Thursday, April 11, 2013

September 26 (later)

Nang commed.  Someone took my mother away.  She didn’t just wander off.  They took her.

According to the vid surveillance, someone came to the door just before sunrise.  I slept right through the tapping on the door they did to get Mom’s attention (she was probably awake and knitting in bed by the light of a small headlamp she has, as she often does).  The vid shows a person wearing a long, dark coat with a hood.  It kept the person’s face shielded and covered all his clothing.  We’re not even sure if it was a man or a woman.  It was somebody Mom knows, because as soon as she answered the door, she smiled up at him and conversed pleasantly.  There is no sound on the vid, so Nang couldn’t run a voice recognition program. 

Mom went back into the room, and the person moved almost all the way out of vid range.  Only the flared hem of his coat could be seen along one edge of the vid frame.  A couple minutes later Mom came out of the dorm, fully dressed and looking happy to go. 

Worse still, vid surveillance shows them leaving with two others through a hole in the perimeter fence no one knew about.  Decorative shrubbery hid the opening from view.  The Kalquorians only discovered it because you can see Mom and her companions duck behind a tall bush.  The next moment, they’re outside the fence and heading away from the Academy.

Nang told me they have re-captured most of the gang members.  With only half a dozen still missing, he has sent out a bunch of Nobeks to track Mom and her abductor, including Esak.  I was so glad to hear Esak was part of the search effort.  If anyone will do everything possible to find Mom, he will. 

Nang said, “Lockdown is still in effect, Shalia, so I must ask you to sit tight for a bit longer.  We still have six dangerous men loose on the site, and we are also conducting a dorm-to-dorm search to figure out who else is missing that should be here.  Your mother knew at least one of her kidnappers, and that person knows the Academy grounds.”

I couldn’t help but sob as I spoke to him.  “It’s all my fault for being too friendly with your people.  They’ve taken Mom who knows where to punish me for my crimes.”

“You have committed no crime, little one.  The crime has been committed against you and Matara Eve.  She will be found, along with those who dared to steal her away.  You have my word on it.  My own Nobek leads the search, and he is the best tracker I have ever known.”  Nang’s voice was strong with confidence.  “They will pay for making you cry, Matara.  I will see to it myself.”

About ten minutes after Nang’s com, Dusa called.  “Shalia, I am so sorry to hear about your mother being taken.  Esak is out looking for her with a very good bunch of trackers.  They will find her.”

I was so glad to hear Dusa’s voice.  “You don’t know how much it helps to know Esak is part of the search.  You can’t come see me, can you?”

“I wish I could, if only to hold you.  Right this moment I snuck away from the search we’re doing of the dorms to see if any other Earthers are missing.  I have to get back right away before I’m missed.  I did want you to know we are going to get Matara Eve back though.”

I got all weepy again.  All my Kalquorian friends were being so good to me.  No sooner had I got off the com when Weln called, absolutely irate and frightened over Mom.  As non-combat personnel, he too is under lockdown.  I swear he was in tears; I could hear the catch in his voice as he begged me to let him know the instant she’s found.  My Kalquorian dad Nayun also commed with his encouragement and sympathies.  His lockdown is in the heavily guarded medical center.  It’s good to know that -- God, I hate to write this -- if they find Mom hurt, Nayun will be there to take care of her.

If good intentions could save the day, Mom would be wished right here right now.  It sucks I can’t be a part of the search, but I know everyone is doing their best to get her back.  As hard as it is, I have to trust in them.  And pray.


  1. Great! Now I'm going to spend the weekend worrying about Eve. I'll bet the PT took her to get back at Shalia. Oh hurry Monday! O am sooo in love with this story!

  2. I agree with Lee Lewis, totally in love with this story!!!
    I've never had a story dilivered in small segments and I love it, keeps the anticipation up.

  3. I've had so many possible scenarios running through my head since Monday, each more daunting and outlandish than the last. I should have know we'd dangle some more until Monday!

  4. I keep telling myself that I will wait a couple weeks to read more so that I can read several segments at once. It just hasn't happened yet.

  5. I totally agree with you, I keep telling miself to stop reading and wait for several segments of the story to read at the same time but I don't know what happens that I end up reading it the minute it comes out. I think I do not have enough will power as my dad would say. He, he ,he. Every monday and thursday I wake up very estoy in the morning just to check if Tracy has posted the segment of that day already ;-()

  6. I managed to make it for an entire week without reading it once. lol.

    I've thought of 3 different possible scenarios for why Eve was taken, I can't wait to read what Tracy has come up with!