Monday, April 8, 2013

September 26

Fuck, fuck, fuck.  Mom’s gone.

I woke with the sun streaming full blazes in through the window and knew right away something was wrong even before I rolled over to see her empty bed.  Of course I immediately panicked.  I jumped up and went to the com unit right away, ready to call Nang and scream bloody murder.  I paused when I saw the message beacon was going off.  I paused, unsure if I should check it on the off chance Mom had taken herself to the rec room and someone was letting me know.  I didn’t know if the lockdown was still in effect or not.  So I checked it and Mom’s voice came through, loud and clear like she was in the room.

“Hi Shalia.  They say you had a busy night, so I thought I’d leave a message rather than wake you up.  My friends are having another party and asked me to go, so I’m leaving for a little while.  They’ll call you later to let you know where we are so you can join us, so no pouting.  I’ll see you later.”

Son of a bitch.  I didn’t know her poor scrambled brain could figure out how to leave a message on the Kalquorian com.  Maybe her imaginary friends told her how, ha-ha. 

So I commed Nang right away.  I knew he probably had his hands full, but who else could I call?  No doubt Dusa and Esak were under orders of some sort in the wake of the escaped gang members.  They had to be in the middle of reclaiming order for the Academy, so they wouldn’t be able to help.  I knew hearing Mom had gone party animal would only upset them.  Besides, Nang is in charge.  He’s got all the resources.

Nang answered almost immediately.  “Shalia, I don’t mean to put you off but--”

“My mother disappeared overnight, Nang.  She must have wandered off while I was asleep.  You have to let me out of the lockdown to look for her.”

He paused for only an instant.  “You can’t help, little one, and I can’t lift the lockdown for you.  However, I’ll get someone to go over the surveillance vids immediately and I’ll put a watch out for Matara Eve.  I have a lot of men all over the site looking for the escapees, so someone will come across her.  Promise me you’ll stay where you are.  I’ll contact you the moment they find her.”

Of course I wanted to run out and roam all over the place to look for her myself.  And of course I knew Nang was in the right that his men would find Mom wherever she’d gone much faster.  I made myself take a few breaths to steady my shaking.

“Okay, Nang.  I’ll be right here waiting.”

“Good girl.  Don’t worry.  I’ll find her.”

So here I am, taking a break from pacing a rut in the floor as I wait and worry.  I nearly burst into tears when food service dropped off two breakfasts.  I swear Mom, you’d damned sure get back here to eat this shit.  And you’d better be okay, because dementia or not, you’re all I’ve got.

Please be okay.


  1. So good, but mean to leave it up in the air, isn't it thurs tomorrow. Lol

  2. Ok so I've been reading your series for so long and I'm just now finding out about this web series. SO NOT FAIR!! How have I been missing this? And now I have to wait until Thursday? Oh well... patience isn't my strong suit but I guess I'll just have to wait. The blessing is this series will be a good thing for my Kalquor fix until the next novel comes out.

    Seriously though, you are an amazing writer and I absolutely adore the series, especially your characters. They are amazing.

    1. Better late than never. Welcome! I'm so glad you're enjoying everything. :D