Monday, February 18, 2013

September 19 (Part 1)

Oh boy.  I don’t even know where to start except to say that I had sex with Dusa!!!!!!!!!  And it was amazing!!!!!!!!!

Wow.  Just wow.  If I had known it could be like that, I would have run to him the first time I ever saw him.  Would have flung off all my clothes and jumped on him right then and there in the middle of the street.

Exactly as I’d planned, as soon as Mom started snoring, I went out to find my sweet knight in black formsuit.  I’d learned where he and Esak are quartered earlier.  It was a bit of a walk, but it wasn’t too hot for a change.  I wasn’t standing in a puddle of sweat when I got there, at any rate.

So I knocked on the door, another dorm in another building reserved just for Kalquorians.  He answered a moment later and stared at me.  His hair was wet, running like black ink down his naked chest.  He wore this thing that looked sort of like a towel made into a skirt low on his hips.  It only went as far as to the middle of his thighs, so I was looking at a whole lotta Dramok.  My mouth dropped so far open I was surprised it didn’t bounce off my toes.  He was all muscle; damp, shiny muscle.   I assume he’d just showered.

I never saw him move.  The next second I was in the room with him, and the door was slamming shut.  Then I was in his arms, and we were kissing and kissing like we were long-lost lovers.

Between kisses, he kept moaning my name over and over.  “Shalia.  Shalia.”  Like he couldn’t believe I was there.  Hell, I couldn’t believe I was there.  But I was damned glad to be.

He was pulling at my clothes, and I was all too aware of his hot, naked skin moving against mine.  My blouse and skirt were gone as if by magic.  Poof!  Yours truly was down to her bra and panties.  The bra didn’t last long either.

Dusa laid me on the one bed in the room.  I had an instant to think about there being only one bed for two Kalquorian men, but seeing Dusa standing over me made such thoughts kind of fly away.  I did manage to ask, “Where’s Esak?”

“Still on double shifts.”  Dusa looked me over and groaned.  His towel skirt was tenting pretty tremendously too.  “Shalia,” he said for the millionth time.

He sat on the edge of the bed.  His hands settled on my upper chest, just above my breasts.  He had such a warm touch.  His hands slowly stroked down,  moving that heat until I was arching into his palms.  Feeling him touch my breasts, warming them, rubbing them gently ... I’m getting wet all over again just remembering.

“So beautiful,” he whispered.

I reached up to touch him too.  I traced my fingertips over all those hills and dimples of his body, mapping muscle none of the other men I’d ever touched had possessed.  His shoulders and arms and chest were chiseled as beautifully as any statue ever carved.   It was a revelation.  Dusa’s body was like granite, all hard with strength.  Yet his skin was as soft as velvet.  I’d never felt anything so decadently sumptuous before.

Meanwhile he caressed my breasts, testing to see what I liked.  His firm grip made me gasp.  Tracing the areolas with a calloused fingertip wetted by his mouth had me squirming.  Gentle pinches of the swollen tips made me whimper his name.  Every sensation bolted from his touch down to my pussy.  For the first time in my life, I actually wanted to have real sex, penetration and all.  I could kind of feel my heartbeat down there, just surging and getting stronger all the time.  And hot, like Dusa’s hands. 

He bent down, his mouth opening to take me in.  So wet.  So gentle, kind of like how I imagined a baby might suckle.  Definitely not as overpowering as when Nang sucked my breasts.  I’m not sure which way I liked better, but at that moment, Dramok Nang was nowhere in my thoughts.  It was all Dusa, sucking so tenderly and teasing me with the tip of his tongue.

I wrapped my arms around his head to trap him there.  It felt so good.  My insides were melting like butter over a hot skillet.  He obligingly moved back and forth between my breasts, making me groan and writhe all over the place. 

Then he reached behind his head to grab my wrists.  I made some protesting sound, not quite remembering how to form words.  His eyes were dark as he looked at me.  For the first time since I’d met Dusa, he actually looked a little dangerous.  I had the weirdest reaction to that stare.  A moment of sheer terror stabbed through my chest.  At the same time it was like a spear of pure need plunged into my gut.  Caught off guard by the whole thing, I let him pin my arms to the bed.

“Lie very still, now Shalia,” Dusa told me.  His voice was deeper than usual, kind of growly like he was more animal than man.  “I want to make you feel good, but you must let me have control.”

He wanted to make me feel good?  I’d never felt this good with a man before.  I couldn’t imagine it feeling any better than it already did.  Boy, was I ever in for a surprise.

Dusa stood and moved to the foot of the bed.  He reached forward, his fist closing around the top of my panties.  His gaze held mine the entire time, and I couldn’t look away from that stare.  It was as if I was hypnotized.  He slowly pulled my underwear down, making me naked.

I didn’t like sex, so I don’t know why the heat in my stomach surged as he peeled the wet fabric from my pussy.  More than ever I thought how much I wanted him inside me, as ludicrous as it seemed.

Dusa stripped my panties away.  I could hear them tear with a soft purring sound as he forced them off my body.  Then they were gone and I was utterly exposed to him.

He climbed up on the bed, pushing my legs apart so he could kneel between them.  He finally released me from that fierce gaze to look at my sex.  He licked his lips and a groan fell from them.  “Sacred Mother of All,” he breathed. 

He kind of fell on me.  Not a real fall, but he went down awful fast.  I didn’t have a chance to realize what he was doing until his mouth was on me down there, licking and sucking at my juices like a man dying of thirst. 

I had an instant of shock.  No one had ever done such a thing to me before.  It’s supposed to be dirty, and the men who’d had me before had certainly not put their lips anywhere near that area.  Despite their insistence on shoving their cocks in me, I had the distinct idea they found a woman’s sex to be disgusting.  I kind of had that notion myself, so Dusa going oral was not something I’d expected. 

Then I felt that rough silk tongue stroke over the folds of my flesh, and every thought was blasted from my mind.

How can I describe the sensation of Dusa’s mouth on me?  So many words come to mind now, some that contradict each other.  Raw.  Animal.  Soft.  Sensual.  Ecstasy.  Agony.  Bliss.  I could fill pages of a book and never scratch the surface of how it truly felt.

I don’t think Dusa missed one bit of me there.  And when his tongue found that little bud of flesh at the top of my slit ... oh.  I nearly jumped right off the bed.  It was like delicious lightning blasting through my pussy.  Okay, so I don’t know how lightning can be delicious.  But how the hell do you describe what he was doing to me?  It was crazy.  I yelled and jumped a mile.

Dusa grabbed me and held me down.  He was all over my clitoris at that point, holding my thighs against his shoulders with my legs kicking up in the air over his head.  I couldn’t get him off me, and the lightning was hitting so hard it almost hurt.  My insides were twisting  and turning and flipping inside out.  I couldn’t breathe for the pressure, and I was desperate for it to pop, like a balloon.

Dusa relented just as I thought I would rip his hair out of his head.  I had big handfuls of it and I was holding on for dear life.   Then I felt pressure at my entrance.  I tightened up and froze.

Dusa stopped what he was doing and looked up at me.  “Shalia?  What’s wrong?”

I didn’t know how to answer him.  Everything he’d done felt spectacular, but feeling his fingers there wanting to go into where others had used me ... it made me feel scared.

I opened my mouth, thinking I’d tell him some of that.  What came out was, “Don’t hurt me.”

He blinked.  “Shalia, I would never harm you.”  A frown crossed his features.  “Who did?”

“All of them.”  My insides were still rioting, but I was near tears.  I wanted to be with Dusa, and I trusted him.  So why was I so afraid?

He slowly rose up and moved so his face hovered over mine.  “Hush, sweet Shalia.  You have nothing to fear from me.”

His mouth lowered onto mine.  Needing the reassurance, I opened to his kiss and tasted something strange.  Sweetish, salty musk.  It took a moment to realize it was my own flavor on Dusa’s lips.  It was definitely startling, but not gross.  Not dirty or disgusting.  It was me.  Fascinated by this discovery, I relaxed into the embrace.

I felt his fingers moving against me again, easing their way into my sex.  I stiffened again, and he paused.  Breaking the kiss, Dusa looked me in the eyes.  “Easy, Shalia.  Relax.  Trust me.”

I bit my lip.  Surely sex with my sweet Kalquorian wouldn’t be any worse than the others.  After all, I actually wanted to be with Dusa.  So I took a deep breath and made my body go lax beneath his.

“Good girl,” he praised, and I warmed to hear the approval.  His fingers crept deeper inside, aided by the flow of juices that my attack of nerves had not dammed up in the least.   Even so, he was careful.  Not hurting me. 

“Okay,” I said.  “I’m okay.”  I wasn’t sure if I was telling him or myself.

“That’s right.  You’re perfectly fine.  Just keep looking at me.  It’s not any of the others.  You know I’ll take care of you.”

All the while Dusa spoke, he kept filling me, his two fingers going deeper, deeper, until his palm met my pussy.  The heel of his hand brushed my clit, and slivers of pleasure ran through my groin.  He stopped there and waited, giving me time to assess the situation.

I felt not too full, certainly not like when it was an actual cock ramming in and out of me.  Not uncomfortable either.  I thought it was kind of ... right. 

Dusa kissed me again, his tongue twining all about mine.  Meanwhile, his fingers slid out and in, out and in.  Smooth and easy.  Slow and careful.  More of my tension fled.  It was even starting to feel kind of good.  He began to apply tender pressure to the front of my sheath as he worked my accepting flesh.    There was a warming sensation in one particular spot, and my hips raised a little.  I wanted more pressure there.  I shifted and...

And BOOM.    There was a surge of the most intense pleasure that I’d ever known.   I yelped right into Dusa’s mouth.

He broke the kiss and smiled at me.  “Did you find something you like?”

“What ... what was that?” I gasped.  Cause I sure wouldn’t have minded more.

“Why don’t we find out?” Dusa asked.  He moved his fingers inside me, applying more force than before.  His fingertips found that hot spot again.

It was like a thunderclap of excitement.  I arched beneath Dusa in reaction, my heels digging into the bed.  I held onto his shoulders, sure I would fly apart in little pieces.  I yelled.

“That’s better,” my lover chuckled.  “Much, much better.”

I couldn’t answer because Dusa was thrusting against that place where I felt like molten lava.  His palm brushed my clitoris with every stroke, adding to the mini-eruptions that made me seize inside.  I moved against him instinctively, my body driving harder and harder as the sensations only grew stronger.  I had no control.  I wasn’t even sure of what I was doing.  I only knew it felt tremendous and felt better every moment. 

“Good, Shalia.  Let it happen.  Don’t fight it.”

I had no idea what he was urging me to do.  All I knew was how amazing he was making me feel.  Pleasure continued to mount steadily, and I was gasping for breath.  I felt like I was reaching for something, trying to attain some goal, some ephemeral peak of this all engulfing bliss that was seizing me.

And then there was a flash of brightness that started from my sex.  I hovered in the breathless space of an elation I can’t even begin to describe.  It billowed forth, suffusing the all of me, taking away my awareness of everything but an incredible paradise of feeling.  Next came a tremendous  release of all tension, sweeping outward, leaving my body for the briefest instant before gathering inside my belly for another pulse.

The spasms happened over and over, slowly dwindling in strength until I realized I was still on Dusa’s bed, lying beneath him as he gently kissed the whole of my face.  “Good, Matara, good,” he murmured, like a proud parent praising his child.

I slowly realized what had happened.  I had experienced orgasm, one every bit as tremendous as what the men I’d been with had felt.  Perhaps more so.  I lay there, catching my breath as the sweet convulsions slowed, leaving me feeling warm and complete inside.

I stared at Dusa with wide eyes.  “That’s never happened to me before,” I whispered.

Warring emotions flitted across his face.  He looked proud and happy and upset all at the same time.  His eyes were unnaturally bright.  He swallowed and said, “I am glad I was able to give you your first.  But I am sorry you’ve had to wait so long to experience it.”

I fought to gather my still-scattered thoughts.  “I had no idea.  That was incredible.”

“Ready to do it again?”

I looked at Dusa, my brain stuttering to a halt.  “Again?”


  1. I'll be wearing a 'Shalia's about to get laid' grin all day! =D

  2. Yes. Lets do it again, and again, and again :) I don't smoke, but I think I'm gonna need a cigarette when this is over...

  3. Yes! Yes! Congratulations, Shalia! I look forward to reading more about your "date" with Dusa. Sounds like he's a good guy. You deserve to be treated well!

    LOVE IT! :-)