Monday, April 21, 2014

February 4, part 3

Oses pushed into me, going steady and a little faster than was entirely comfortable.  I didn’t ask him to ease up.  I like being his to control and command.  I gasped as he sheathed himself in my ass and pussy, especially when his primary cock’s tip collided with my cervix.  Shards of pleasure shivered through me.

His hands once more captured my wrists, holding me down nice and helpless for his use.  His other hand mauled my breasts as they had before, groping and pinching and slapping while he fucked me with powerful strokes.  The bits of pain his rough handling caused mixed eagerly with pleasure.  Oses’ cocks had me bursting full, and that fullness meant the friction against my G-spot couldn’t be ignored.  I was already making loud noises as he sent my senses soaring.

The Nobek seated himself fully inside me and made slow, grinding motions that rubbed his groin against my clit.  I yelled as effervescent passion set my guts to boiling.  Then he gave me some fast, hard thrusts that once more made that nest of nerve endings inside my sheath spark with blinding eagerness. 

Slower and steady.  Grinding.  Fast fucking.  Torturing my tits all the while.  My insides were a maelstrom of frantic churning as Oses worked me over. 

Then his mouth plastered over mine, his tongue insistent as he plundered.  His demands for my complete surrender in all ways couldn’t have been plainer.  I softened beneath him, submitting all.  I was his in any way he wanted, with no will but to offer myself to him.

Oses released the kiss, and I sensed him rearing back.  He let go of the tit he’d been squeezing fiercely and grabbed up my thigh, pressing it to his torso.  He held me in place.  His groin jackhammered against mine as he fucked me hard, driving birdlike cries from my throat with every thrust.

My entire midsection clenched as fierce heat drew tight within.  I was getting ready to come.

Oses abruptly slowed.  I felt him undulating against me, as sinuous as a snake.  His wet cocks slid back and forth through me.  I could imagine how his abdomen moved as he took me with serpentine grace.

The encroaching orgasm eased back.  I did not mourn its loss.  I had known Oses would not grant me climax so soon.  I’m sure in his mind, I had not yet earned it.

That didn’t keep me from moaning a pleading sound.  I thought my lover would enjoy knowing how much I wanted to come for him.  I wasn’t wrong.

“That’s my pet.  My little one is ready to lose control, isn’t she?”

“Yes, Master.  It feels so good.”

“This?”  He drove in me hard and fast again.  My stomach clenched tight almost immediately as bright, vicious need spiked in my core.  My mouth fell open as I screamed delight.

Oses slowed again.  “Oh, you like that.  You like being fucked hard.”

I groaned in response as the heady urge to climax receded.  I had no words.

“Maybe later.”

With that, Oses pulled free of me, leaving me horribly empty.  I yelled a protest.  He laughed.

“Spoiled brat.  Quiet and behave yourself.”

I blew a raspberry.  He lifted my leg up so he could spank one ass cheek until I yelped from the stinging pain.

“Roll over, brat.  On your belly before I give you a real reason to scream.”

Oses sounded more amused than angry, but I figured I had pushed my luck enough.  I promptly put myself face down on the sleeping mat.

I felt Oses crouch over me.  His dicks lay heavy on my ass.  Well, that suited me just fine.  I pushed my hips up and rubbed suggestively against him.

The Nobek chuckled.  “So demanding.  You really are a brat today.  Lucky for you that you’re so damned cute and I’m in a good mood.”

I gave him my best sweet-sounding voice.  “It’s all your fault I’m like this.  You’re just too delicious to resist.  Please be nice and fuck me, Master.  Pleeeeeease?”

“I’m going to be very nice, but you’re waiting for that fuck a bit longer.  No, don’t pout, little pet.  You’ll like what comes next.”

With that, he pulled the blindfold off.  I blinked.  The room had been a bit dim when I walked in, but after having my eyes closed and the light blocked for a time, it seemed pretty damned bright.

I peered over my shoulder to see Oses using a cleansing wipe on his cocks.  He grinned at me, looking like the yummiest version of Evil Incarnate I could imagine.  Rawr.  Shalia Monroe, ready to be sullied, sir.

Once he was clean and tossed aside the wipe, Oses picked up a round container that looked made of tin.  It looked to be filled with a blue wax substance, with a small igniter in the middle. 

“Aw, candlelight,” I simpered.  “You romantic, you.  Next thing you know, you’ll be giving me flowers.”

Oses shook his head at me and pushed the button that made the candle light.  “You are a mess today, brat.  Making you squirm and whimper from dripping this hot wax on you is going to be a delight.”

My mouth dropped open.  “Not really?  You want to burn me?”  No fucking way.

The Nobek snorted.  “Do you actually think I am going to harm you in such a way?  Give me some credit, pet.”

My pulse steadied.  “It’s safe then?”

Oses gave me a look that could have frozen fire.  “I have an urge to wear your ass out with a strap for believing I would damage your delicious body.  Of course it’s safe.  It just won’t be comfortable.”

I relaxed.  “I’m sorry, Master.  It’s those trust issues raising their ugly heads again.”

He sighed.  “I know.  I need to be more patient with you, but it really sickens me to see you look so afraid.”

I tried to lighten the mood.  “I thought you liked me scared,” I said in a teasing tone.

“Nervous, you little fool, not scared.”  He frowned at the candle in his hand.  “Maybe we should break off for the day.  I am not in such a playful frame of mind as I was.”

I did not want our date to end on this sour note.  I was worried that Oses would call a halt to not just this encounter but all future ones as well.  I made a big show of stretching out beneath him, putting my arms out over my head. 

I told the Nobek, “Do you think I’m going to let anyone else drip hot wax on me?  Not likely.  Go on, expand my horizons and see how loud you can make me squeal.”

Oses examined my face to see how ready I actually was.  I gave him a naughty grin in return, and he finally chuckled.  The expression warmed his face in such a way that it made my chest squeeze tight.  I may have trust issues, but I really do like that big, bad Nobek.

“The initial pain will pass rather quickly,” he said, wiggling the candle in front of my nose so I could see the liquefying wax seeping around in its holder. “It cools quite fast.”

He pushed himself up so that he knelt over my upper thighs.  His cocks lay heavily on my ass.

I tensed, readying myself for the pain that I hoped would end in pleasure.  “How hard is it going to be to get off once it solidifies?” I asked.

“It won’t solidify because it’s not actually wax,” Oses said.  “You’ll like how this turns out.  Trust me.”

Trust me.  Well, that was what this was all about, wasn’t it?  I was supposed to learn to trust the big guy so we could explore even more intense realms in the future. My inability to do that a few seconds ago had damned near derailed the experiment already.  I took a deep breath and waited to see if Oses had earned a bit more of my faith or if I’d made a colossal mistake.

The first splatters landed along my spine right between my shoulder blades.  The wax sliding down the middle of my back seared a trail that brought my breath screaming into my lungs.  I squealed, all right.  With Oses putting some of his weight on my thighs, I couldn’t move, but I tried mightily until the initial burn faded into warmth, leaving all pain behind.

“Fuck!” I swore as my skin stopped sizzling and I stopped squalling.

“Wait, it gets better,” Oses chuckled.

He was right.  Now the hotness settled into something nice.  It was the warmth one might get from a heating pad, and it infiltrated my muscles.  Knots of tension suddenly unwound themselves, and I groaned as I sank into bliss.

Oses told me, “Close your eyes.  I don’t want you seeing when more is coming.”

I obeyed, my newly relaxed state already dissipating as I anticipated the next round of wax hitting my flesh.

This time he got my lower back.  I yelled, my fists beating on the bed as the searing walloped me.  Oses’ big hand rubbed the burning wax over my ass, seeming to send it up in flames too.  I shrieked.

“Damn it!  Are you sure nothing’s blistering?” I hollered when I could talk.

I could hear the devious grin in his voice.  “No, you’re only turning a light shade of pink.  The welts I put on your ass last time were redder than this.”

Once more, the bright pain subsided, leaving only a nice baking warmth digging deep into my lower back and ass.  I didn’t want to, but I fell for its siren song of relaxation once more.  My muscles turned to jelly.  As horrendous as the initial hit of wax felt, it was sheer paradise moments later.

Oses got me again, about mid-back.  I ground my teeth together this time, letting the pain whistle through the spaces as I waited for the nice part to start.  I had new sympathy for cattle being branded.

This time when the pain abated, I heard Oses blow out a gust of air.  He said, “I think that’s plenty of the oil.  Keep your eyes closed, pet.”

He rubbed up and down my back, getting that now-beautiful warmth all over it, along with my butt.  Oh sweet prophets, that man gave me a massage that left no muscle knotted.  I was damned near liquefied by how his hands teased every mote of tension from my neck, shoulders, and back.  Better still, the more he rubbed, the further the heat of the oil ... not wax, but oil it turned out ... moved into me.  A delicious glow pulsed deep within, making the pain of the application more than worthwhile.  Hell, I would have stood twice as much torment for this taste of heaven.

I was so blissed out that I hummed a nearly continuous moan as Oses treated me to the best massage anyone has ever had.  I felt doted upon, like queen of the universe.  I can’t overstate how good he made me feel.  And have I mentioned how in-fucking-credible that massage was?

I’d been an oozing puddle of Shalia for some time before Oses quit.  He leaned over me to plant a kiss on my smiling cheek.  “Someone looks marvelously contented,” the Nobek whispered in my ear. 

“Mmm-hmm,” I managed.

“I’m glad I can make my little Shalia so happy.  Now perhaps you would like to thank me?  I think laxan would be an appropriate expression of your gratitude.”

Laxan?  I knew I’d heard the word before, but my nirvana-drenched brain took a few seconds to dredge up the translation:  anal penetration with Oses’ larger cock.

“Sure,” I mumbled, still caught in the spell of no strength.  “Whatever you like, Master.  I’m all yours.”

He growled a little at my acquiescence.  I was glad he was happy to have it, because spaghetti-limbed Shalia wasn’t going to be working too hard after the delightful rubdown. 

Oses knelt between my legs and hauled my back end up so it waved in the air, his hands gripping my hips.  I just lay there, completely drained.  Even a sharp slap to my ass didn’t get Oses much of a reaction.

“Nice and relaxed.  How I am going to love changing that in the next few minutes,” he said with an evil laugh.

“Good luck,” I mumbled.  I didn’t give him good odds on that.

Still well-stretched from our earlier play, I felt little more than an aching strain as he filled my ass with his big cock and my pussy with his smaller (but still perfectly adequate) secondary prick.  Being so stuffed meant that the friction against my interior hotspot was tremendous.  With the first thrust I felt excitement tumble through my gut.  Okay, so I might not remain quite as quiet as I thought I would.

Oses set a lovely pace, his thrusts strong and steady as before.  Not too fast and not too slow.  Insistent but not overly demanding.  I was enjoying a nice, steady climb in arousal, heading towards inevitable orgasm.  I sighed, content with the ride.  It felt good.

I should have known the sadistic bastard wouldn’t let me get away with a simple climax.  Heaven forbid.  Then again, that’s not what I had shown up at Oses’ door looking for.  I’ve gotta be fair about that fact.

As I lay with the side of my face planted on the sleeping mat surface, my ass up in the air, cocks moving in and out with the most delicious moist noises, Oses released one hip.  His hand reached beneath me, and what I initially thought was his finger and thumb closed on my clit.  The I realized that whatever had me there wasn’t calloused like the pads of his fingers are and felt distinctly rubbery.  There was the sensation of a tap, and whatever that beast put on me vibrated hard, sending violent need through my core. 

I was not feeling loose-limbed now.  My whole body seized as molten pleasure mounted quickly.  I yelled.

“Awake again,” Oses said, still pumping his cocks in and out of me as he held my hips with both hands once more.  “Feel free to scream all you like, pet.”

I didn’t scream ... at least not right away.  In no time though, climax crashed through me, making me quake beneath my lover.  It didn’t stop.

I have no idea if it was one really, really long orgasm or a whole bunch of them piled on top of each other.  I came and I came and I came.  The intense spasms wouldn’t quit.  It felt like my pussy was simultaneously on fire, trying to turn itself inside out, and wringing itself out like a soaked towel.  I was helpless to stop it with Oses fucking me harder and faster as whatever he had imprisoned my clit with continued to thrum without stopping. 

If Oses wanted screams, he got them.  I shrieked my head off with my face buried in the bed.  I thought I might go insane.

At last Oses groaned loudly enough for me to hear over my own cries.  I felt his cocks jerk inside me, emptying his pleasure in my belly.  I didn’t care.  I was too busy being the Cum Queen.  I couldn’t figure out if I was enjoying myself or being tortured. 

Oses finished, something I was apparently incapable of doing.  He reached beneath me again and tapped my clit.  The device on it went still at last.  I sobbed, my body wilting.  I was sure I’d never stand again.

“Lovely,” he groaned.  “That was just what I needed.”  He removed whatever it was he’d put on me.  I still don’t know what it was.  I didn’t see it.  I was too far gone in the aftermath of shattering orgasm.

At some point not too long after, Oses held me in his arms, tipping a bottle of protein drink in my mouth, and crooning like a mother feeding her baby.  He kept me warm and watched over me as I slowly gathered my senses.

“Better?” he asked me as I finished my protein drink.

I sighed.  I was still worn out and ready to sleep for a few dozen years.  I felt gutted too.  But I could think straight once more.

“I might be ready to get up by the time we reach Kalquor,” I told him.

Oses laughed.  “What about the Xniktix Space Station?”

I blinked, completely confused by the garbled, buzzing word he’d spoken.  “Where?”

“Xniktix.  It’s in Adraf space, which we’ll be entering tomorrow.  We’ll be at the station in three days, and we’re taking shore leave for a few more.  Everyone is due a break, especially after that run-in we had with the Tragooms.”

I knew a little about the planet Adraf.  It remained neutral during the war, selling goods to both Earth and Kalquor as we pounded the hell out of each other.  Its people look really funny, at least by Earth standards.  They have big, googly eyes that are placed on the sides of their tiny heads, slitted snouts through which they speak, and long necks.  Their arms are tapered and they have more these pincers than actual hands.  Their bodies are really small, especially given the lengths of their necks ... like half the size.  They have three short, stubby legs, on which they spin instead of run when they’re in a hurry.  Their fur is really pretty though.  It’s thick, soft, and mostly golden brown, with darker bits that can be spotted, striped, or swirled.  Adrafs are able to peel the outer layer of skin off their bodies.  They do that with their necks and sell their fur for designer wear.  The hair grows back in a year.  I always wanted Adraf fur gloves, but they were way out of my price range.

Adrafs are a little like the inhabitants of Dantovon, in that the almighty dollar rules.  They never met a customer they didn’t like.  There’s a story that an Adraf supplier was asked to get Earth a shipment of metal ore to make weapons.  The supplier contacted his acquisitions team, who went and stole a barge full of metal ore already bought and paid for by Earth, which the supplier turned around and sold to Earth again.  Hilarious.

“We’re welcome to stop off and spend money then,” I surmised.

Oses grinned.  “Absolutely, if they don’t swipe it from you first.  If I can get time off, I’d be glad to escort you around for shopping and entertainment, if you like.  I can help you keep from getting cheated or swindled.”

“What about hostile aliens on the station?” I asked. 

“I’m glad you’re thinking ahead.  Captain Wotref already checked, and there are no Tragooms visiting Xniktix at this time.  It’s one less worry for us to deal with.”

“Sounds like fun,” I said, and I wasn’t being sarcastic.  I was ready for a change of scenery.  So what if I’d have to watch myself on this space station?  With Oses along, I felt I’d be pretty safe.  Only an idiot would screw with a man like this Nobek.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

February 4, part 2

The frond stayed away from my armpits.  It circled lazily around my breasts for a bit, doing figure eights before setting me alight by tantalizing my nipples once more.  Then it traveled down, swirling about my abdomen in complicated patterns.  Here and there, more tickling ensued.  I alternated between sighing and squealing, depending on where Oses touched me with the thing.

Oses paused to move my legs wider apart.  I tensed, knowing what was coming and wondering how it would feel.

He didn’t go for my pussy right away.  Instead, he set the feathery touch dancing over my inner thighs, giving me a brutal case of goosebumps as he played with that flesh.  I shuddered when the frond came close to my slit.  Sooner or later, I would feel it there.  Oses kept my anticipation up until it nearly screamed under the strain.  The man knows how to play mental games.

When it finally happened, I was so keyed up that I jumped like I’d been struck by lightning.  Oses laughed at my extreme reaction.  He’d only given my pussy a brief touch, certainly not enough to justify nearly flying off his sleeping mat.  “You are so funny,” he told me.

I made a tortured sound between clenched teeth.  “Maybe you should be on the receiving end of this,” I said.  “Master.”

“No, I much prefer tormenting you.  Hold still, you naughty girl.”

Another gentle waft, more like a breath than a touch, whispered up my slit.  It made my insides tumble with the promise of what was yet to come.  I shivered.  It disappeared and then returned a moment later, this time swirling around my clit.  I groaned as desire spiked through my gut.

“How does that feel?” Oses asked.

“Exciting,” I said.  “I feel like I’m melting inside.”

“You’re getting wet.”  He let the frond play over my clit.  “Your losom is coming out to beg me for more.”

I trembled as he played with me.  The light, moth-wing sensations of the frond playing all over my clit and pussy grew more profound with each passing second.  I obeyed Oses’ dictate to remain still as best I could, but I couldn’t help but writhe a little.

The seconds bled into minutes as the Nobek continued to tease.  My sighs turned throatier under his control until I moaned almost continuously. 

“Keep your hands where they are.  I’m going to let go, but I don’t want you to move from this position.”

“Yes, Master.”  My voice was higher than usual as I answered.

He released me, the tufts of the frond still moving over my slit.  I felt the bed shift as he moved.  I had no idea what he was up to, just that he was moving away from my upper body.

Oses’ mouth closed around my clit with a suddenness that made me scream.  Raw, unadulterated passion flared with violent need as he sucked on it.  I grabbed handfuls of the sleeping mat to keep from grabbing hold of him.  My feet kicked.

The Nobek’s weight settled on my thighs, holding them down as he licked and sucked that point of fiery heat.  The frond was there too, its softness almost unnoticeable under the delicious assault of mouth and tongue on clit.

I shuddered and wailed, my head tossing from side to side as Oses mouthed me with decadent force.  Molten ecstasy swirled, tightening my belly.

He relented to chuckle.  “My, how overwrought you are.  Your pussy is trembling, little pet.”

I could only groan.  He still teased me with that damned plant.  Now that his mouth was off me, he swirled it over my clit, the fuzzy down tickling in a non-giggly way.

“Your clit has fully emerged from its hood, too.  So red and swollen.  That is a hungry little cunt, my girl.  Shall I feed it?”

I was afraid to say yes because he might decide to torture me instead.  Yet I didn’t want to know the trouble I might get into if I didn’t answer.  So I whimpered a “Yes, Master, please.”

The frond stopped its playing with my lady parts.  There was the slightest movement of him between my legs.  The next moment, two burning hot, heavy, slick weights plopped onto my stomach.  His cocks.  His wonderful, big, thick cocks.  I wriggled in anticipation.

“Easy, pet.  I haven’t prepared your ass yet.”

Oses was right.  I could have cried in that moment, because I really wanted him to fuck me.

“How nice that you are so eager for me.” 

Fingers stroked my pussy, and one pressed in to gather moisture.  I sighed, happy to feel anything inside that aching chasm.  The frond came back to flick my clit.  My breath caught and I shuddered.

“That’s it, little girl.  Nice and soft and wet.  What a pretty little pussy you have.”

He pushed another finger in.  I warbled a welcome, getting more chuckles from Oses.

“Someone is very ready to be fucked, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Master,” I moaned.  “So ready.”

“Soon, my lovely.  I must say though, I could sit here and watch your pussy take my fingers all day.”

I groaned.  “Please, I really want your cocks.  Your fingers are great, but I’ll do anything to have your cocks in me.”

The frond swirled over my clit.  “You want a cock in your pussy?”

“Yes, Master.”

His fingers withdrew.  I could have cried from the loss, but then I felt the pressure against my ass as one settled against it.  I pushed out, opening for him and he accepted the invitation.  His finger forged deep inside, moving around to stretch me.

“And you want a cock in your tight little ass?”

I panted, “Yes, Master.”

“You want to be crammed full of my cocks, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You want my cocks fucking both your holes, right?”

I groaned as he pushed a second finger in my ass.  “Yes, Master.  Please.”

“Good girl.”

I moaned as he spent several minutes preparing me and letting that frond play all over my girlie bits.  Then finally his fingers disappeared and I felt the tapered tips of his cocks at my entrances.

Oh yeah.  Time for some main event, I thought.