Monday, October 29, 2012

August 22

Shit, I think the Kalquorians suspect we're here.  We're going to have to be extra careful for awhile.  Maybe that's who I felt watching me at the river last night?

First thing this morning, three of the damned things were prowling around the street this house sits on.  Mom was splashing away in the tub, which contained all of an inch of water on the drain side.  Still, being able to wash a little made her happy.  I was peeking out behind the shade, wondering if it was going to rain.  The clouds were getting pretty heavy in the sky.  A couple more buckets of water which would allow me to get cleaned up too sounded like a good idea.  That's when I saw them.

I've seen some still vids of real Kalquorians, not the bullshit fake ones I made movies of.  They came from shots from the war, which were given to me to use in propaganda films.  Kalquorians fighting, too blurred to be seen properly even using a high-speed recorder.  Apparently, they can move really fast.  The only decent shots were of the ones that we'd killed.  Black hair.  Dark brown skin.  Lips still pulled back in snarls to show really long, thin fangs behind normal human-squared teeth.  Even in death, they looked nightmarishly fierce.  Glazed blue-purple eyes with slitted cat pupils.  Scary.  Seeing those shots, it was easy to imagine they really were demons sent from some pit of hell to destroy God's chosen race.

So I was surprised when I saw the three slowly walking down the street.  I mean, they looked so much like us once I got past how big they were.  Huge men.  The smallest couldn't have been less than six and half feet tall.  And muscled like no one I'd ever seen.  Bigger than even our steroid-fed ground troops. 

From the distance between me and this patrol, or whatever it was, I couldn't see their strange eyes.  And though they spoke to each other, I didn't see fangs either.  Just incredibly big, dark men.  As weird as it feels to say it, they were actually attractive.  Two had long, wavy hair past their wide shoulders.  The third's was straight and held back in a ponytail that reached to the middle of his back.  I thought he must be the leader because he would point at something and the other two would look, he would say something, and they would lean in closer, as if to not miss a word. 

They all would point their noses upward from time to time, like wolves trying to catch a scent.  I stayed absolutely still as I peeked at them, like a frightened rabbit hoping to not be seen.  And I prayed Mom would keep quiet as she bathed.  Rumor said the Kalquorians had really sensitive hearing.  If she called for me as they neared ... I didn't want to think about it.

I should have gone to her, taken her to a part of the house where we could hide.  But it was like I was hypnotized, watching those three aliens come closer and closer to my house.  Then they stopped, right in front of it.  They looked right at the window from where I was spying on them.

I was sure they couldn't see me, having only the barest sliver of window shade open to watch.  But I didn't even dare to breathe while they looked in my direction.  I suddenly had to pee so bad I thought my bladder would just let go.

One of the wavy hairs, the biggest of this bunch, jerked his head towards the house as he spoke.  The leader did his wolfie-sniff thing.  Stared at my window.  Shook his head and said something. 

I was so sure they were about to come in.  That they would force their way into our shelter.  Rape me and kill Mom, who is well beyond childbearing age.  Then take me away to be their breeding slave.  You cannot imagine how relieved I was when they started away, continuing their patrol down the street.

I watched until I couldn't see them anymore.  And I swore up and down, if we never bathed again it would be perfectly fine.  I am not going back to the river.  I didn't even put the pails outside when it started to rain.  I don't care if I never leave this house again, even if it means starving.


  1. Oooooooooooohhh!!!!! This is getting so good!!!

  2. Yes I agree very good, can't wait till the next installment

  3. Oh boy!!! I think we really need two entries per week. The wait for each entry is simply becoming impossible. Who seconds that??


  4. I agree I think we need two entries a week. It is killing me to wait for each one.

  5. I read these backwards starting from the top, but I still loved it!