Thursday, February 28, 2013

September 20

Crap, what a day.  I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. 

After not really sleeping all night, I went with Mom to the rec area.  Her regular minder, Weln, wasn’t there.  This must be his first day off since we got here.  I still felt she was in good hands with the four orderlies keeping tabs on her group.  Then I went to see Dr. Dad.  Begged for something to keep me awake today so I could get back on a regular sleeping schedule tonight.  It was nice to see Nayun.  I really should stop in more often and say hi.  Lots of hugs and catching up, and for once I wasn’t in a crisis.  Just really, really tired.

Nayun gave me a stim tab, which is way more effective than any pot of coffee I’ve ever drunk.  I hung out with him, talking about this presentation thing for Nang.  We bounced ideas back and forth for a bit.  He had some interesting suggestions that I will use in my speech.

I went back to my dorm.  Dusa had left a message that he and Esak had gotten back safe and sound.  They planned to sleep today and asked me to visit tonight after Mom got to bed.  Sounded pretty good, but I was kind of disappointed that I wouldn’t get more alone time with Dusa quite yet.  Don’t get me wrong; Esak is an absolute sweetheart, especially for a Nobek, but my motor is running, if you catch my meaning.  Gosh, I really am a nymphomaniac.  I must be, especially since what happened later.

I worked for a couple of hours on the big presentation.  Suddenly, Mom comes charging in through the door.  She yells, “Shalia, tell this big, mean jerk I want to go to the party!”

The ‘big, mean jerk’ walks into our room.  Commander Nang, no less.  Well, knock me down with a feather, because I had no clue what the hell was going on.

So I asked, “What the hell is going on?”

“Red word, Shalia,” my mom warned, going back to my kindergarten days.  “You owe me a dollar.”

I ignored her.  “Why is my mother not at her activities?” I asked Nang.

He looked at me with the blandest look you could imagine.  I couldn’t tell if he was pissed, amused, or constipated.  In a tone just as bland as his expression, he said, “Matara Eve wandered away from her group when they went outdoors.  The moment they discovered her absence, a site-wide alert was sent out.  I found her walking along the travel path along the outer perimeter fence.  She insists she’s been invited to a party outside the grounds.”

Damn it.  I’m not about to blame Weln, but if he’d been on duty Mom wouldn’t have gotten loose.  They need to clone that Imdiko so he can get a day off and mind Mom without interruption.

Nang’s face relaxed enough to show some warmth.  “She’s not harmed, Shalia.  We only lost track of her for perhaps fifteen minutes.  I brought her back here because she’s quite insistent she wants to go, and I thought you would be able to handle her better than anyone else.  I’ll be happy to take her back to her group if you prefer.”

I waved him off.  “No, this is fine.  When she gets one of these notions in her head, you have to wait for time to erase it.  Thanks so much for taking a personal interest, Commander.”

He nodded.  “I thought about what you said before.  When we had that disagreement?  I understand how much she means to you now, and I want you to know I’ll do anything to keep her safe.”

Mom grumbled, “I would be safe.  All my friends are at the party.  They’ll take care of me.”

“Go knit, Mom,” I told her.  “It will be cold soon, and Esak needs his cap.”  A wicked idea occurred to me.  “Dramok Nang would probably appreciate one too.”

Nang looked at me in confusion.  I gave him my biggest, most angelic smile as Mom peered at the top of his head.

“That’s a lot of skull to keep warm,” she muttered.  “Better get to work on it right away to beat the first snows.  Extra long scarf for that thick neck too.  Why do you Kalquorians have to be so damned big?”  She clapped a hand over her mouth.  “Red word, Eve.  Shalia gets her dollar back.”

She stomped away and went rooting in her monster yarn stash.

Meanwhile, Nang moved closer to me.  “How are you doing, Shalia?  Are things any better?”

I thought about saying, sure, ever since I started getting intimate with one of your rescue commanders.  I decided it was better to leave that little tidbit out though.  I simply nodded.

“I’m doing all right.  I’d like to start eating in the little private dining room rather than with the general population though.  I’m not very popular in there.  Can I do that without a Kalquorian escort?”

He nodded.  “Just bring your identification.  You’ll be cleared.”

We’d all started carrying little cards that the Kalquorians could scan to know who they were dealing with.  It helped them know when someone had snuck into the academy grounds or had gotten into an area they weren’t supposed to be in.  With two hostile gangs now being held on the premises and worries there were more of their groups perhaps looking to rescue them, I.D. cards had become a requirement.  Of course the majority of Earthers here think we’re being registered and catalogued for everything from breeding slaves to scientific experimentation. 

Nang startled me from my dim thoughts by stroking my hair.  “You are also welcome to visit me in my office any time you wish.  I often eat my meals there because there is so much to do.  But I would certainly make time for you.”

I thought about the last time I’d gone to his office.  I wasn’t remembering how upset I’d been about my mom crying or how mad I’d been when I left.  No, my newly awakened libido was thinking about the erotic mauling Nang had done on me.  How hot and excitingly savage he’d been.  I got that molten feeling inside.  He did look pretty good right now, all muscled and a little domineering.  I remembered thinking how experienced his kisses were.  It took all I had to not shiver in his presence, especially with him touching me.  Yeah, it was just my hair, but thinking of those big hands all over me had stuff getting kind of hot and needy in my gut.

For a moment I wondered if Dusa would be hurt if I explored a little naughty territory with Nang.  After all, Kalquorian clans are three men and they share one woman.  Would Dusa be upset, thinking me a complete slut for checking other men out now that I know how good that sex stuff is?

Jeez, I am a slut.  One night of sex, and I am Tramp Central.  If other Earthers do decide to string me up for being a whore, I won’t have a defense.

“Thank you, Dramok Nang.  I’ll think about it.  After all, we will have to discuss the particulars of my presentation soon, and lunch would be as good a time as any,” I said in my most businesslike tone.  I carefully edged away from him where he couldn’t touch me anymore.

His brow arched, but he didn’t say anything about it.  He just gave me this knowing smile, like he understood where my thoughts were.  Yeah, in his pants.  That’s exactly where they were.  But I’ve got more than enough drama with Mom and judgmental Earthers.  I don’t need another excuse to find trouble right now.


  1. With a possibility she might get strung up in a tree by a mob of crazy Earthers she might as well go big! Love where this is heading. Go Shalia! : D

  2. I am going to kill my daughter for telling me to read this!!! Patience is NOT one of my virtues!

  3. Oh, I think I'll hate it if she gets frisky with the commander and breaks Dusa's heart. (I can only assume he and his Nobek would be terribly unhappy about it?) Dusa's such a doll and he deserves better than that. She better be good to him.

  4. Just curious...where is Imdiko Weln?