.  It zoomed away.

Dusa took one of my hands and Esak took the other.  “Come on, Shalia.  We don’t often get the same day off, so let’s take advantage of it.”

I let them pull me down the sidewalk, heading towards their dorm.  My bodyguard followed, but not too closely.  At least he didn’t look ready to rip everything around us to shreds like some of my previous security. 

I scowled.  “Okay, I’m going with you.  But I don’t remember putting you in charge of my life.”

The men exchanged an amused glance over my head.  Dusa said, “You’re too old to pout.  Behave or I’ll put you over my knee.”

Esak gave me a narrowed-eye glare.  “She deserves a good, hard spanking, coming out to where the kidnappers were and endangering herself.”

“Yes, but I think she’s been through enough where all that is concerned.  I’ll let her rash behavior go this one time.”

I snorted in disbelief.  “Spank me?  You can’t spank a grown woman like she’s a naughty child.”

That had Dusa and Esak glaring at me, and something in my stomach flipped over.  Holy cow, they were talking about doing just that.  And not like the other spanking, the one that was part of sex play.  They were talking actual punishment.  That was just weird ... and exciting for reasons I didn’t want to examine too closely.

We got to their room.  No sooner had the door closed behind us, shutting the Nobek guard out, when clothes went flying everywhere.  I barely had the chance to breathe before I found myself held in Esak’s strong arms.  But the position he held me in ... whoa.

My back rested against his chest, and his hands gripped beneath my knees, holding me in such a way that I might have been sitting in a chair.  My legs were splayed wide open, allowing Dusa to step between them.

“I am going to fuck you until you come screaming for me,” the Dramok said.  “It’s going to be hard and fast and you will not resist.”

Holy shit.  All I could do was nod with my eyes so wide I thought they might fall out of my skull.  What the hell do you say to that?  Especially when the man saying it is looking down on you like you belong to him?

Dusa reached down and positioned his cocks so they were ready to invade me.  He found me soaked and ready.  It was like his words and attitude had flipped a switch, making my body instantly prepared for his use.

He shoved into me.  Exactly as he’d promised, it was a hard taking.  I cried out as he filled me to bursting, pressing hard against my hot spot and hitting my cervix with a single thrust.  My anus protested the sudden incursion, but the pain was secondary to the burst of raw, carnal delight that filled my belly.  My head fell back on Esak’s shoulder as I was overcome.

Dusa pounded against me, his hands tight around my hips as he thrust deep.  He worked me so hard my tits bounced up and down with the power of it.   I was clutching his shoulders for dear life as he had me.  I shouted with every push into my body, announced by wet smacking sounds as our groins met. 

The brutal elation that burned in my pelvis was a ravening monster, ripping and tearing at my insides.  The cataclysm was building higher, promising utter devastation.  I was struggling now, terrified at how intense the climax would be, afraid it would destroy me.

The men held me easily between them.  The only effort I saw expended was as Dusa heaved his body against mine, making me take him, making me the receptacle for his insatiable lust.  The purple of his eyes were nearly eclipsed by his widened pupils.  He stared into my face, fierce intent in his expression as he took what he wanted.

My body was a riot of sensation.  I was clawing at Dusa, unable to escape as vicious elation burned bright and grew hotter.  The orgasm was on its way, its appetite voracious as it barreled towards me.  I screamed in anticipation of its greedy hunger, come to devour me.

Then all was twisted, fiery, heaving, beautiful catastrophe.  I don’t remember anything except powerful spasms that made my insides clutch Dusa’s thick lengths and the raw ecstasy that took me away from the rest of reality.

When I returned, I was now being held by the Dramok.  He too held me up by the backs of my knees, but I still faced him.  My arms were slung over his broad shoulders, and my chin propped on one.  Esak was filling me from behind.

I groaned.  The pulses from my first orgasm hadn’t yet faded, and Esak’s entry stirred the sensations again.  At least the wild ride I’d gotten from Dusa had stretched my ass enough that it didn’t mind the Nobek’s larger cock sliding into it.  Nor that Esak was pumping into me with the same forcefulness his Dramok had used.

The one big difference was my clit had very up close and personal contact with Dusa’s lower abdomen.  With Esak shoving hard into me, he moved me up and down, grinding that sensitive bit into Dusa.  I was suddenly not so limp in the men’s arms.  No, I was clawing again, shrieking anew at the intensity that attacked my clit.

The merciless fucking was relentless.  With sharp shards of rapture spiking through my pussy, I went off again.  This one didn’t want to end as Esak continued to thrust hard and quick.  Every time I thought I couldn’t possibly come again, my body took off once more.

I was finally reduced to begging, “Please come, Esak, please come, I can’t take anymore, oh, please, please come...”

At last he did with a bellow that made my ears ring.  I sobbed gratefully as he filled my ass with hot streams of cum.  It made me wonder if there could be too much of a good thing.

My breath caught to see what my fingernails had done to Dusa’s shoulders.  Rivulets of blood ran down his arms.  As Esak eased himself free of me, he chuckled.  “Good marks of honor, my Dramok.”

“Indeed.  But the ones on my back belong to you.”  Dusa laid me gently on the bed and turned around for our inspection.  Good heavens, you could have planted crops in the furrows I’d dug into him.

“Jesus, Mohammed, and Moses, please don’t tell them at Medical how you got those,” I said, hiding my face behind my hands.  “I’ll never be able to look Nayun in the eye again.”

Dusa snorted.  “These are not getting treated.  I will wear them proudly until they heal.  Or you give me another set,” he added with a leer.

I peeked at him between my fingers.  “Kalquorians are so crazy.  At least wash the blood off.”

“Of course, my pretty one,” he agreed, going to the washroom to clean up.

Meanwhile, Esak joined me on the bed, cuddling me close.  As quiet as ever, he didn’t speak.  His gentle kisses and caresses were the only communication I needed though.  I snuggled into his warmth, very happy to be there instead of hiding out in the dorm with Mom.  Those darned Kalquorians had been right.

Dusa joined us after a couple of minutes.  He curled up behind me, combing my hair back from my face with his fingers.  “Are you feeling better?” he asked.

“Mmm-hmm,” I admitted.  “Go ahead and gloat.”

He didn’t, but we did have a very nice day together.  More lovemaking, some dozing, conversation about nothing important, Dusa and Esak trying to get me to howl along with their music.  Life has had its definite ugly parts these last few months, but I can’t deny there have been really bright spots too.  Sometimes I even have hopes for the future, and that things will be better in the long run.  But I don’t dare say that out loud.  I don’t want to jinx myself.


  1. I love it!! Cue Star Wars theme music! I'm so glad you are sectioning the story but you aren't making us wait! Although the begging of Part 2 may get trumped if I get Clan and Conviction in my greedy clutches by this Thursday!!

  2. Fanning myself over here Tracy. I hadn't read about that position variation before. Wow was that hot! You have to admit ladies, Dusa and Esak certainly know how to take a girl's mind off her problems.

    I can't wait for tomorrow but I agree with Cara, when 'Clan and Conviction' comes out, that is getting read before anything else!!!

    1. Just checked, it's been delivered to my Kindle!! I'm off for an orgy of reading glory. WooHoo! :D