Monday, April 15, 2013

September 27

No word yet except a couple of calls from Nang and Dusa essentially telling me to hang in there.  I tried to sleep last night, but couldn’t really rest.  I’d doze off and wake from a nightmare.  I even woke up once to discover I was looking under the beds, trying to find Mom in my sleep.  I’m a wreck.  I need

Bastard!  I hate Earthers!

Apparently the lockdown is over, because there was a knock on my door that interrupted my writing.  Hoping it was Mom, I ran over and threw the door open.  Instead, I see Father Lucas, that priest that sometimes ate ... fuck, EATS with Mom.  I refuse to write about her in past tense because she’s got to be okay, wherever she is.  Anyway, Father Lucas had this really serious look on his face, and I was afraid Nang had sent him to give me bad news, like you’d typically have a priest or cop do.

“Yes?” I asked when I could find enough breath to speak.

He has one of those big, carrying voices which is funny for such a skinny, old man.  “Shalia Monroe, I have heard Eve was abducted.”

“Yes, she has.  Would you like to come sit?”  I was too relieved for words when he didn’t tell me the unthinkable.

“I will not set foot in your den,” he intoned.

I thought, well fine, then fuck you.  But I didn’t say it.  Yet.

“What do you want?” I asked.  Rude as hell, but if he was going to be an unhelpful dick, then I didn’t want to hear it.  And if the lockdown is over, I want to talk to Nang right away.  In the meantime, I wasn’t going to chase Father Lucas away on the off chance he had information that would help me find Mom.

“Your poor mother is reaping the seeds of sin you sowed.”  He sounded like a hissing snake with all those sibilants.  “An innocent is forced to bear the burden of her daughter’s lust.  Lust for aliens.”

“What has happened to her?  Where is she?”  I fairly screamed.  I advanced on him and he backed away, but not like he was scared.  It was more like I was so diseased he was afraid my mere presence would contaminate him.

“I do not know.  Others have obviously taken it upon themselves to punish you through the proxy of your mother.  While you deserve judgment, I do not believe Eve should suffer for it.  You should be ashamed of what you’ve done.”

“I think you should be more worried about what I’m about to do, rather than my past actions,” I snarled, so pissed off I couldn’t see straight.  My hands were clenched in fists.  Maybe the priest didn’t have anything to do with Mom’s disappearance, but I was ready to punch someone.  As far as proxies were concerned, Father Lucas with his self-righteous sneer was as good as anyone.

He took another step back, and his eyes finally lit with a little concern.  “You do not dare strike a man of God.”

“Why not?  They crucified Jesus, didn’t they, and he was the son of God!  If you know where my mother is, I suggest you start talking because I’m done being nice.”

Father Lucas put his skeletal hands up as if to ward me off.  “I swear, I do not know where she is.  If I did, I’d tell someone to make sure she’s safe.  She doesn’t deserve to be frightened or harmed.”

I was pretty sure he was telling the truth, so I stopped stalking him.  “Fine.  If you can’t help, then go away and don’t come near me again.”

He had the balls to shake a finger at me.  “Shalia Monroe, you will pay the dues of your harlotry.  God does not suffer whores--”

“Get the fuck away from me!”  I screamed.  “You sanctimonious bag of shit, you wouldn’t know God if he put his almighty foot up your ass!  Fuck off!”

Some day, when Mom is sitting next to me safe and sound and knitting caps for over-sized Kalquorian heads, I’m going to look back, remember the look on that priest’s face, and laugh my ass off.  Some day.  We’ll be on Kalquor by then, because I’m not going to any colonies.  I am done with my own kind.  The farther away from these fools I get, the happier I’ll be.

I keep trying to reach Nang, but he’s not answering his com.  Hasn’t returned the half dozen messages I’ve left since my encounter with that asshole priest.  Screw this.  The lockdown is done, so I’m going to his office and see if he’s found anything new out.  If I can’t find him, I’m going to start looking for Mom myself.


  1. Oh, a pissed off Shalia! Poor Mom, now I'm really worried about her.

  2. Ooooh, I think Shalia is going to get in trouble! Dramok Nang is going to have to dicipline her for being outside and not home as he told her to; or maybe, someone is going to abduct her too now that she is outside and unprotected. Wow, now I'm worry for her too. No one is save with all those sanctimonious people in there. Well, as always, I will have to wait and see what will happen.

  3. I am SO GLAD Shalia finally decided to go to Kalquor! I just hope they find her mom! Now that lockdown is over, doesn't that mean Shalia gets her "security detail" again? Where are they?

    In my experience, a lot of people who claim to be religious are the most hypocritical...

  4. I love this series and all of the Clan books! I cannot wait for the next part to see what happens, and am really excited for the next Clan Beginnings book to come out.