Thursday, March 21, 2013

September 23 (pre-dawn)

So, last night was good.  Mom gave Esak his cap and he put it on right away.  No trace of reluctance whatsoever, even though it was a prissy shade of lilac and hot as the blazes.  Even at night, it feels like warm bathwater around here.  Nevertheless, Esak wore his knitted cap like it was the most natural thing in the world and thanked Mom profusely for looking out for his welfare. 

Mom said, “Don’t worry, Dusa, I haven’t forgotten about you.  I want to do something extra special since you got me the yarn.  It might take a little while though.  That Commander Nang has such a big head, and I promised him a scarf too.  Yours will be next though!”

Dusa bowed his head with a smile.  “You are too kind, Matara Eve.”

Dinner was relaxed.  I took the opportunity to ask about Dusa and Esak’s -- courtship?  I guess that’s what you’d call it.  I asked, “So when you two were thinking about clanning, did you hang out together exclusively?  I take it you weren’t as, um, friendly with other Nobeks, Dusa.”

Yep, I was digging for information.  I needed to know whether or not to remain exclusive with these two for as long as we found each other so enticing.

Dusa looked at Esak, who grinned slyly.  “Actually, I was spending a lot of time with another Nobek when Esak and I met.  I saw them both simultaneously for a little while.”

I nodded.  “So it was no big deal.”

Dusa shrugged.  “I wasn’t clanned, so I was free to explore my options.  A few weeks later the other Nobek started avoiding me, so I decided he was no longer interested.  I later found out Esak had gotten him into a rather precarious position and told him he could step away or get badly hurt.”

I arched an eyebrow at Esak.  “A precarious position?”

He grinned like a wolf.  “One should be very careful leaning over a balcony that’s a hundred feet in the air.”

“Leaning?”  Dusa snorted.  “Esak dangled him by his ankles.”

“I knew who was meant to be my Dramok,” the Nobek said, not ashamed in the least.  “Your other suitor needed some persuasion to understand the truth of the situation.”

Wow.  I didn’t know whether to be impressed or horrified with Esak’s possessive tactics.

Dusa laughed.  “We are a good fit.  Now we need an Imdiko.”

“I like that Weln.  I think he likes us too.”

“Oh, he takes care of Mom during the mornings and early afternoons,” I said.  “He’s a sweetheart.”

Dusa glanced at me.  “You like him, Shalia?”

“He’s wonderful.  You should definitely ... um ... talk to him.”  Good heavens, I couldn’t say ‘date’.  They were all men, and though I had a suspicion that ‘date’ was the correct term, it was still too taboo for me to say.

Dusa nodded.  “I have spoken to him a couple of times.”  He glanced at Esak.  “We’ll arrange to spend some time with him, if he’s interested.”

Esak smirked.  “Actually, I already have and he is.  You’ll like him.  A lot.”

Dusa’s eyes narrowed.  “Nobek, you and I are going to have a talk later.”

Esak’s smile disappeared.  “Yes, my Dramok.”  

That closed the conversation down.  I kind of had what I needed to know anyway, so that was fine.  I hoped Esak hadn’t gotten himself in too much trouble with Dusa.  It was interesting to see how steely the Dramok got with his fierce-looking clanmate, and how quick Esak was to bow to his command.

This is weird, I know, but it kind of got me hot to see how firm Dusa could be.

So I was pretty ready for alone time after Mom was settled for the night.  There was a bit of awkwardness for me as we went from my dorm to Dusa and Esak’s.  Remember, I have a bodyguard.  This fellow manning the night shift was older than my pair and very scary looking.  He had a look that if any of my detractors came along, they’d probably run screaming the instant he stared at them.  I didn’t ask his name.  I didn’t want that vicious glare aimed at me.

It was with a lot of embarrassment and not a little relief to close the door, leaving Big Scary outside to keep an eye on things.  No doubt he knew exactly what I was up to with the two men, who kind of swaggered all the way to their dorm.  I guess scoring an Earther girl for a few hours is a matter of pride for the Kalquorians.  I made a vow to keep as quiet as possible during our tryst.

That’s hard to do when you’re being tied down.  Yes, tied down.  The instant everyone was naked, Dusa and Esak put me on all fours on the floor.  Then they did that freaky ‘moving so fast they’re blurs’ thing.  My ankles were suddenly flex-tied to the legs of the room’s desk, and I was on my elbows because my wrists were bound together and tied to one of the bed’s supports.  I never had time to protest.  I looked up at my captors, my eyes and mouth wide open in shock.

“She looks good with her ass in the air,” Esak observed. 

“Very good,” Dusa agreed.  He stood over me with a not-so-nice grin that made my heart flutter and my pussy drool.

“Hey ... guys?” I said, not wanting to sound too scared.  “Um, this wasn’t what I expected for fun and games tonight.”

“No?”  Dusa got down on the floor to lie on his back next to me.  His cocks pointed at the ceiling while he reached beneath me to tweak first one nipple, then the other.  Electric zingy things fired down from his touch to my clit.  “Maybe we wanted to surprise you.”

“Count me surprised,” I laughed weakly.  “Can we do this without the bondage?”

Esak kneeled on the opposite side.  His big, warm hand rubbed over my butt.  “But it makes you helpless for us.  You can’t get away.”

“Yeah, well it’s actually kinda freaking me out.”  Panic was starting to edge into my voice.

“And exciting you.”  Esak’s hand moved down to stroke my open cleft.  His fingers found me soaking wet, and I couldn’t help but push into his caressing fingers.

“Does being afraid arouse you, Shalia?”  Dusa’s voice was deceptively quiet.

I stared at him.  I didn’t know how to answer.  My pulse was drumming fast, and I really felt my vulnerability.  I thought they would probably untie me if I insisted, but there was that nagging doubt in my head that said they might not.  I was bound and completely at their mercy.  They could take me without any trouble at all.  I looked at Dusa’s cocks, huge and swollen and ready to get inside me.

I was afraid.  I was also incredibly turned on.  More than ever, I thought of how messed up my head was, and my body even more so as it continued to gush need over Esak’s stroking fingers.

“I’ve lost my mind,” I groaned.

Dusa only grinned.  “I have mastered you before.  You seem to enjoy having a strong man take care of your needs, even when you’re a bit nervous.  Especially when you’re nervous.”  He tugged on one nipple, his grasp firm enough that I felt the slightest sliver of pain.  I shuddered and watched him, like a trapped fly might watch an approaching spider.

Esak slid a finger into my pussy.  I moaned and couldn’t help but move against him, taking him as deep as my imprisoned body would allow.  He worked in and out of me, fucking me with first the one, and then two fingers.

Dusa went to the other breast and tugged on that one too, watching me carefully as I bit my lip against the bit of sting.  “You said you trusted me.  I want to find out how much.”

I didn’t know what he wanted from me.  I didn’t know if I could give him whatever it was.

His voice was gentle but firm.  I sensed the same control he wielded over Esak being placed over me.  “You will submit to everything we want.  You will accept our control over your body without question or complaint.  You will only protest if something we do is beyond your physical or emotional abilities to withstand.”

Esak’s attentions went to my ass.  He put both fingers, slick from me, inside.  I shuddered as he worked the tight ring of muscles, stretching them for use.

Dusa grasped my chin and made me look at him.  His eyes were steady, uncompromising.  “Do you understand what I want from you, Shalia?  Absolute obedience to our wants.  If you are in too much pain or overwhelmed, you will say sholt, and we will stop.”

 I froze.  “Pain?” I whispered.

He shook his head slightly.  “Not the pain that results from being taken against your will.  This pain--” he tugged at my nipple again, bringing a heady bolt of discomfort “--or this pain.”  He nodded to Esak.

There was a slap and a sting against one butt cheek.  I yelped more in surprise than anything else.  Warmth pulsed from the spot Esak had smacked.  The heat crept inside, mixing with the churning tickle in my belly.  It smarted, but -- but it was weirdly nice in a way.  It went along with the whole tied up and helpless thing that had me going. 

I tried to think straight.  I liked pain?  It shouldn’t be, yet ... yet honey continued to creep down my thighs.

I looked up at Dusa.  “You won’t really hurt me?  And you’ll stop if I say that word?”

He cupped my chin and kissed me with a gentle mastery that wiped my mind clean of anything but his and Esak’s touches.  I gave myself over to him, feeling safe despite all he’d done and said.

The kiss ended, and Dusa looked at me with reassurance.  “The word is sholt.  Say it, Shalia.”

Sholt,” I repeated.

“Will you surrender yourself entirely to us?”

I swallowed.   Stared into Dusa’s eyes.  And said, “Yes.”

“Good girl.”  That praise warmed me from head to toe.   In that moment, I might have allowed Dusa anything.

“Nothing too extreme this first time.  I don’t want you to fear us,” he whispered.  “Has a man ever spanked you, Shalia?”

My dad had tanned my hide a couple of times when I was younger.  Mom had beaten the tar out of my ass several times.  Somehow I knew that wasn’t the kind of thing Dusa was talking about.  My heart pounded fit to jump out of my chest.

I shook my head.  “No.”

“No, Dramok,” he corrected me.  “That is how you will address me while we enjoy you tonight.  And you will call Esak, Nobek.  You will use our breed titles with great respect.”

“Okay.  I mean, yes, Dramok.”  I was surprised at how easy it was to fall into the role of subservience he’d placed me in.

“All right, Shalia.  We are going to play now.  What do you say if it becomes too much?”

Sholt.”  At his raised eyebrow, I quickly added, “Dramok.”

He nodded and sat up to look at Esak, still working to open my butt.  Heavens, was he planning on putting a tree in me?  He was spending a lot of time back there.  Not that I was complaining.  It felt pretty good.

“First dulma, which we will both administer.  Then laxan.”

I could hear the smile in Esak’s voice.  “I am quite ready, my Dramok.”

“I see that you are.  Choose your side.”

Esak moved to kneel on one side of my crouched body, and Dusa took a position on the other.  Calloused hands stroked my butt, and my insides tumbled about like rolled dice.  I moaned and wriggled.  Then a hand -- I’m not sure whose -- grabbed a handful of hair at the back of my head, making it impossible to move to see what was going on behind me. 

“Now, my pretty,” Dusa whispered.  The hands left my butt, and I whimpered, thrusting up and begging for their touch.

A loud crack reverberated through the room.  I had a moment to wonder what had made the sound before a splash of pain filled the ass cheek on Dusa’s side.  It went hot in an instant; flaming hot.

I sucked in a breath, and then there was another loud smack, this time from Esak’s side.  Fierce heat bloomed from my other ass cheek, and I yelped and jerked against the flex ties.

“Do not fight, Shalia,” Dusa said, his voice deep and powerful.  “Stay very still while we make this pretty ass red and warm for our pleasure.”

I went still without realizing I was obeying him without hesitation.  Breath sobbed in and out.  They were spanking me.  They really were, and I wasn’t sure what, if anything, I should do about it.

A couple more slaps on my butt, and I yipped.  There was a pause, and Dusa leaned over to look into my face.  Sholt, Shalia?”

A surge of pride shot through me.  Hey, it was only a spanking, and not nearly as bad as the ones Mom had given me back in the day.  What kind of wuss did he think he was dealing with?  At the same time, I was tremendously touched that he was so conscientious.  He really didn’t want to hurt me. 

Plus there was that heat working its way all through me.  And the headiness of being under his and Esak’s control.  It was making the pain feel a lot more like pleasure.

I gave him a wincing smile.  “No, Dramok,” I whispered.

He kissed my cheek.  “Good girl.  We will continue.”

The spanks came faster after that.  Their palms thudded against my butt, and the ache sank deeper and deeper into my flesh.  The heat became an inferno, and it blazed through, lighting my belly and pussy.  After a little while, it didn’t hurt anymore.  It remained an intense sensation, but it was like I had somehow transmuted it into something else.  I crouched beneath those firm hands, gasping and groaning, my sex throbbing in time with the strikes.  I was really aroused.  From a spanking.  Go figure.

“Enough,” Dusa said after a bit.  “She is a very pretty shade now.”

A hand swept over my ass.  I shivered to feel such a tender caress after that same hand had chastised so firmly.  “And warm.”  Esak’s voice was all growl.

The hand released my hair as Dusa spoke.  “You will go first.  I will make sure she feels secure about this.”

“Thank you, my Dramok.”

Dusa laid down next to me again, the way he had before the spanking.  He stroked my cheek.   “You are still all right?”

“Yes, Dramok.”  I felt a little floaty, in fact.  Not bad at all, especially with Esak easing himself between my spread thighs.  His cocks nudged my lower parts.

My bemused brain registered the pressure against my ass and pussy.  Ass, mostly.  I was slowly piecing together my memory of Kalquorian anatomy.

“Um, Du -- I mean, Dramok?”

“Yes, Shalia?”

“The Nobek is going in backwards.  Upside down.  Wrong appendage to wrong orifice.”  I felt rather witty for getting that last one out, especially feeling something so hard and large pressing into me. 

“It’s called laxan.  We enjoy it very much.  I think you will too.”

Esak added, “Don’t worry, Shalia.  I stretched you well beforehand.  You will not be harmed.  Try pushing against me.”

I did as he said, and it made it even easier for him to move inside.  I remembered that he had spent an especially long time working with my ass.  And I wasn’t hurting as he pushed further in.  I was getting really, really, nicely full.

“It’s the most taboo thing that could be done under Earth’s old regime,” I told Dusa.  My voice sounded disconnected, because I was mostly interested in the slow, steady penetration.  Esak’s smaller dick was traveling into my pussy, and the position had it pressing quite nicely against my hot spot.  “It was especially bad if you were the same gender.”

“Does it feel bad, Shalia?”

I closed my eyes.  “No, Dramok.  It feels good.”

It was the ultimate in possession.  I was tied up, spanked, and Esak was now fully inside my ass with his larger cock.  He groaned.

“Tell me, my Nobek,” Dusa invited.

“Tight.  The tightest I’ve ever known.  Warm inside and out.  I will not last long.”

“Good.  I ache for her myself.”

Esak rocked a little, his cocks easing out only a small bit before pushing back in again.  With each stroke he moved a little more.  His hands grasped my hips, pulling me against him with each growing plunge.  My stomach twined in on itself, tightening everything inside.  I warbled a high-pitched sound in reaction.

Dusa went back to tugging and pinching my nipples.  Darts of pain swirled down to join the bliss in my ass and sex.  Esak was hitting that spot over and over, grunting like an animal.  Rubbing against it hard.  Heat bloomed and reached tendrils throughout my body.  I was going to go over soon.  I could feel it starting, mounting with every thrust, with every pinch.

“You may ask for permission to climax,” Dusa said.

If I’d been in my right mind, I might have had a sharp comment for that.  Given the dominating mood Dusa was in, he might have very well given me a real spanking.  But I was heading towards bliss, and I didn’t want anything to interrupt my happy journey.

“Please, Dramok, may I come?”  I was getting really close, my pussy starting to clench hard against Esak’s driving length.  I heard him gasp.  His fingers bit hard into my hips.

I could feel myself unraveling.  Whether Dusa granted leave or not, I was nearly to the point of no return.  Sweat broke out over my skin.

“You may come now, my little pretty,” he said, his tone one of conferring great favor.  He released my breast to pinch my clit.

Ecstasy bolted through me.  I cried out as I seized around Esak’s cocks, my pussy flexing hard, encouraging him to join me.   His groan spun out, long and loud, and the telltale pulsing in my sheaths told me he was spilling into me.

Another convulsion seized me, sending fresh elation through my senses.  I had the dim knowledge of Dusa watching my face as I succumbed to pleasure.

After we quieted, Esak pulled free, emptying me in a wash of hot fluid.  I dripped our shared bliss onto the rough carpet beneath me.  Then Dusa switched places with the other man, and he was inside me, thrusting hard and strong.

Esak slid his head beneath me to capture a breast in his warm, wet mouth.  He alternated gentle licks with not-so-gentle nips.  I groaned as intense feeling suffused my body once more, fed even more by Dusa’s hammering strokes.  Damn it, I was going to climax again.

“Beg me, Shalia,” the Dramok gasped.  “Beg me for consent to come.”

“Please, Dramok,” I groaned.  A high, whistling scream fell from my lips as I felt Esak’s fangs pierce my breast.  “Oh please!”

“More,” he grunted, pounding hard enough to send sharp reports of his groin meeting my ass echoing through the room.   He was literally wearing it out.  “You will not climax with my leave.”

Now I was struggling to obey him because that lightning strike of pleasure was poised to hit.  Euphoria swirled through my senses as Esak pumped intoxicating venom into me.  While I battle for control, his fangs left my flesh.  He sucked hard on the tiny wounds, swallowing whatever blood I wept for him.

“Please, Dramok.  I’m begging you.  Please, please, let me come.”  I was holding on by only the thinnest of threads now, the persistent drugging delight of both intoxicant and sex dragging to desperate release.

“Who do you come for, Shalia?”

“I come for you, Dramok.”  I was sobbing.  It hurt to hold out, and even Esak’s bite couldn’t subvert that pain.

“Who masters you, Shalia?”

“You, Dramok.  Please.  Please.”

“Will you come if I don’t allow it?”

I screamed at the cruel question.  I had to come, I just had to.

“Answer me, Shalia.  Will you come if I say no?”

I wanted to curse him.  I wanted to scream my defiance.  What I said was, “No, Dramok.  If you say no, I will not come.  Please...”

I shook and shuddered as I made myself obey him.  His fingers stroked through my hair, comforting me even as he drove against me.

“Come for me, my little pretty.”

Orgasm rolled hugely through me, bursting me at the seams.  I fell into it, letting it take me from Dusa’s cruel torment.  I rode the waves of agonizing bliss for an eternity, equally tortured and jubilant.

I may have lost consciousness.  I’m not sure.  When I regained my senses, I’d been untied and I lay blissfully between the warm bodies of my lovers.  The men stroked and kissed me, murmuring soft words in their own language.

I can’t explain why I felt complete as I drifted there.  But somehow being there with Dusa and Esak, floating in the post-climax fog, I was whole.  I wish I could always feel that way.  I wish I didn’t have to return to the real world with all its trials and anger.  I guess I should simply be grateful I had those few moments and treasure them forever.

They've just brought me back to my room.  Mom's still out like a light.  And now I’ll go to bed and sleep for the few hours left of the night.  Tomorrow will be another busy one, and I need to rest.


  1. WOW! Is it Tuesday yet??? The story heats up more and more. I'm dying to now what happens next. I want my own clan!

    1. Actually, you only have to wait until Monday. :D

    2. No.... I have to wait until Tuesday. I'm on a 24 hour shift Monday. :(

  2. Holy hell. It just got hot in here. I'm glad I was alone while reading that. I think I would have stabbed someone with a pen had I been interrupted.

    I actually had a post coital shiver when I finished reading this. =D Totally made my Thursday.

    1. LOL. Yeah, that was a good one to write.

  3. That was HOT!!!! Nasty, nasty hot!!! Good stuff!

  4. SO HOT! Good thing I live where it's still cold out...I had to walk outside for a minute! I should've known better than to read (to myself of course!) in the same room as other people. BIG mistake. Now they're asking why I'm so flushed. I have early menopause???

    I figured a couple of weeks ago Dusa & Esak might be interested in Weln. Yay! It's interesting that they're interested in Shalia´s opinion. I know it was discussed in an earlier post that the three men have to be together as a clan for a while before a Matara can officially join them...are they hoping Shalia sticks around long enough that they can ask her to join them? Has Esak discouraged her from seek out Nang for "comfort"? lol

    1. Ha! Hot flashes are an excellent thing to hide behind. Use that.

      Ah, you'll have to wait and wonder how this all pans out. I already know, but to hint would give too much away.

  5. It'd be interesting if Esak confronted Nang...

    1. I wondered that too. I'm betting the Nobek guard that Shalia is freaked out by is Nangs Nobek!

      If that's true, I wonder how much of an ear full Nang will get form his Nobek about the screams and whimpers coming through the door while at Dusa and Esaks. =0

    2. Nope, that is not Nang's Nobek guarding Shalia. All these guesses about Nang's clan have me wondering how many of you are going to freak out when you discover more about them. I wonder if I'll have to go into hiding?

    3. Which leaves me wondering just how soon we are going to 'meet' his clan.

      Cara, I thought that was a good guess about the Nobek. :D

  6. Once we meet Nang's clanmates, we'll know if the other 2 are as interested in Shalia as Nang appears to be. We've seen Dusa & Esak off duty but Nang on duty only, so it's hard to get a feel for his taste, interests etc.

    Hopefully Shalia's upcoming meltdown (c-facebook) is due to 2 clans competing for her rather than the actions of other earthers.

    1. Yep, pretty sure people are going to yell at me when more about Nang's clan is revealed. Nothing is ever simple about Shalia's situation.

  7. Oh My! What interesting comments everybody is making. I've been wondering how Nang is going to fit into Shalia's equation. I also would love to see a competition go on between Nang's and Dusa's clans. Nothing too violent though. More on the sexy good natured side maybe. I sure do look forward to Monday and Thursdays. Yesterday's addition was the best in a few weeks. Can't wait till Monday.

    1. I'm not sure Nobeks know how to do 'good natured' lol

  8. I'm calling it: Dr.Dad is Nang's Imdiko!!!

    1. I was just thinking that!!! All this, "everyone is going to freak out" has me wondering.

    2. Okay, maybe 'freak out' was putting it strongly. You might not freak out. You might just go, "Oh. Well, hell Tracy." *smack*

  9. I'm thinking uncharted territory here...Nang is Dusa's Father!!!! Tracy you rock! Talk about the Drama!!!!

  10. Oh, those last 2 comments (Dr.Dan = Nang's Imdiko) and (Nang = Dusa's father) are devious enough that they could be true. Tracy probably has something as or more devious and dramatic waiting in the wings for us.

    Not fair, I'm looking forward to Monday because of Shalia, instead of dreading it due to loss of reading time.

  11. Ok, stupid questions...

    1. Does Nang belong to a complete clan?
    2. If Nang is Dusa´s father as has been intimated, we assume Nang's Matara (and Dusa´s mother) is dead. With the shortage of females, would his clan be eligible to take another Matara? Is there an age limit for Kalquorian males to claim a Matara?
    3. Are Dusa and Nang brothers? Or uncle/nephew? That would complicate Shalias situation!

    1. There are no such things as stupid questions.

      1. Nang does belong to a complete clan.
      2. Nang is not Dusa's father. Nang is not clanned to Dr. Nayun either, as has been suggested by someone else. There is no age limit for Kalquorians to clan a fertile Matara so long as they are fertile themselves.
      3. Dusa and Nang are not related in any way.

      I have to say, these scenarios you all came up with are pretty fabulous. I love them.

    2. Well, dang... Who IS clanned to Nang?! This is like the Kalquor version of "Who shot J.R.".

  12. By complete clan do you mean he has a Matara?

    1. No, sorry for the confusion. He has an Imdiko and a Nobek.

  13. But does Clan Nang already have a Matara?