Monday, December 3, 2012

August 31

Going to make this short.  We moved into one of the houses I broke into for food.  Mom seems happier, though she still wants to go to the Academy.  Won’t shut up about it.

I am really, really sick.  I can’t stop coughing.  Burning up one second, shaking from cold the next.  I finally found some aspirin, thank God.  It helps with some of the aches and hopefully is taking the fever down.  I keep getting dizzy though.  It feels like I might pass out sometimes. 

Mom is scared.  She thinks I’m going to die.  She sits next to my bed, rocking and moaning.  I told her, “I lived through Armageddon, so no stupid flu is going to knock me down.”  I just need to sleep for a bit.  So tired.  I’ll check back in later.

(Note:  Yes, this is a short one.  So is the next entry, which I will post on Thursday to make up for it.  --Tracy)


  1. I so appreciate Tracy for giving us this free story. I love the series. I would like if it was posted twice a week, but, I know life keeps you busy. Keep up the great work! Your fan, Cathrine Chesnut

    1. It will go to twice a week sometime next month. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. That is Brilliant Tracy. Two entries per week would be awesome. A week is a long wait for each entry. :-)


  3. How do I find the first post in Shalia's Diary? I want to read them all from beginning to end, please?!!!