Monday, March 11, 2013

September 21 (evening)

Okay.  Things have settled down and I’m not seeing witchhunting Earthers out of the corners of my eyes.  I have two big-ass, badass Nobeks just outside my door standing guard.  One will stay around me, and the other will stick with Mom until Nang figures out who left the note or we get off this horrid rock of a dying planet.

Nang showed up about an hour after my first panicked attempt to get hold of him.  He stormed into the room like a force of nature, ready to kick ass and take names.  He was absolutely livid when he read the note.  He had the main Nobek in charge of site security in here, along with a full dozen of his men all over the place, looking for clues and checking to make sure no one had planted any nasty devices designed to hurt me.

It turned out Nang had been off site, looking into a gang that has supposedly set up shop nearby.  When I asked about that, he said the investigation was ongoing.  Translation:  they didn’t find shit.  Meanwhile, I was sitting here convinced I was going to die at any moment.

After a couple of hours of questions, Nobeks checking every square inch of my room and the rest of the dorms in this building, and intense planning conducted in whispers between Nang and Head of Security Swif – whispering despite the fact I don’t know the first word of Kalquorian – it was finally just Nang and me with my Nobek bodyguard outside the closed door. 

Even seeing how seriously they took the situation hadn’t quite calmed my shakes yet.  I huddled on one of the dinette chairs, feeling small and helpless.  That venomous note had put serious fear in me.  I know how minds like that work.  I know how justified they feel about cleansing the world of sinners.  I’ve been around such maniacs all my life. 

Nang sat next to me, dragging his chair close.  He was almost too big for his seat.  He stroked my hair, trying to comfort me.  I hate being a weak sister, but I was really happy to have someone big and strong right there, ready to take care of me.  So sue me. 

He told me, “I’m thinking perhaps I should do a presentation too.  Bring all the Earthers here together, to let them know what exactly is going on, what Kalquor is trying to do for them under the supervision of the Galactic Council of Planets.  We’ve tried to explain it to everyone, but rumors continue to run wild.  Everyone is convinced we’re here to enslave and breed.”

I nodded.  “Not only that, the fanatics are still running the show.  The ones who believe our God is one bent on punishment.”

I’d continued reading the bible to help me give my presentation and answer questions.  For the most part, I really liked the stories I found in there.  It was how the message had been twisted by Church leaders that was screwing things up so bad.

Nang rubbed the tear that escaped my eye with a gentle thumb.  “Will you help me with what I should say to your people?  I know we won’t reach all of them.  Maybe not even the majority.  But one less angry Earther is one less I have to defend you against.”

I nodded.  “Of course I’ll help.  Put your thoughts together, list the objectives of the rescue mission, and I’ll word it for the best effect.”

“Thank you, Shalia.  I can’t begin to explain how much I appreciate your help.”  He caressed my cheek, and I leaned into his touch.  I needed reassurance so badly.

That’s why when he lifted me into his lap, I didn’t resist.  Those arms, as big and strong as oak limbs, closed around me.  Nang held me tight and safe in the shelter of his embrace.  I leaned my face against his chest and cried.  He said nothing.  He just rocked me a bit and occasionally pressed his lips to my forehead.

At some point, those kisses traveled downward.  Lost in the desperate need to feel everything was all right, I lifted my face so our lips met.  The carnal wave that swept through me when Nang’s tongue crept into my mouth took away all the fear and pain.

The kiss wasn’t torrid by any means.  It was gentle, but incredibly thorough.  I tasted raw, powerful male, if that makes any sense.  Nang’s knowing kiss made me feel soft all over.  Small.  Helpless.  But not in a bad way, not when he made me feel so safe at the same time.  There was a strength that neither Dusa nor Esak possess, as delicious as they are.  Nang seems to me like a rock against which the elements shatter.  Stoic, never bending or breaking.

I probably would have given him anything at that moment, simply to shelter in his might.  I was getting aroused by his kiss, by the slow circles his fingertips drew around my breasts, making the tips stand up in hard, eager points.  I stroked his tongue with mine, enjoying the rasp of it.  His breath warmed my throat, wafting down to warm my heart as well, frozen from the moment I’d read the note.  My belly heated in turn, melting my insides so that liquid seeped from my pussy.

It would have no doubt ended with me beneath Nang’s hard body, his groin driving against mine, but the shuttle arrived, dropping Mom off for the night.  I moved away from the Dramok commander with real regret.  He said his hellos to Mom, who seemed blissfully unaware of any drama.

I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel when it comes to the Kalquorians I’ve had near and real liaisons with.  I adore Dusa and Esak, but it was Nang who was there right then, Nang taking care of me.  Nang who has the power to keep me protected.

I am such a mess right now.  But at least Mom and I are safe.  I hope.


  1. Annnd it heats up. Dying to see where this goes between the two Dramoks. Damn I am so hooked!

  2. Oh that's a yummy twist! I wonder when she'll meet the rest of Nangs clan. Will there be issues between the two clans?

  3. Well, hmmm; I did not see this coming. Now I am not sure if she should stay with Dusa and Esak. Having a more experienced and powerful man in Nang could be what she really needs in her live. Well, we will have to wait and see, don't we? He, he ,he...

  4. I'm already head over heels for Dusa and I really don't want her to hurt him. I feel like I'm watching a movie by peeking through my fingers. I want to know what's next but I'm afraid too.....If this were a novel I would pull an all-nighter and read the whole thing. Instead we get to suffer. I guess we know you like to dish out a little pain now and then. :P

  5. I just finished reading 'To Clan and Conquer' where I found the url to this blog. I'm so glad that I decided to check it out as I'm really enjoying this story so far.

    I can't wait to read what happens on Thursday! I can't wait to be introduced to Nang's clan!

    Hey Tracy, are you planning on writing any more back stories about any of the other clans? I wish I could adequately express how much I enjoyed reading 'To Clan and Conquer'.

    1. Hi Elisa, I am currently working on the edits of 'Clan and Conviction' which is the back story of Clan Gelan (from Alien Slave). I'm hoping to have it out no later than May. I'm very glad you enjoyed 'To Clan and Conquer'!

      Funny thing ... I'm outlining Clans of Kalquor 8: Alien Caged. The heroine's name is Elisa...hmmmm. ;)

  6. Thank you so much for telling me you are working on Clan Gelan's back story. I can't wait to hear how Dani's guys got together. Man that story had me crying!! I liked her follow-up in the short story book too.

    I'm wondering if the new one will change my mind about my favorite guy. So far Lidon is my favorite. I'm not sure why I'm so invested in these books. I've read a LOT of books, but you have the ability to make me really care about what is going to happen to them next. I'm so glad you keep us caught up with them to some extent as the series is progressing.

    I can't wait to read "Alien Redemption". All my book budget is currently going to your books. lol

    I can't believe your newest heroine's name is going to be Elisa....too funny. :D