Thursday, April 25, 2013

September 29, part 3

All right, I’m going to finish this tale.  After all, it has a mostly happy ending.

So there I am on my knees, squalling like a cat with its tail under a rocking chair, when I hear Esak roar my name. 

“Shalia!  I found her!”

I was up and staggering around in a circle, trying to see where my favorite Nobek was calling from.  Finally I saw him waving to me from a spot between two storefronts.  I bolted to him as fast as my shaking legs would carry me.

“Matara Eve is in here.  She’s unconscious from the shockwave, but she doesn’t seem to have been injured,” he told me as he tugged me behind a doorway into a service hall that was apparently for the mall’s former employees only.

Mom was back there in that hallway, which was empty but for her and three armed but equally unconscious men.  The poor thing was crumpled like a wad of tissue paper, looking haggard and so old.  I’d never seen her look that pathetic.  Lost and broken.  I was in tears all over again, both because Mom looked that way and because she was still alive.

I’ve been at her side ever since.  I rode with her in the emergency shuttle that took us back to the Academy.  I hovered nearby as Dr. Dad scanned her.  He found that other than a little dehydration and evidence that she hadn’t eaten much since she was taken, she was fine.  He kept her sedated until yesterday afternoon.  Apparently the shockwave device the Kalquorians used affects the nervous system, and had Mom wakened, she’d have been in severe pain.  Even when Nayun let her wake, he kept her on pain inhibitors until he was sure the aftereffects had passed.

Mom has cried at times, and I cry right along with her.  She won’t talk about what happened except to say, “It wasn’t a very nice party.  Not nice at all.” Nayun let me bring her back to our dorm room last night, where two big bad Nobeks stood guard outside the door (and still do).  I slept with Mom last night, curled up against her back both so she’d feel safe and to reassure myself that she was right there, that I hadn’t lost her.

I didn’t send her to the care group today.  She and I are here in our room.  Mom has only broke down twice so far, and it’s nearly noon.  She’s getting better, I think.  I arranged for food service to bring us our meals today.  I can’t conceive of going out.  I feel safe and secure right here.  More importantly, I feel Mom is safe and secure.    I’m writing all this down and she’s knitting.  It’s good to see her knitting.  It’s good to see her sitting there.  I can’t even explain how good.

Oh, who is calling?  I don’t want to answer the com.  I want the world to go away and leave us alone.  Crap.

It was Dusa.  He and Esak are heading over.  It will be good to see them.  I need to brush my hair before they get here though.  Maybe slap on that all important mascara and lipstick too.  Same for Mom.  We can at least pretend we feel good, and maybe it will become real.


  1. So Happy Eve's safe! She and Shalia need to go to Kalquor now! Oh and take a Dusa Esak and Winn with them

  2. Ya! That's a good happy-ish ending, or in this case a for now. Is that officially the end of part one? Will we know?

    1. The next entry will officially end the first storyline.

  3. Yay!!! Happy ending booty dance. So glad Eve is safe. Hopefully now they can head to Kalquor. Can't wait to see what happens next.