Monday, November 20, 2017

February 15, part 2

I was in quite the chipper mood as I left therapy an hour later. I headed to the training camp about twenty minutes inland, chauffeured once again. We’re supposed to buy me my own little shuttle tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it. It feels ridiculously snooty to be piloted everywhere.

I commed ahead. My timing couldn’t have been better. I was scheduled to land during a break between Larten’s last two classes, so he didn’t need another trainer to cover for him while he met me on the landing bay. It was terrific to see him waiting for me as soon as I stepped off the shuttle.

Similar to Seot and Cifa, Larten has no problem with public displays of affection. I received an extremely warm welcome from my Nobek before he ushered me to his knife-fighting class.

“I’ll give you a tour of the camp later,” he promised. “My next session starts in a few minutes, so there’s no time right now.”

“You shouldn’t have told me to come if I’m going to be an imposition,” I reprimanded. “I’m not here to make your life difficult.”

“You couldn’t do that if you tried,” he assured me. “I’m delighted you wanted to visit me at work.” He held my hand all the way to his fight studio. It reminded me of the training rooms I’d practiced in on board the Pussy ‘Porter.

We arrived seconds before a group of two dozen young, savage-seeming Nobeks stormed in. Young, but still big and hulking. They wore those ridiculously tiny shorts I’d viewed soldiers and fleet crew train in. On such young guys—I thought they might be mere teenagers—I was considerably less than excited to observe them wearing so little. Apparently, I’m not cut out to be a cougar.

I was a surprise to them, however. They stopped short to notice me standing at the front of the class next to Larten. Eyes grew large.

Larten snorted, his expression filling with derision. “Your sight does not deceive you. She is what is commonly referred to as a female. My female, so if you look at her wrong, I’ll cut your eyes out.”

Heads bowed respectfully, so that their long, black hair fell forward. I thought I saw the gleam of eyes peeking at me through those mops of hair. I smirked, letting them know I wasn’t to be messed with whether Larten warned them or not.

My Nobek was in agreement. He handed me a knife. “Then again, perhaps my Matara will take care of any disrespect herself. Observe.”

We parried, much as we do at home now that Larten has taken over my training. There was no showboating. We went at it as we usually do, me with an actual blade and Larten with a non-lethal fake knife. I took him seriously though, remembering too many instances where I had needed to defend myself. It served me well, allowing me to nick him about half a dozen times before he called a halt after ‘stabbing’ me in the stomach. He’s so damned fast.

Yet the kids watching us were wide-eyed with appreciation, telling me I’d done pretty okay against their instructor.

Larten eyed them, his gaze cold. “Most Mataras are not trained to defend themselves. They will look to you to keep them safe. Earther Mataras face many dangers when they’re not on Kalquor. Mine learned to defend herself because of all the trouble she faced outside of the Empire.”

He paced back and forth, warming to his subject. “Even here on our home planet, the women might find themselves in peril. There is a Dramok my Matara met while still on Earth. He developed an unhealthy obsession with her, to the point where he has abandoned his clan. Now he is on his way here to try and claim her.”

The youngsters exchanged horrified glances. A few growls sounded.

Larten responded with a slight smile, pleased with the response. “That’s right. Even here, we must be ready to stand and protect our clanmates. Danger lurks everywhere. You are the force that keeps safe those entrusted to you. This is why we fight.”

Heads nodded, their gazes burning.

“This is why we train.”

Muscles tensed. Fists clenched.

“This is why we must eternally be ready to die in the defense of those who shelter behind our strength.”

Snarls. Growls. The hair on the back of my neck rose at the animal sounds.

“Show my lifemate how we take care of our Mataras. How we fight for them.”

The boys squared off. Their nonlethal practice knives, able to do little more than scratch, flashed. They went at each other with a will, whether because Larten had actually incited anger or because they wanted to show off, I wasn’t sure. I found it to be an impressive display, though I thought my own abilities were a touch more advanced than theirs. That had me feeling pretty good about myself.

I guess Larten did too. Before walking around to comment on his students’ form and technique, he leaned close to whisper to me, “I should have you show up every day. The young shits are taking it seriously for a change.”

“If I did that, you wouldn’t have such entertaining stories to tell at dinner.”

Larten chuckled and went around the room to give one-on-one instruction to each of his trainees. For all the threats he makes at home about turning the kids into Tragoom loincloths and throw rugs, he’s actually quite patient. Maybe it was because these were among the youngest of his students. Sure, he delivered a smack here and there to the back of the boys’ heads when he thought they weren’t doing as well as they could have, but only when he thought they weren’t trying their best. If somebody struggled with a particular technique, Larten took plenty of time to go over it with him. He didn’t belittle any them over mistakes they committed through inexperience. He gave compliments when they were earned. My Nobek was tough but fair.

I smiled at the kids at the end of class when they all bowed to me. Then they were gone, whooping with delight to have made it to the end of the day’s instruction. Larten smirked at me.

“You make even the young and foolish try to be better men.”

“Then I corrupt them when they’re older.” I waggled my eyebrows at him suggestively.

“Oh, I want to be corrupted. Come with me and show me some evil.” His grin went from ear to ear.

I followed him the short distance down the hall to his office, which was long on utility and short on d├ęcor. Desk. Chairs. Computer. Desk com. Nothing else. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the attached lavatory, which included a shower. Clothes went flying. Moments later, we were under the warm spray.

Wet, naked Larten. What a wondrous creature to behold. His black hair was an oil slick cascading down those scarred, beefy shoulders. His muscles gleamed, making him look more impossibly chiseled than he already is. He was too yummy not to be licked like ice cream, so I did. I chased rivulets running down his gorgeous abdomen and chest with my tongue, somehow always ending with one of his stiffened nipples. Normally Larten takes the lead, but he must have enjoyed the attention. He let me turn him into a lollipop for a decent stretch—until I remembered how satisfying loud it is when a hand smacks wet flesh in a closed-in space like the shower. I’m foolish to do such things to a Nobek, but Larten’s ass is too damned hot not to slap every now and again.

He returned the favor with interest. He bent me over and spanked me for what must have been a full minute. Not that I’m complaining. Oh no, I enjoyed each second of it. Then he pulled me upright and put me up against the shower wall, lifting me so that I could wrap my legs around his waist. I was incredibly wet after Larten’s thorough discipline, and I don’t mean because of the shower spray. Though I was tight enough that his claiming made me burn, he went in easily, as if our parts had been greased. He drove deep in one thrust, right to his groin. Prophets, he made me feel ready to burst.

Because I’d been so naughty, he didn’t allow me time to adjust. My Nobek shoved in tight, grinding hard against me, chafing my clit to cause passion to billow thick within me. Then he began thrusting, pounding hard and fast, fucking me with no mercy. His kisses landed brutally on my lips, applied with bruising force and nipping until my mouth was swollen from his attentions.

I rose and fell against the hard, smooth wall, shoved by each surge of Larten’s desire. I hung onto his shoulders as he took his pleasure, clinging because that was all I could do. He was a force of nature, punishing and rewarding my pussy and ass all at once. With me holding on for dear life, he shoved his hands between us to squeeze and pinch my tits.

Passion rose quickly, just as violently as the way Larten had me. It was a wallop from the inside, twisting me taut until I was sure my guts were in knots. He was relentless, bulldozing me towards climax in short order. I could feel control failing, as if Larten grabbed at it and tore it from me in tattered shreds. I flailed and kicked. I scratched his shoulders and back as the maelstrom built with ballistic strength.

I came hard, my pussy clenching down on my Nobek’s primary, squeezing to make him groan. He didn’t stop, but he slowed down as my sex tried to force him to explode. He smashed his fist against the wall, fighting for control. My cunt pulled at him, trying to milk him, taunting him with pleasure as I moaned with release. I moved against him, rising and falling to meet his rocking hips, making the orgasm last as long as I could. It felt glorious as sweetness crested and ebbed.

A few seconds after I quieted, Larten apparently felt in enough control to pound at me again. Satiety didn’t last long for me. He took me with him on another wild climb to ecstasy, forcing me along until I was on the verge once more. I added plenty of scratches to the collection I’d already given him, much to his primal joy. His growls rose to echo in the small space, making it sound as if we fucked in a bestiary. I soon added my shrieks to the din, my pussy spasming with as much ferocity as before. Moments later, Larten’s cocks jerked. He plunged in as deep as he could, flooding me with his passion.

We clung to each other for a long spell under the spray, relearning how to breathe normally. He at last lowered me down. I unwound my legs from his waist. I was amazed I still knew how to stand. Heavens, wasn’t I sore—but very, very satisfied.

“Whew,” Larten sighed, appearing far more wrung out than jousting with his students had rendered him. “Do I need to fetch you some pain inhibitor?”

“Yes. Now don’t go looking guilty,” I admonished when he winced to hear I was not ache-free. “It’s the kind of hurt I adore receiving. You know how I am.”

He switched off the water and activated the air jets that would dry us in a few seconds. In a rueful tone, he said, “It seems like I always get too enthusiastic when we fuck.”

“Have you ever heard me complain?” I asked. I picked up my clothes and inspected them to be sure they weren’t torn after our somewhat fervent stripping. My things were a tad wrinkled, but that was all. “I enjoy the best of all worlds with my three men. Cifa is often gentle. Seot is demanding and thorough. You give me the wild passion I need after our more careful clanmates. Don’t you dare tone it down, my Nobek.”

He acted as if he felt better hearing that. He should. Each word was true. I do have all I could want when it comes to lovemaking with my clan. Variety truly is the spice of life.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

February 15, part 1

I hit a wall today. Between therapy, the stress of launching the new cruise ship and my department, Candy’s clan campaign, and trying to pull together a presentation for my foundation, I fizzled right the hell out. Life overall is great, but today, I mentally felt like toast.

I’m not the one to play the lady of leisure in my day-to-day life. But once in a blue moon? I’ll be honest; I thought about running off and hiding today. Maybe take Anrel to the beach and play as if we didn’t have a care in the world. If I hadn’t had an appointment with Dr. Cafir this morning, I’d have done it.

Somehow, I couldn’t settle in and do real work today. I was utterly pathetic, though I tried my best. I sat at my desk and looked through applications for the staff positions I hadn’t hired yet. Couldn’t make it happen. I attempted to come up with a second run of promos for the new ship. Even the news the Imperial Clan had booked a cruise didn’t spur me to move my ass. I used company time in the hopes of outlining my first presentation for my foundation. No dice on that front either.

I finally gave up. Maybe a beach trip with Anrel was out of the question, given that my therapy appointment was coming up within the hour, but I figured I could do something afterward. A bit of fun I hadn’t done before, a jaunt that didn’t have duty attached to it. Just to clear my head and let me start fresh. A reset button.

I puzzled over that until my gaze happened to fall on the grouping of small vid-stills I keep on my desk. Gorgeous portraits of my clanmates and Anrel smiled at me, warming my heart. Anrel was with Candy once more, letting childcare trainees learn what was working by laughing and what didn’t by whining. Cifa was in his office, marshalling the troops who would be taking care of the royals while they cruised next month. Not a good time to drop in on him by any means. Seot would be at work, and his door was always open. The memory of my last visit to his office gave me evil thoughts. I seriously considered another drop-in.

Then I looked at Larten’s picture. It occurred to me that I’d never visited my Nobek at work. I heard the stories, almost nightly, of young Nobek trainees who were too stupid to live and the trouble they got themselves into. Larten talked like his job was one endless slapstick comedy. No way the kids, between sixteen and twenty-five, could truly be that bad. If they were, a visit would be hilarious. If they weren’t, I’d still be able to see Larten. That made it entirely worthwhile.

If I was allowed on training camp grounds. I commed my Nobek to find out.

“I recognize this frequency, you delicious woman,” Larten growled for a greeting. “Tell me something that will make me forget I’m in the company of the third-most worthless hides in the universe.”

“Third-most? What a rousing compliment for your boys,” I laughed. “How did they get so lucky?”

“It’s the youngest group, the sixteen-to-twenty-year-olds. The two older bunches are worse.”

“I’d have thought they’d be better as they mature.”

“No, the older ones think they’re better and have learned everything. These younger kids understand they’re fools and don’t pretend otherwise.”

I laughed. He was speaking loudly, letting me know he was letting his trainees listen in. “I can’t believe they are that bad, my Nobek. Is there any chance I could come and inspect them for myself?”

The delighted surprise in Larten’s tone caused me to grin bigger than ever. “Please do. Your presence might keep the worst of their stupidity in check.”

“I have my appointment with Dr. Cafir first, and then I’ll head out there.”

“I’ll meet you at the entrance.”

I was glad he sounded so pleased that I would be visiting. My clan never makes me feel as if my presence is taken for granted. I am a lucky gal.

But first, therapy. I would have much rather gone straight to Larten and skipped that altogether. It was tempting. I’d been doing so well with my clan, experiencing only twinges here and there of darker moods. Yet I didn’t want my fear of abandonment to gain any traction ever again. I let my staff know I wouldn’t be back today and headed to the headshrinker.

It was my therapy session, not Hina’s, so I was surprised she and Dr. Conyod were waiting for me with Dr. Cafir. “Hi. Nice to see you,” I said as I recovered from amazement.

“I’m glad to see you too,” Hina told me as her therapist bowed.

“Hina wondered if she might return the favor of you helping her. She’d like to sit in on your session in the hopes that some of her experience as a clanmate will aid you.”

I considered. “That’s nice of you. Do you have history with feeling as if you could be abandoned?”

Hina frowned a little. “I suppose in a manner of speaking I might. I’ve never had a parent leave me, as you’ve dealt with. Or losing people I counted on, beyond my daughters.” She offered a sad smile. “I guess the closest I can come to what you’ve experienced is coping with the large age difference between me and my clan.”

“Oh. I thought they looked a bit older. Well, a lot older,” I amended, not wanting to infer Hina might be of an advanced age. “Don’t tell them I said that.”

Hina snickered for a moment before sobering. “Our generational differences have often made me feel isolated from them.”

“Typical for arranged marriages between established clans and our few Mataras,” Conyod confirmed.

“Oh, that’s right,” I remembered. “Most of the Kalquorian Mataras don’t clan for love.”

“But we do often fall for our mates as we become familiar with them,” Hina said. “Such is my case. I’m doted on, adored. I still often feel misunderstood, even condescended to. That’s why I felt perhaps I potentially have support to offer you as you try to find your way.”

“I can understand that. Sure, I’m willing to hear your take on some of the things I’m going through.”

We sat down. Before my formal therapy began, I caught Hina up on the latest with the egg donor program. “I’m trying to pull together my presentation to the women at the Matara Complex now,” I said.

“Tell me if I might be able help. Before I stopped working due to the depression following my daughters’ deaths, I was a motivational speaker.” Hina snorted. “Isn’t it sad that the life coach couldn’t motivate herself?”

A light bulb went off in my head. “You’re used to giving presentations and speeches? Hina, that’s perfect for what I’m trying to do. I realize talking to others about your experiences would be excruciating, but would you consider it? Hearing about the heartbreak of losing your daughters could make all the difference to those Earthers who could donate.”

Hina gave me a startled expression. It had apparently never occurred to her that she might take part in my plans for the foundation. “Oh. Well.” She looked to Conyod for help.

Fearing I’d overstepped, I rushed to say, “No need to answer right away unless you know it’s going to do you harm. In that case, don’t hesitate to say no. I’d never ask you to put yourself through that kind of torture on my account.”

“It’s not that—I mean, do you believe they’d respond to a Kalquorian woman?”

“Earthers have all had to go through a lot of loss in the last couple of years,” I reminded her. “Armageddon took family and home from us. We Earthers understand that kind of pain, though maybe not your specific level of it. Your story would resonate with my people and encourage them to help Kalquorian women.”

She nodded, her face brightening. She turned to Conyod. “What do you think, Doctor?”

He considered. “If Shalia is correct, finding such support and understanding would go a long way to bring some relief from your losses. Using the pain you’ve endured to help other women might offer meaning to your experience.”

Hina took a deep breath. “I’d like that. For my babies’ deaths to lead to something beautiful. To bring hope to those who feel they have none.” She turned to me and smiled. “Let me know when you need me to speak. I will be ready.”

I could have hugged her. “Thank you! I have no doubt you’ll make a huge difference to the foundation. In fact, since you’ve had firsthand experience, I’d be thrilled if you’d consider being on our board.”

Hina promised to think it over. She appeared radiant at the opportunity to turn her tragedy into something constructive. I guess I’m not the only person who needed a cause to involve herself in.