Thursday, December 8, 2016

October 24

It’s been a rocky few days, but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. The tubes are out of Mom’s skull and the swelling is gone. She’s a bald version of herself, finally recognizable. Better still, Mom’s uncontrolled gyrations are tapering off. She’s still writhing around in her bed, but it’s not as violent, and she has periods for as long as half an hour while she’s awake where she can lie quietly.

She started talking this morning too. Nothing can be counted as coherent, but I know she’s thinking straight, at least every now and then. I’m sure of it.

She says strings of words like, “What? Kalqs. Fuck. Go. Out. Where? No.” She spits each word out at Meyso, her nurses, and the orderlies with expressions of anger and confusion. If they come to take samples or talk to her, she gets more agitated. Knowing her the way I do, I’m pretty sure she’s trying to simultaneously demand what the hell is going on and order them to go away.

She won’t talk to me though. She’ll look at me from time to time, but the instant I speak, she turns away with a look that can only be described as revulsion. I think she guesses I’m behind the state she’s in, and she’s pissed off about it.

Gee, she’s going to be thrilled when she finds out exactly what I had done to her. Just as I suspected.

Is it wrong that it was a relief when a psychiatrist named Kini asked me to leave her for a little while so he and I could talk? Maybe, but I welcomed the reprieve from Mom’s glares.

Kini and I went to Meyso’s office, where my potential clanmate waited for us. We sat down in the comfortable seating area where a plate of snacks and fruit drinks waited. Food wasn’t of much interest to me, but the citrus-like juice was welcome refreshment.

“Matara Shalia, Dr. Meyso has shared the records of Matara Eve’s past emotional issues, as reported by you and the rescue site staff who cared for her on Earth,” Dr. Kini said, his expression kind. “I’d like to expand my knowledge as much as possible before I start working with her.”

“You’re a brave man,” I snorted. “I was warned that even with the regulating of her brain chemicals, she’d be relying on old coping skills. That she’d still react with anger.”

He nodded. “A lifetime of being jerked about by capricious emotions doesn’t disappear just because the emotions aren’t felt as passionately as before. Not to mention she’s never known real impulse control.”

I sighed. “You should know she despises psychiatrists and psychologists. The moment you start talking about her feelings, she’s going to raise hell and insist nothing is wrong.”

He smiled, unruffled by the idea. “I’ve run into similar situations. Proud Nobeks with such issues can be particularly defensive. Have you ever known Matara Eve to become physically violent?”

“Wear your armored formsuit, if you’ve got one,” I advised him. I thought he might want a hockey mask too. He’s attractive, but not outrageously handsome. I’ll still feel bad if Mom decides to re-arrange his face.

We spent an hour discussing Mom’s old habits before dementia tamed her a little. I also mentioned her current reaction to me.

Kini patted my hand, his expression comforting. “She may not remember anything from when the dementia took such devastating hold over her. Her recall of the rescue site may not exist. She may not even remember anything about hostilities between our worlds. In any case, she’s confused and frightened. She’s got little control over her body, she’s surrounded by Kalquorians in a place she’s never seen before, and you’re not doing anything to relieve those situations…in her view,” he hastened to add.

“So I basically suck, as far as she’s concerned.” Oh well. I’d been in that position before.

“From what you’ve told me, fear and uncertainty result in an anger response for Matara Eve,” Kini said. “It’s common in even less severe cases that people who are upset take out their emotions on those closest to them. Maybe because we feel safest doing so. When someone loves us, they’ll put up with a lot more.”

I could see his point. “I shouldn’t take anything personally then.”

“Good luck with that,” Kini laughed. “Shalia, I know you want to do right by your mother. I know you want to be there for her. However, you will need to step away from time to time in the coming weeks for the sake of your own well-being. If she decides to verbally abuse you more often than not, you need that space.”

I frowned. “I can’t abandon her. A lot of this is not her fault.”

“It’s not yours, either.” He patted my hand again. “You will have to periodically put some distance between her and yourself for the good of both of you. At least until she understands and uses the emotional managing tools I will attempt to give her. Otherwise, you’ll be hurt and resentful and no help to her at all.”

I could see his point. It didn’t much help the guilt coming over me to know I’d have to abandon her for hours at a time. Ugh, life is hard.

Meyso winked at me to soften the authoritative tone he used. “Shalia will take those breaks. I will see to it.”

“Great.” Kini stood, bowed to me, and left me with, “I’ll begin work with Matara Eve tomorrow. She may not be able to answer me…or scream at me, as she may prefer to do,” he chuckled. “Right now, I need to become a familiar face and start building trust. I’ll meet with you weekly for updates, Matara Shalia.”

After he’d left the office, I told Meyso, “I like him. I hope he’ll take his own advice about the frequent breaks from Mom to keep his sanity.”

Monday, December 5, 2016

October 21, part two

It was Jaon who took Aslada’s place on top of me. He gave me a kiss and looked me over with a molten gaze.

“Ancestors, you are beautiful,” he breathed. “Look at this strong, womanly body. I think I’m starting to believe in the benefits of your training, Matara.”

“See?” I teased. “There are advantages you didn’t consider.”

“I’ll have to admit to that. I like you beneath me, a little helpless but not entirely so.” He frowned at the medi-bed controls on the side of the frame. “Meyso, how do I free her upper body from the stasis?”

As the Imdiko rose from his seat and fiddled with the controls, I grinned at Jaon. “Oh, do I get to touch?”

He laughed, a low, dangerous sound. “From the waist up, do whatever you like. But know I’m still in charge.”

“Is that a challenge?” My upper body was free of stasis, and I lost no time in running my hands over Jaon’s magnificent shoulders.

“It’s whatever you want it to be,” was his answer.

I was able to prop myself up to nibble at his stubbled chin. He growled and pressed me back down to the bed with his weight. His eager cocks pressed hard against my mound. I tried to wiggle, but my hips were frozen still. The Nobek moved slightly, his hand going between us. He put his shafts in position.

He thrust, shoving hard and deep with a suddenness I hadn’t expected. I gasped as mingled hurt and ecstasy lit me from within. All at once, I was skewered to the hilt by the big man. Swelling heat burst through me. My wandering hands became claws, and I raked his neck and chest with my nails. He jerked inside me and groaned.

“Oh, yes,” he said in a grating voice. “Oh, yes. More of that.”

Jaon was pure power. He pounded his groin against mine, riding me without mercy. It was glorious. I love being taken hard and fast by a strong man. It was a lot of Nobek to handle, but the hurt his use brought fed my towering arousal.

I didn’t want him to stop. Instead, I clung to him, grabbing handfuls of hair as well as scratching every inch of skin I could find. My fists pounded against his chest. I think I was working off all the angst my mother’s slow recovery had brought on. If my legs had been free, I would have been kicking and fighting with all my might.

Jaon loved the violence. He flashed fangs at me in a delighted grin as he had me. He encouraged my abuse as his cocks jackhammered inside me. “Do it, my beautiful zibger. Yes! Show me that strength you’re so proud of.”

I battered him. He fucked me. We both came with screams fit for animals in the wild. While my pussy spasmed in harsh bursts, milking his straining cock, I smashed my mouth to his, biting his lips. He crushed me beneath his hard body, rutting until the last pulse of seed left him.

I wasn’t merely glowing anymore, nor was I wrung out with exhaustion after coming so hard. I was energized, on fire. I felt like I could have taken on the entire world of Trag in that moment.

Jaon rolled off me, his shoulders, arms, and chest scored from my fingernails. His lower lip was swollen from me biting it. He chortled wildly and bounded to his feet, looking like he felt on top of the world. “Clan her now, Aslada!” he shouted. “I need to keep this woman!”

His Dramok and Imdiko laughed at his exuberance. I made victory signs, my expression smug.

Meyso had returned to his chair while I banged the hell out of Jaon. Now he stood and approached me with exaggerated caution. “I think I might be in trouble here.”

I winked at him. “Only if you want to be.”

He chuckled. “I’m not nearly as wild as my Nobek. Do you find that disappointing?”

I held out my arms to him. “Not at all. I’m not usually that violent myself. It was a moment. I think I took out a lot of anxiety on Jaon.”

The Nobek thumped his chest with a wide grin. “Take your emotions out on me any time. I’m happy to offer you that kind of therapy.”

Meanwhile, Meyso turned off the stasis and slid onto the bed with me. Free to move around, I turned to him and wrapped an arm and leg around his yummy body.

Our first kiss was slow and sweet, a delicious counterpoint to Jaon’s wild ride. I sank into the warm shelter of Meyso’s gentle care. Our hands traced over each other, exploring. Enjoying. Letting me settle down from the tempestuous high I’d gained so that I could enjoy this third lover.

“I want you to suck me,” he said. It was not the demanding tone of a Dramok, but there was an expectation of obedience in his tone just the same. Excitement ignited in my pussy, making me eager to please. I do so love a strong man, even when that strength is more mental than physical.

I made the happy journey of kissing my way down his granite-block body as he lay back to enjoy the attention. I was all too happy to make him feel good. As unexpected as Mom’s current condition was, he’d done what he could to give her a chance at a normal life. I wanted to show the gratitude I’d been too upset to display so far.

The spicy scent of aroused Kalquorian made my perky libido perkier still. I followed that luscious aroma until I hovered over those thick, veined lengths. Jeez, the man was endowed. His girth made me wonder how good it was going to feel to have him inside me. I’d been wet before, but I was crazy soaked now.

I started with the smaller shaft, licking slowly from base to tip. Meyso’s pulse thudded hard against my tongue. His cocks jerked in reaction, and I would have grinned in triumph if I wasn’t so busy with my mouth. No time for self-congratulations. I had a job to do.

His flavor had a sharp spiciness, and I rolled it around, getting familiar with his unique essence. Kalquorian men all taste similar, but they each possess something unique. I have always been fascinated by that.

While I concentrated on lapping all over the secondary cock, I gripped the larger one and rubbed up and down. Meyso groaned. His hips tightened, making small movements to match. His rear came right off the mat when my mouth closed over the tip of his shaft and sucked gently. He made a small noise that sounded like woof.

I giggled and kept at him. I took in a whole mouthful of tasty Imdiko and then slowly let him slip back out, my cheeks hollowing with the effort of suction while my tongue rubbed all over.

Meyso’s fists slammed onto the mat. “Mother of All!”

I took that as a compliment and switched my attention to his larger cock. Good night, there was no way I was fitting all of that battering ram in my mouth. Still, I should get points for trying my best.

Meyso managed maybe a minute or two before he grabbed me and flipped me over so that I was blanketed by Kalquorian yet again. His breath came in gasps as he gazed down on me.

“You’re welcome,” I teased.

Aslada and Jaon roared with laughter. Meyso grinned. “You wonderful woman,” he chuckled. “I would die a thousand deaths to be pleasured by your mouth. But now, it’s your turn to lie still for torture.”

Oh boy.

Meyso shoved two fingers in me, fucking me with them hard and fast while his thumb rubbed over my swollen clit. I yelped as a beam of rapture burst into being. My hands slammed down on his shoulders, hanging on for dear life while my feet drummed against the mat. He knew exactly where to put pressure and how much, because my pussy was clenching on his fingers within seconds. I was flying straight for nirvana.

As my body began to shudder, Meyso slowed the frantic pace. His thumb left off its exquisite torment. It was my turn to pant and moan as the near-climax backed away. I stared up at his smug face through blurred eyes.

“You’re welcome,” he snickered.

Okay, I deserved that. I still blew a weak raspberry at him. He leaned down and kissed me in that gentle way he has. He stroked my hair and murmured sweet words that made me feel adored.

I was simmering nicely and floating on the attention when Meyso pushed a third finger in my pussy. He went for broke again, hammering and teasing my clit until I was crying out and writhing violently. Pleasure mounted to eye-crossing intensity. My pussy spasmed, drawing hard on the digits inside.

Meyso slowed again, taking me from the brink.

“Evil,” I whimpered, trembling from need. “So brutal and evil.”

The wicked Imdiko smiled like an angel. “Wait until I get you in our pleasure room at home. I have such plans for you, little Shalia.”

Even with that caring expression, something dark moved in his eyes. I had a vision of him performing some of Oses’s more punishing games on me with that same bright smile. My stomach flip-flopped with an agreeable mix of anxiety and want.

Meyso went back to kissing and cooing over me until I was no longer on the brink of explosion. I settled once more into the soft hum of warm but undemanding arousal. My senses were still on alert, wondering when his fingers would again start the demanding plunging that had brought me to brink.

Instead, as I drifted in the pleasant heat of the Imdiko’s attention, he pulled out of me. The emptiness was awful, but it didn’t last for any length of time. Meyso rolled on top of me, grabbed his dicks and aimed, and plunged in.

Pain and pleasure bloomed side-by-side, driving all the breath from my lungs. I lay there, my mouth working like a beached fish, unable to inhale. My pussy and ass clutched at their invaders, and a slow but intense throb tumbled through my belly.

The mini-orgasm came and went. Meyso was still after filling me with those thick cocks, his gaze watching me with dark intention. Again, I was struck at the hint of something fiendish within that otherwise virtuous face.

Maybe Jaon wasn’t the most dangerous man in the clan. Mom always said to look out for the quiet ones. What rogue lived within the honorable surgeon?

I’m dying to find out.

As my body acclimated to the shock of such profound penetration, Meyso began to move leisurely. It didn’t matter that he took me slow. He had enough girth that even a tiny shift was astounding. I swear I felt each throbbing vein of his cocks as they rubbed every intimate inch. My fingernails bit into his shoulders, not because I wanted to wreck him as I had Jaon, but because the exquisite sensations were more than I could handle.

“Now, now, we agreed none of that,” Meyso chuckled. His hands grabbed mine and pinned them on either side of my head.

Oh darn. Helpless again.

He kept fucking steadily, his gaze fixed on my face, watching my responses. I had no thought of concealing my reactions from him, not when the constant friction stole all coherent thought. Sweet prophets, the mix of feeling that man inside me while he held me down and gauged how much I liked it was too potent to be believed.

My legs curled around his flexing ass. Not to encourage him, though heightened need had me instinctively reaching for climax. I needed something to hang onto, so I wouldn’t come apart. I sensed myself unraveling under the sensual assault on my body and senses.

Meyso increased the pace. Now I was disintegrating, falling to bits in slow motion. “You want to come for me,” he said. Again, it was not the command of a Dramok, but it was still delivered in a way that brooked no argument. “Come for me, Shalia.”

Bliss swept over me, a powerful force that rolled from pussy to skull. My head tossed from side to side as the waves took me under. I was aware of Meyso continuing to keep his relentless pace as passion rode me, of his eyes still locked on my face, watching me orgasm.

The heaviest onslaught eased, resolving into quieting ripples that pulled whimpers from me. Meyso fucked me harder and faster, and elation spiked again. High-pitched cries escaped my wide-open mouth.

Over them, I heard Meyso say, “Come again, Shalia. For me.”

I couldn’t deny him. He held all the power over me, and he wielded it without mercy. Another eruption blasted through me. Every cell of my body was electrified, pouring sparks.

Meyso moved faster, almost as strongly as Jaon had taken me. His words came in gasps this time. “Again. You will come for me again.”

I did. I took him with me, and I had the vague vision of his gaze finally jerking away, his head straining back and his body arching over mine as he let go.

We lay there like crash victims for a long time as we recovered. Aslada and Jaon snickered as they cleaned us off, making jokes about well-endowed Imdikos who liked to show off.

“I don’t hear Shalia complaining,” Meyso yawned. “Get her some water. Maybe some food. Fuck, just call the dining hall and have them send us a little of everything they’ve got ready to go. I’m starved after that.”

He turned to me as the still-laughing Aslada went to order our meal and Jaon fetched water. “How are you, my lovely girl?”

I stretched my lethargic but happy body. “Better. Much, much better. Thanks for the wonderful escape from cruel life. I think I can face reality again.”

“I live to serve,” Meyso said without the slightest hint of sarcasm.