Thursday, February 14, 2013

September 18

Good God, I have such a headache.  It nearly killed me to go out this morning to put Mom on the shuttle for her daycare.  Just that little bit of sunlight sent blades of glass through my skull.  Wine and Shalia do not mix well.

Dusa and Esak did not message me yesterday.  I guess they’ve given up.  Now I really am alone. 

Why am I even doing this to myself?  The other Earthers have made it clear they want nothing to do with me.  A priest named Father Lucas is the only person who will sit with Mom if I’m not present for meals.  So far, he hasn’t said anything to upset her, and Weln has been paying very careful attention to that.  But the P.T. are definitely keeping their distance, and Father Lucas stays away if I’m around.

It’s become apparent I will remain on the outside of Club Earther.  So why shouldn’t I go ahead and do the things they all think I’m doing anyway?  What’s the point of being the person they demand of me if I never receive absolution for my supposed sins?

I am tired of this.  I might as well do what I want since I’ve been tried and convicted already.  So I’m going to message Commander Nang and let him know I’ll do the presentation after all ... if he’ll even let me.  I’ll spend the day working on that once more.  Then after Mom is tucked away in bed and snoozing away tonight, I’m going to visit Dusa and Esak.  Yes, I am well aware of what could possibly happen.  No, I don’t give a fuck anymore.  They make me feel good.  No one else does. 

But first, I’m going to call Dr. Dad Nayun and see if he can give me something for this splitting headache.


  1. Ahh! Waiting until Monday may kill me. Will any of the guys find out she turned to alcohol to drown her troubles? Will they do anything about it?

  2. I LOVE where this is heading!!!! I can't wait to see Shalia go wild! :D

  3. FINALLY! But Dusa and Esak can't offer to clan yet because they don't have a complete clan (or have they quickly picked up an Imdiko we don't know about??) and haven't been together the requisite amount of Commander Dramok Nang in a complete Clan? We know Nang is very attracted to Shalia.

    Will she feel as if she has to clan before she leaves Earth? She implies she needs a clan for protection. Will Kalquorians defend her and Eve if necessary?

    I can't wait until Monday!

  4. No, no, no Deb. Dramok Nang is not the one for her, even if he has a complete clan. He doesn't rock her world like Dramok Dusa and Nobek Esak. I'm not worry about the missing Imdiko because when they meet Weln they will get crazy about him and clan him, so I think that will be Shalia's clan. :-))

    1. I agree. I think they will hit it off wonderfully!
      But i was so hoping for a special Valenttine edition, though. Come on Monday.

  5. I agree that Dusa´s clan seems to be the clan for her, though there is an entire planet of possible matches on Kalquor. I worry that either she will become Matara for a clan hurriedly for or protection rather than choose the right men for her. She worries for not only her safety, but her mother's.

    Remember Ms. St. John has said the clan must be complete (Dramok, Nobek and Imdiko) for a certain period of time before they're allowed to claim a Matara. We don't yet know how long that period of time is (and I think we will be told at a later date), but since the ship arrives in about a month, chances are Shalia won't become Matara for Dusa and Esak until at least they arrive on Kalquor, assuming she decides to relocate there. She will have to make a decision about where she and her mother will live very soon.

    I think the next installment will be a very important one!!