Monday, November 19, 2012

August 26

So it’s been a couple days.  Miss me, dear diary?  I feel like a goofy teenager pouring out all my thoughts and feelings to a piece of electronic technology.  But with no one to talk to besides the Duchess of Dementia, you’re all I have.  I’ll try not to gush about the boys that I thought were cute back in high school.  Insert big eye roll here. 

I am definitely feeling better despite all that’s happened and where we are now.  We moved.  I know that Kalquorian Dramok Dusa was keeping an eye on us.  Why else would he have been right there when I stumbled across that Tragoom?  Okay, so it was a good thing he was spying, what with me almost ending up in the belly of that nasty thing.  I am grateful the big, strong Kalquorian came to my rescue.  But being stalked is just too creepy.  I do not want an alien of any sort watching me all the time, especially since I don’t know what his intentions are.  So me and Mom packed a couple of backpacks with all the food and water we could carry and snuck out of the house two nights ago.  I was worried -- okay, terrified -- that the Kalquorian was going to appear at any moment with some cohorts and march us to the Academy.  In fact, I was more surprised that we got to where we were going than I would have been had we been captured. 

Luck was with us.  No Kalquorian attacks.  No Tragooms looking for dinner.  Mom stayed quiet and did everything I told her to do.  Now here we are camped out in a garage that fixes pluggers -- electric cars -- that most of the middle class drive.  Oops, used to drive.  I still haven’t gotten used to everyday life being in the past tense. 

I don’t think anyone would expect us to hide out in such a place, which is why I picked it for our new digs.  We’re only a mile from the Academy now, which gives me a sense of security.  Surely the gangs and Tragooms won’t venture this close to the Kalquorians. And the Kalquorians would never suspect Earthers would get this close.  Living right under their noses is still the best option, in my opinion.

The waiting room of the garage isn’t too bad as far as living goes.  There’s a couch for Mom to sleep on along with some chairs, a desk, and a table.  The floor isn’t that comfortable, but I’m making do.  I schlepped back to the house twice last night and snagged some blankets, along with more of our food and water.  Fortunately ... or unfortunately, depending on my mood ... there wasn’t much left to bring here.  Mom ignored all my orders to ration and went through Dusa’s offerings pretty quick when I wasn’t looking.  Looks like hungry times ahead for the Monroe women.

So far there has been no sign of Dusa or his pals lurking around since we got here.  No evidence anyone knows we’ve changed our address.  I feel like I can finally relax.  I’m even shrugging off Mom’s frequent complaints that she doesn’t want to live in a garage and why can’t we take up that nice Kalquorian’s offer of food and shelter at the Academy? 

I’m so glad we got away.  I feel like I’m going to get a decent night’s sleep finally.  Tomorrow I’ll worry about the food issue, but for now, I’m going to rest.

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