Monday, December 10, 2012

September 4

So much has happened.  I’m still recovering from pneumonia and I am so weak right now.  I’ll probably pass out pretty soon from both that and the medication they keep loading me up with.  I’ll write as much as I can, but getting it all here might take a few days.

The last thing I remember is going outside to look for Mom a second time after she disappeared.  Things were really blurry, and I can only recall bits and pieces as I wandered around, crying and trying to find her.

Then I was lying on the ground.  And guess who’s looming over me?  That Kalquorian Dramok Dusa.  Yeah, I’d passed out in the middle of someone’s overgrown hydrangeas, and he found me.  So here’s the big alien guy crouched over me, staring at me with those funky purple eyes. 

I tried to scream and ended up coughing instead.  I nearly choked on the stuff I brought up (sorry to be so gross).  Dusa rolled me on my side so I wouldn’t drop dead drowning in my own phlegm.

Between spells of hacking, I heard him say, “Easy, Matara Shalia.  Emergency transport is on its way to get you to our medical facility.”

When I could catch my breath to send some oxygen to my brain, I had only one thought.  “My mother.”

It was all I could gasp, but Dusa quickly told me, “She’s fine.  Matara Eve came to the Academy and told us you were sick, but she couldn’t remember where you were hiding.  We had to backtrack her trail, then I had to locate your scent to trace you to here, so it took me some time to find you.”  He grinned, his expression a little shamefaced.  “I can’t believe I let you get away.  I completely lost you when you left your first place.  By the time I tracked you to that transportation repair facility, you were already gone.”

I gave him my best mean look, though with the state I was in, I was as big a threat as a fluffy little kitten.  “You didn’t hurt her, did you?”

His eyes went wide with shock.  “Of course not.  We’re here to rescue as many of your people as we can.”  He stroked my hair.  “Matara, you have nothing to fear from my people.  We only wish to help.”

And breed us like prize mares, I wanted to point out, but another fit of coughing seized me and I passed out before I could skewer him with that little factoid.

When I next came around, I was in a small, all-white room that hummed, flat on my back on what seemed to be a table.  I had what felt like a couple of small rubber tubes shoved in my mouth and down my aching throat.  I couldn’t breathe, but I felt my chest rising and falling as it was filled with pressure and then deflated.  Two Kalquorians were standing over me.  One was waving a scanner up and down my body while the other was injecting something in my neck.  Dusa stood back, looking over their shoulders at me.

Not being able to breathe sent me into a panic.  I started fighting to get up, to get away from whatever torture they were putting me through.  The Kalquorians talked in their language -- it sounded sort of like dogs barking in staccato bursts -- and my entire body froze.  I couldn’t move shit and I couldn’t breathe.  I tried to scream, but I couldn’t do that either.

From his position a few feet away, Dusa called to me.  “It’s all right, Shalia.  The machine is breathing for you.  You’ve been placed in a suspension field to keep you still until we get you to the facility.  Please try to stay calm.”

Try to stay calm?  Right.  I’d been captured by Kalquorians who also had my mother, I was too sick to fight even if I wasn’t being held helpless, and I was being worked over by alien Dr. Frankensteins.  Calm, my big fat ass.

I didn’t have too long to worry over it though.  Everything drifted away again, to my very great relief.  The next thing I knew

Dr. Nayun is here and wants to talk before I fall asleep again.  More later.