Monday, October 15, 2012

August 21

Well, here I am again.  That old saw about ‘confession is good for the soul’ apparently does contain some truth.  The night I finished my letter, I slept better than I have since we all went ‘poof’.  Less nightmares.  So I’m back.

And I’m still alive.  Imagine that.  Hungry and scared, but alive.  How long that lasts, I can’t imagine.  But I thought as long as I’m still here I could report on what’s going on around me.  Maybe in the distant future Earth will become habitable again, and someone will find this.  Give you future folks a glimpse into what happened here on the ground.

So it’s still August and hot as hell here in Georgia.  Mom and I are hiding in the house I had planned to buy.  I hadn’t signed all the paperwork yet when Armageddon hit, but the rightful owners had already moved out.  They went to Los Angeles, which of course is just a big hole in our Swiss cheese planet now.  So I figured I could go ahead and put my claim in.

We keep the blinds down and stay as quiet as mice during the day.  Okay, let me rephrase that.  I stay as quiet as a mouse.  Sometimes Mom has a spell and starts yelling for my father, who died seven years ago of a heart attack.  He left us even farther back then that, so she’s really reaching into the past to be thinking he’s around.  When she starts that I go all crazy, trying to get her to shut up before the gangs or Kalquorians hear and come get us.  As awful as I know this sounds, there have been times when I have thought about shoving a pillow over her face and holding it there until she passes out.  I know it could kill her, but I am scared out of my wits here.  I don’t want to be raped by any man, whether he’s my species or not.  I sure as hell don’t want my mother raped either.  I might actually do her a favor if she did lose consciousness and never woke up.  She wouldn’t wake up crying about how hungry she was anymore.  How hot and miserable things are.  I could release her from her misery, find a knife, and release myself too.

I’m a horrible person to think such things.  I would never hurt my mother.  I love her despite all that's happened in the past.  But how can I protect her from those who would hurt us?  This is so fucked up.

Anyway, enough of my mommy issues.  We’re in this house in a subdivision about five miles from the government training facility where I would have been working if the world hadn’t ended.  The facility was a law enforcement academy, simply known as the Academy to most locals.  From what I’ve seen of the flight patterns of alien shuttle traffic, the Academy is where a bunch of Kalquorians have camped out.  While this town is relatively small, it is located between Atlanta (in ruins), Athens, and Savannah.  A good central location, and the training facility has plenty to offer an invading species:  dorms, gyms, weapons, vehicles, and even a movie theater.  Well, it would have had plenty to offer, but I have a feeling a lot of the weapons and vehicles were snagged by the gangs before the Kalquorians took it over last week.  Well, they still have the movie theater.  Maybe they’re all eating popcorn and watching a nice propaganda war flick that shows them how high and mighty we Earthers thought we were.  It would be a comedy farce now.  The Kalquorians are probably laughing in the aisles.

The Academy was like a tiny city in the middle of nowhere.  The trainees didn’t have to leave it for any reason, though they did on occasion for a change of view.  After Armageddon, they left to get back to the many places they’d all come from, hoping to find loved ones still alive.  Too bad.  They might have kept some semblance of order around here if they’d stayed.  Or maybe not.  Who the hell knows?

Being this close to Enemy Alien Central has had one good outcome.  Their presence has scared most of the gangs out of the immediate area … well, that and the fact most of the grocery stores have been emptied out of food.  I’ve concentrated my shopping efforts to the houses I knew were abandoned as everyone ran for higher ground.  Which makes me laugh.  Where the hell do you run to when the whole world collapses?  When there’s no help to be found because the entire infrastructure has disappeared?  When every person you meet is just as likely to kill you for what few supplies you have as they are to help?

Yesterday, the Kalquorians took a page from Dantovon’s playbook and began broadcasting messages from their shuttles as they slowly flew overhead.  Their English wasn’t too shabby either.  “Attention, Earthers.  We have no intention of harming you.  The loss of your cities was a terrible, tragic accident, for which we accept full blame.  Let us help you.  Come to the area designated Law Enforcement Academy.  We have established a refugee center there with food and shelter.”

Well, they’re right in that it was an accident that they set off Armageddon.  But my faith in their truthfulness ceases to exist after that point.  'Refugee center' my big, fluffy ass. 

Unfortunately, Mom got all excited over the announcement.  “Food, Shalia,” she marveled.  Gray hair notwithstanding, she looked like a kid on Christmas morning.  “Water.  Maybe air conditioning too!”

“And all the alien cock you can eat,” I muttered, so she wouldn’t hear me.  She was having one of those moments when she’s really childlike and can’t seem to remember how ugly the world is.  It beats when she’s crying, so I try not to snap her out of those spells.

I patiently explained, “Mom, we were at war with the Kalquorians.  They have no reason to be nice to us, except to get us to turn ourselves in so they can take us prisoner.”

She pouted.  “Maybe they are nice, though.  They said they didn’t mean to hurt us.”

I said, “Look, we have plenty of food for at least a month if we keep rationing it.  Lots of canned stuff.  Potato chips.  Cereal.  I brought home Funcakes last night with chocolate icing, made with the finest of preservatives so you know they’ll last forever.  You love Funcakes.  Want me to get you one?”

She rolled her eyes at me.  “It’s so hot in this house, Shalia.  I’m tired of sweating and feeling icky.  I want a bath.  I want air conditioning.”

I sighed.  “I know.  I want it too, but it’s too dangerous.  After dark, if you’ve been good all day, we’ll open some windows and let the breeze in, okay?”

“Fine.”  She stomped to my purse and pawed through it in retaliation.  She smeared half-melted lipstick on her mouth.  I was too hot to argue with her, so I just made a face so she’d feel like she’d gotten to me.  That seemed to make her happy, as it always has.

So that’s life, post-Armageddon.  Tonight after Mom’s gone to sleep, I’ll sneak out with a couple of pails to the river.  Stupid of me to chance being caught just so she can bathe a little, but the poor thing is miserable.  If she's miserable, then I'm more miserable.  And I owe her after all the horrible things I’ve thought.  I’m not about to waste the little bit of drinking water we have on primping, so I’m going to scare myself silly and go out.

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