Thursday, December 6, 2012

September 1

I don’t know what to do.  she’s gone.  Moms gone and I can’t fine her  Woke up to she up and left.  In broad daylight.

I went out to find , hacking and bringing up garbage out of lungs  I think this flu turn into broncitis.  So damned sick.  But I looked for her.  I swear I lookd everywhere.  I went up and down streets, check in ever house.  If it not for the alien shutles I kept to hide from. I swear I was last living person on Earth.


I failed her.  She probably dead in middle of some street.  Is all my fault.  I let my guard down I let her down.  She gone and I’m going to die here all by myself just like I deserve and no one

Okay.  Getting hold of myself.  Crying not going to fix this.  I got to keep tryin  got to keep looking.  Can’t give up.

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  1. Good job with this!!! The feeling is coming through really well :)