Monday, January 15, 2018

March 13, part 3

Cifa gave ground to Larten. Though my Nobek appeared bestial with need, he was careful—perhaps because he knew how easily he could succumb to an animal drive that would destroy rather than create. He consumed me by wrapping his arms around me, holding me tight to himself as he sank his cocks within my flesh.

“My Matara. Lifebringer,” he whispered in my ear, his weight solid on me, pinning me in the most wonderful of predicaments.

Because he held me so close, his thrusts didn’t have the space to be powerful. Instead, his hips ground into me, pushing in slight but wonderful ways, ways that had me lighting up again before I would have believed it possible. His angle was such that he collided with my interior hotspot. My clit was in constant contact with his groin, the swollen flesh abraded until I took flight again.

“Yes,” Larten groaned as my pussy convulsed around his shaft. “Oh ancestors, yes.”

He moved so that my hips tilted farther up, my ass half-lifted off the mat. I was angled better than before, and I shattered anew. I clawed at his back, unable to keep myself from doing so. He growled and became more demanding, more determined to fuse us into a single entity.

I was on fire. My scalp crackled with it. My body felt filled with melting bits, flaring to ignition as he held me trapped, burning me, scalding me, devastating me. I expected to see smoke rising from our melded bodies, to watch Larten combust from the heat rolling off of me.

Instead, he shuddered violently, his whole frame quaking around me. Shaking me with the strength of his need. He went still for a bare second, long enough for me to feel the throbbing of his manhood inside me, filling me with his seed, making me come for him yet again. Even afterward, he kept rubbing against me, forcing every spark of reaction from my somehow still-avid body. Then finally, we shared the sweetness of simply holding each other, gasping in the aftermath, hanging on to prolong the astounding union we’d shared for far too short of an interval. Because with any of them, no amount of eternity was long enough. I knew it never would be, rendering each second more precious than the last.

Finally, Larten reluctantly parted from me. His expression said he felt each exact emotion that I did. He looked to our clan leader with a grateful demeanor. “Thank you for your patience, my Dramok.”

“It appeared intense,” Seot smiled. “I would not part the two of you in a moment like that for the world.”

“You are, as always, generous to a fault.”

Seot’s face split in a big grin. “Or it could be that since I am last, I can take all the time I wish as well. No clanmate is left to get out of the way for.”

We all chuckled at that. Then we all turned as one to the monitor on the wall as Anrel’s cry split the air. She kicked in her crib, seemingly fine.

“I’ve got her,” Cifa said as he yanked on his pants. He was out the door in a twinkling. A moment later, his soothing voice quieted Anrel’s wails as he picked her up and rocked her in his arms.

“Should I leave you two alone for my Dramok’s turn in the baby-making sweepstakes?” Larten joked.

“Actually, I wouldn’t mind you helping me with that,” Seot grinned, his eyes lighting as an idea occurred to him.

“Oh, not feeling up to it?”

Seot indicated his avid cocks. “Don’t I look up to it? I thought you might make a nice piece of furniture though. Remember the fuck chair on the ship?”

Larten did remember it well, as I did. He needed no further instruction, propping himself up on pillows and motioning me over to lean against him, sitting between his legs. When I did so, my spine lined up against the middle of his stomach. My head pillowed against his chest. He grasped the backs of my knees and lifted them up and out.

“That’s what I was after. Thank you, my Nobek.” Seot crawled up to kiss me, awakening my libido yet again with his practiced lips and tongue.

He took advantage of how Larten held me open for him, sliding into me with ease. I was delighted to run my hands over his muscled shoulders, his perfectly cut chest, his too-stunning face. I sighed, thrilled to have him deep inside me. “How did I get so lucky?”

“I’m glad you feel that way,” he said, his gaze softening as he gazed at me. “I know I feel more fortunate than a man has a right to.”

Ha! This poor man hasn’t got a clue. I won him and his clan, the trophy above all trophies. He ended up with me—a mess of a person who forgets to appreciate him the way he deserves. But with our bodies melded together, moving against each other in that sweetest of sharing, I appreciated him in that moment. Sometimes I figure it out. I’m glad when I do.

Our breathing rose as we made love, growing louder as longing drove us hard against each other. Every inch of my being turned into an eager craving for Seot. He delved into me, feeding me his cocks though I only hungered for more. I grabbed his plunging ass in my hands, marveling at the way it flexed as he pressed ever deeper until his cock tip grazed my cervix, sending profound shocks of hurting exaltation shivering through my body. Excited by my cries, Seot shoved into me harder, forcing me to accept all of him.

I kicked my feet into the air, held aloft by Larten’s sure grip. Taking Seot’s insistent thrusts was ecstatic torment, sending me towards glorious devastation. Then it was on me; a searing cataclysm that raged through my senses, enhanced by the feeling of his shafts jerking inside my walls, filling me with his seed, sending it deep within.

I don’t know if we made a baby, but we sure as hell had fun. It was the kind of night where no one sleeps—except Anrel, once Cifa got her to calm down from whatever had disturbed her slumber. Who needs rest when there is so much love to share? So much love to make? So much joy to possess?

I’ve never been so happy, filled with such a sense of completeness. I hope it will last forever.

End of Shalia's Diary Book 11

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Shalia's Diary Book 12
The Final Chapter

In the final, definitive chapter of Shalia’s adventure, she faces her greatest challenge of all…a danger that threatens life and soul.

Shalia’s happily-ever-after is in full swing, and life couldn’t be better. Fulfilled in career, success, and love, she imagines the dark days are behind her. Then a message arrives, a message that could have come from only one man. Despite the combined resources of Shalia’s protective clan and Kalquor’s best law enforcement, there is no guarantee she and her infant daughter Anrel will come out all right in the end.

Shalia has readied for this moment, but she’s still taken by surprise when her past nemesis shows up to steal her happy ending. Love and affection denied turns into violence and hatred…both for Shalia and the enemy who will destroy everything in his obsessive need to possess her.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

March 13, part 2

I laughed as I was carried off. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know the sentimental Nobek required candlelight and soft music.”

“Getting smart with me, woman?” Larten flipped my skirt over my waist, yanked my panties down, and started spanking me in the hall. By the time he got me into the bedroom, my ass was already flaming and my pussy, wet.

Larten put me on the thick rug at the foot of our sleeping mat. He opened the crotch of his trousers, freeing his cocks. “Apologize for your insolence.”

With a happy grin, I went to work on my ‘penance’. As I sucked my Nobek’s cocks, moaning over his delectable flesh, Seot and Cifa stripped me naked. Once I was bare, they went away, leaving me with my head moving back and forth as I pleasured a now-groaning Larten.

My other two beloveds returned, putting my hands behind my back and binding them with something silky soft, maybe a scarf. With my hands no longer available to stroke his cocks as I sucked them, Larten gripped my head. He fucked my mouth with slow, lazy strokes. Seot and Cifa pinched and tugged my nipples, making them tight and protruding. I whimpered at the stings as they played roughly, but my inner thighs were slick as juices flowed from my pussy. Mastered by three strong men—I was aching to have my sex filled.

Instead, a stab of raw pain sliced into my breast, and heaviness dragged on it. I shuddered to feel somebody attaching a weighted nipple clamp. For a moment, it canceled out everything in my awareness except for the spicy-sweetness of Larten’s primary cock pumping between my lips. The combination of the two sent a thunderclap of passion through my gut, causing my pussy to flex in delight. I cried out.

“That sounded more like excitement than protest,” Seot growled. “Good girl, my Matara.” I warmed to have his approval.

Fingers inspected my slit. Cifa chuckled. “Nice and wet. That’s a well-behaved pussy.” He shoved a couple fingers inside me. I uttered another muffled yell around Larten’s cock. My clanmates are experts when it comes to handling me.

My other nipple was clamped. Same pain, but more profound pleasure with my Imdiko driving in and out of my cunt. I shuddered. My sex flexed.

“That’s right,” he whispered in my ear. “A little pain, a lot of pleasure. Just the way our pretty Shalia prefers it.”

I found even more to appreciate as the weights on my breasts were set to swinging, increasing the intensity of the hot ache suffusing me. A meaty hand delivered a firm smack to the side of one breast. It made me scream.

A spurt of stronger-tasting fluid coated my tongue. With a hiss, Larten pulled free of my clinging lips. “That’s all I can take without coming. Who would enjoy the use of this lovely mouth next?”

“I’ll take that offer,” Seot growled. He and Larten swapped places so that my Nobek knelt next to me. I was sure Larten had exciting things in store, but my focus went to my Dramok’s beautiful lengths before my face. I opened my mouth for him and moaned with delight as he filled it. I closed my eyes and reveled in the feeling of one cock utilizing my mouth while the other slid wetly beneath my chin.

“She looks good sucking you, my Dramok,” Larten said. “Those lips were meant to wrap around cocks.”

The dirty talk set off more spasms in my pussy. “Her whole body was made for fucking,” Cifa said. With his fingers buried inside me, he had felt my response. I’m sure that’s why he kept talking. “Her mouth, her ass, her cunt—she was built to be filled with our cocks. To be fucked and filled with our seed.”

Larten’s deep laugh was positively evil. He gave the weights attached to my breasts a tug, making me cry out around Seot’s thrusting primary. The heady pain billowed and turned me wetter than ever.

“Do you want to come, little Shalia?” Larten whispered. His palm rubbed slow circles over my mound, his touch tantalizingly close to my clit. “Do you want to show us how much you enjoy serving your clan? How you adore letting us fuck you however we wish? Putting our babies in you?”

I was so aroused, it was a wonder I didn’t come on the spot when he captured my clit between his fingers. Rapture flared bright between my legs as he rubbed the sides of my pulsing bud. I barely noticed myself choking for a moment as Seot pushed down my throat, forcing me to take him to the hilt.

“I think she does want to climax for us.” Cifa’s whisper warmed my ear. “I believe she wants it badly.” He shifted the pressure of his fingers as he used them to fuck me, searching for the grouping of nerves that felt best. I shuddered, helpless to stop him from tormenting me.

He found what he was looking for, sending a blast of exaltation through my entire body as he applied demanding friction to my g-spot. Tears ran from my eyes as the men brought me to the brink and kept me there, hovering a hairsbreadth from orgasm. I squalled against the cock plunging between my lips. The sound was desperate and beseeching.

“That’s our girl,” Seot grunted. He laced his fingers at the back of my head, holding me in place as he picked up the tempo. “Keep asking us to fuck you just that way.”

As if I had a choice. I cried out over and over as they tormented me, my thoughts falling to dust as near-completion danced out of reach. I struggled, though with Seot imprisoning my head, my wrists bound, and me on my knees, I had nowhere to flee.

Only when Seot started coating my tongue with pre-cum with each thrust did it end. “Close,” he panted, withdrawing from my moaning mouth. “Cifa, do you need a turn?”

My Imdiko’s eyes were dark as he shook his head. “I’m too aroused, imagining putting a baby in her. I’m afraid I won’t last long.”

“Would you like to go first?”

Cifa gave Seot his most adoring smile. “Thank you, my Dramok. It would be a privilege.”

The trio suddenly turned tender. The nipple clamps were removed. The stinging pain was soothed with kisses. Only when I stopped hissing with agony did Larten loosen my wrists. They lifted me from the rug and placed me in the middle of our sleeping mat. Seot and Larten surrounded me on either side as Cifa knelt between my legs.

“I’m more than ready, but you smell too divine to not taste,” my Imdiko sighed. He bent to my drenched pussy and bestowed long, lingering licks while our clanmates held my legs apart for him. I groaned to feel that wonderfully rough tongue exploring each crevice. Cifa lapped every drop of my excitement and produced far more. As I cried out at the surges of heat flaring in my belly, Larten and Seot took turns kissing me, swallowing my moans.

I squirmed wildly when Cifa sucked on my clit, his tongue lashing it. He brought me up to the edge, right to the moment when the first spasm of climax was about to happen. Then he backed off and looked me over as I keened with loss.

“My Matara,” he murmured, stroking his main cock. “Mother of my daughter and the children to come. I love you so much.”

With that, Cifa bent over me, crouching low as he brought his cocks to my pussy and ass. He positioned them, inserting the tips in me just enough that my openings began to spread, yielding to him. Then he drove in all the way in one thrust, taking me with strength.

The pain of the sudden claiming was exactly the kind I adore best. All at once I was filled to the brim, Cifa’s groin colliding with my clit, grinding against me as he rubbed in tight circles. I almost came that very second. He drew out slowly, making me feel each inch of his iron lengths until he was in danger of slipping out.

He plunged back in, harder and faster than before. Blinding whiteness exploded before my eyes. My entire abdomen heaved as violent passion consumed me. The friction and fullness of his thick shafts kept the lightning strikes coming, producing shock after shock of burning rapture that sizzled to the ends of my fingers and toes. I was aware of my body writhing like a serpent’s, of wild cries streaming from my throat, of Seot and Larten pinning me down as Cifa thudded harder and harder against me, his face working as his own end approached.

His cocks jolted within me. He shouted with the power of it. I had yet another massive surge, responding to his surrender to passion. We lost ourselves in each other, in our shared motivation to make something more than simple pleasure.