Monday, March 4, 2013

September 21

What a Jezebel I am.  Can someone be addicted to sex?  I’m thinking the answer is yes.  Your Honor, I’d like to present Exhibit A ... me. 

Let’s just cut to the chase here.  I had sex again.  This time with two men, Dusa and Esak.  Yep.  Going to hell.  Straight down.  Express elevator.  There is no hope for me.

And yet I can’t make myself feel guilty about that.  Not when it makes me happy and is so beautiful.  That’s right.  Beautiful.  You know what I think?  I think God made sex wonderful.  It was man who turned it ugly.  Scream blasphemy all you want.  I don’t care.  Having sex ... ENJOYING sex ... makes me feel whole.  Redeemed.  It’s like I’ve been given missing pieces of myself.

Mom went to sleep and was destined to stay asleep, courtesy of some very helpful sedatives.  Thanks, Dad Nayun.  Your Earther daughter bows to your generosity and kindness.  I made myself as pretty as I could then hurried over to see the boys.

Esak answered the door, fully clothed in his tight and stretchy formsuit.  No towel skirt wrap, but he still looked utterly yummy.  He bowed and gave me a bright smile.  “Good evening, Matara Shalia.  You look beautiful.”

Oh flattery.  I didn’t buy it for a minute, but I still enjoyed the pretty words.  I stepped inside as he opened the door wide to admit me.  “Thanks, Esak.  It’s good to see you again.”

Dusa came forward and wrapped me in his arms.  He gave me a kiss that could have melted steel.  Right in front of Esak.  I wondered what the Nobek thought, but he only smiled when I looked at him.

“How was your day?” Dusa asked me, pulling me to sit next to him on the bed. 

Esak sat on the other side of me, close enough to touch.  A billion butterflies took wing in my stomach.  I didn’t dare let my head think thoughts it shouldn’t.

I made myself answer Dusa, keeping my voice pretty steady.  Points for an amazing acting job.  “Well, Mom went wandering off--"

“What?”  Both men looked horrified.

So I told them the whole story, including Commander Nang bringing her home, excluding his invitation for lunch and who knew what else.  I’m pretty sure that even if Kalquorians are openminded enough to not be concerned over extracurricular activities, men still don’t want to hear about the chick they’re sleeping with ogling other men. 

It got pretty clear pretty fast that Dusa and Esak were on the same page as to seducing me.  Good thing I was ready to be seduced, though I was stunned to discover it was happening from both of them at once.

While I talked about Mom looking to party, Dusa rubbed a hand up and down my thigh.  Meanwhile, Esak was doing the same time to my back.  And right away, my urges were running away with me.  At that point, I thought they would give me my choice of sex partner.  I had no idea they were both planning to have me.  At the same time.

I finished my story, and Dusa shook his head.  “Very frightening,” was his opinion.  “She might have easily left the grounds.  We’re more careful about who comes in than goes out.”

“I can’t imagine where she got the idea she was due at a party,” I said.  I was hyper-aware of the hands on me, of how close the two men sat to me.  I was definitely catching that cinnamon smell, and a quick glance at their crotches told me they were extremely happy to be in my company.

Just as I was ready to ask if I should flip a coin, Dusa took hold of my chin and turned my head for his kiss.  At the same time, Esak’s hand covered my breast.  I completely lost all my senses as my mouth was thoroughly plundered and my breast explored.  Then my head was turned so Esak could have a taste.  Fireworks went off in the pit of my stomach as Dusa went for the boob on his side, except his hand went under my blouse to get at it.  Apparently encouraged by his clanmate’s boldness, Esak also went under the shirt and did Dusa one better by pushing my bra up and out of his way.  Raw, primal need screamed through me as those big hands caressed and fondled me. 

My mouth was released for a couple of breaths, which I heaved in.  Even if I’d wanted to speak, I’d completely lost any memory of how to talk.  I was wonderfully overwhelmed by a very passionate pair. 

Then Dusa kissed me again while Esak replaced his hand with his mouth.  The Nobek sucked hard on my breast, like he was going to devour the entire thing in one gulp.  I cried out in Dusa’s mouth.  Every stroke of a tongue, whether it was in my mouth or on my breast, felt like it was being delivered straight to my clit.  My whole body was a riot of erotic agony.  I was clawing at their formsuits, like I would tear the fabric to shreds.  I don’t know what they make that material out of, but I couldn’t poke a single hole into it.  I really, really wanted naked Kalquorians next to me.

They lowered me onto the bed so I was lying down.  My blouse went bye-bye, and after a little confused wrestling around with the clasp, so did my bra.  So I was nude from the waist up, but Dusa and Esak were still clothed.   I’d never wanted to feel bare skin so bad in my life as I did right then.

Unfortunately, they were more intent that I should not have clothes on.  While their mouths worked on my skin, their hands worked on my skirt and panties, leaving me utterly naked beneath them.  I couldn’t help but writhe as eager hands, lips, and tongues explored every inch of me.  And I mean, every inch.  From head to toe and everything in between, I was sampled.  Fingers worked to stretch me as I bucked and twisted in sweet agony beneath the two men.

I was wet and aching and desperate.  My body begged for release even as I wished the fondling would never end.

At last the Kalquorians slowed their gorgeous assault.  They still kissed and touched me, but their formsuits were coming off at long last.  What a beautiful sight the two young men were.  Equally muscled, perfectly formed.  Esak’s shoulders had a little more width than Dusa’s.  The way they held themselves was slightly different too.  Dusa portrayed steady, unflinching strength, while Esak was a slinking predator.  His cocks curved up towards his belly, while Dusa’s pointed straight ahead. 

I wouldn’t have been able to choose between the two if I’d tried.  Fortunately, I didn’t have to.

It was Esak who grabbed me and pulled me all the way up on the bed.  He was like barely contained ferocity as he looked down on me, but his tone held nothing but respect when he spoke.  “May I enjoy this beautiful body, Matara Shalia?  Will you allow me to pleasure you?”

I summoned just enough sense to answer him.  “Yes, please, Esak.”

He knelt between my legs, pulling me so that my butt lay on his thighs.  After a couple of quick adjustments, his cocks slowly, carefully sank into my ass and pussy.  My back bowed as he filled me, taking me achingly deep.  He and Dusa watched as my body engulfed his, their eyes dark, their lips parted, their chests moving fast.  Having them looking at me accepting Esak’s sexes left me feeling terribly vulnerable ... and insanely turned on.  When the larger cock rubbed against that gotta-come spot inside, I yelled.  I was all twisty-tight with arousal.

“Good girl,” Dusa praised me when Esak was completely embedded within me.  He leaned over and kissed my lips.

I whimpered with pleasure at his approval, at the way Esak gripped my hips and held me still as he began measured thrusts.  Every breath I exhaled came out with a moan as the Nobek loved my trembling body.

As I gloried in the delicious fucking I was receiving, Dusa crouched over me, his knees straddling my upper arms, trapping them against my body.  I suddenly had his wet, stiff cocks jutting before my mouth, only a kiss away.  The smell of cinnamon was everywhere.  I looked up at the rapt face hovering far overhead, looking at me with hooded eyes.

“Taste me, Shalia,” Dusa urged.  “Warm me with your mouth.”

I had been forced into performing oral before and had found it disgusting.  Of course, it was because I thought the men making me give it to them disgusting.  Sometimes just the thought of taking a man’s penis in my mouth was enough to make me vomit.

But with Esak’s cocks plunging in and out of me so wonderfully and the kind but eager expression on Dusa’s face, I wasn’t grossed out in the least.  He certainly smelled delicious, and everything we’d done so far had only resulted in pleasure.

I parted my lips and reached for him with my tongue.  With his hands braced against the bed’s headboard, Dusa lowered closer, letting me have a delicate lick of his smaller cock.

The thick lubricant coating it really did taste of cinnamon.  Spicy, with a little bite to make my tongue tingle.  I licked the tip again.  And again.  Then I turned my head sideways to avoid the larger prick and strained up to enclose the end of him in my mouth.

“Shalia,” Dusa groaned.  He lowered himself further so I could lay my head back down while he filled my mouth.  One hand reached to grasp his larger cock, holding it up and out of the way so that I could give the second one all my attention.

While Esak slowly fucked me, I mouthed Dusa.  My tongue darted all over that warm iron, tasting and swallowing his juices.  I looked up the long, chiseled line of his body to watch him watching me.  His half-lidded eyes were glazed, raw desire etched into the handsome features. 

I sucked hard on him and his breath caught.  His hips swung back, away from me, taking his sweetness from my mouth.  “Now the other one,” he whispered, running the tip of his primary cock all over my lips as he held the other one out of the way.

I opened obediently, and he allowed me to suckle the tip of the large, bullet-shaped cock.  I discovered another flavor; a salty-spicy-sweetness that delighted my senses.  I thought it might be pre-cum, and I whipped my tongue over the opening, hoping to coax out some more.  His groan came out sounding more like a growl just before he obliged me with more of the luscious flavor.

Dusa’s hips began to rock slightly, making his cock slip in and out of my hungry mouth.  Now I was getting it from both ends.  The air filled with rumbling animal sounds from my lovers, my delighted whimpers, and moist noises.

Esak matched Dusa’s pace.  As the Dramok’s thrusts grew faster, so did his clanmate’s.  I was washed in a riot of sensations, being filled everywhere.  Mouth fucked.  Pussy fucked.  Ass fucked.  I lay helpless beneath the driving males, made to happily accept their lusts.

Faster.  Harder.  Dusa’s cock burned against my tongue as he whipped in and out.  Esak’s loins smacked echoingly against mine.  My stomach billowed with want as the Nobek’s movements became more frantic.  Their gasps and growls grew in volume.  They were going to climax very soon.  I was nearing that sweet, hot peak myself, reaching for it, begging it to take me, to tear me apart.  Oh please...

Dusa screamed low in his chest.  The next instant, thick cream erupted in my mouth, shooting down my throat.  I had to swallow or be choked by the hot flow.  It kept coming in bullet-bursts, an outpouring that didn’t want to end.

My insides heaved in a profound muscular spasm, and I shrieked with the strength of it.  My pussy clenched onto Esak, and his yells joined ours.  He slammed hard into me, and I felt his cock engorge and release, shooting his seed deep into me.

We bucked and shoved and thrust and pushed against each other, tossed about on the swells of orgasm.  It seemed to go on for eternity; a blissful, too-brief eternity.  Finally, we broke apart long enough to gather together again, the two men sandwiching me between their bodies. 

“Sleep with us for a little while, Shalia,” Dusa mumbled into my ear.  “We will wake and walk you home in a couple of hours.”

“’kay,” I sighed, already drowsing in the warmth of their embrace.  I snuggled my butt into his groin and my face into Esak’s chest.

Esak actually carried my semi-conscious self back to my dorm later, with Dusa accompanying us.  I opened my eyes long enough to tell them goodnight, go into the room, check on my lightly snoring mother, shrug out of my clothes, and climb into my own bed.  It seemed so big and cold without my Kalquorians there, but I fell asleep fairly quickly anyway.

It’s going to be a long day trying to concentrate on this presentation.


  1. Wow, holy hotness! I was having a 'pleasant' morning. That just took it up a few notches. :)Thank you for that.

  2. A NEW KALQUOR STORY! I am beyond happy! Your readers will never tire of the sexiest aliens in the Sci-Fi Erotica world!

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can't wait so see what happens next!

  4. What's going to happen next. I just know the evil PT are waiting in the wings. Or maybe Dramok Nang will play a role in the next bit of drama. Where will Tracy take us with this adventure? It's sure to be good since it includes yummy Kalquorians.