Monday, December 18, 2017

February 23

I joined Hina for therapy today. She was in a chipper mood, coming over to whisper in my ear, “I have a slogan for the foundation.”

“Tell me.”

“Naked Emperors for Fertility.”

We cackled for a good five minutes over that. It was easy to laugh since I hadn’t received notification that Katrina had been arrested for making salacious comments to royalty.

“You should have seen Katrina on the transport before she joined Clan Wotref,” I smirked to Hina as we grinned at our psychologists, who were watching us with curiosity. “She was twice as bad.”

Hina snickered. “I must spend more time with her. I haven’t been able to keep from laughing since our meeting yesterday.”

We were still snickering as we sat down with our doctors. Conyod’s shadowed eyes brightened to note us enjoying ourselves. “Anything you can share?” he asked.

We were more than happy to. I was sure at one point that Dr. Cafir would fall on the floor over Hina’s slogan. Conyod damned near turned purple, he blushed so hard.

Once Conyod recovered, he told us, “Nude royalty aside, I’m seeing a great deal of progress from Matara Hina. I spoke with your clan, and they report a marked change over the last few weeks. I understand you donated the items that had been purchased for the daughters you lost.”

Hina sobered, but she didn’t look depressed. “I need to let my babies go. I will always love them, but it’s overdue to let my girls rest. It’s impossible to do so with reminders filling the nursery.”

“I’m impressed. Where do you imagine you’ll go from here?”

Hina smiled at me. “When I’m judged capable, I’ll take up Shalia’s offer to try for a child using her eggs. I’ll start anew, as if for the first time, unencumbered by past losses. If things don’t work out for whatever reason, I’ll reassess my options.”

I was curious. “What options are you thinking of, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“There are Earther orphans and not enough Earthers are applying to adopt them. It’s not surprising, given the survivors of your world are trying to figure their lives out. It’s hard enough to do so without a child who is grieving.”

“I hadn’t even thought about that,” I said. It made me feel small to have not considered the children left behind after Armageddon.

“The Galactic Council is doing what they can for them.” Hina winked at me. “You don’t have to take up another cause, Shalia. There is an orphanage colony in place, with able people taking care of the children.”

“Are you considering adoption?” That was pretty incredible of Hina to consider being the mother to kids not of her species.

She nodded. “It will take a while for such a thing to happen, however. The Galactic Council is expending its resources to first verify there are no living relatives of the children who are willing and capable of taking them in.”

“An interesting option for you, considering your greatest guilt came from not being able to have Kalquorian daughters who lived,” Dr. Cafir commented.

“Once I stopped thinking about myself—my pain, my grief—I was able to see the greater needs of others. Shalia’s desire to help other women become mothers to daughters helped me understand how wonderful it is to give what I have.”

“Which is?”

“I love being a mother. I love children. Raising my sons has been the greatest joy of my life. Considering how well they turned out, I hope I can say I’m rather good at it.” Hina laughed. “I’ve thought long and hard about it. I believe I would be perfectly happy to raise children I did not give birth to.”

Conyod regarded her with his usual kindness. “How does your clan feel about the idea?”

“They are open to the option.” Hina’s expression turned wry. “When given the chance, my mates are giving and considerate men. They were saddened when I told them about the Earther orphans and have undertaken research with me into the possibility of bringing one or more into our home.”

Wow. I was blown away by what she said.

“You spoke of more than a single option,” Conyod said. “What else have you considered, should using Shalia’s eggs not prove successful?”

“Not doing anything. Accepting my life as it is and moving on. Improving myself. Now that I’m starting to move past a life filled with grief, I see endless opportunity.”

I thought that was real progress. I was impressed at how far she’d come in such a short time. I think it’s safe to say Hina is going to be okay.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

February 22

The Family Fertility Foundation had a meeting today. Emperor Egilka showed up for this, because it’s kind of an important one. Preparing for our pitch to Earther women at the complex felt almost as if we held a war council, with all hands on deck. We have five days, so it is something of a scramble.

Funny enough, my part will be mostly behind-the-scenes with putting together vid vignettes. At the presentation itself, I’ll make a brief speech about the foundation, then I’ll introduce each speaker in turn. Then I’ll wrap things up with a last round of begging the women to sign up to donate.

Katrina’s part is similarly low-key. She’ll set the room up for the meeting. Flencik will talk about the procedure and answer any questions that come up. Candy will share her experience with donating eggs. Emperor Egilka asked to participate as well—not as a scientist, but as the brother of a woman who committed suicide because she was infertile. Now I know why this is such a huge deal to him. It might have the biggest effect in convincing my fellow Earthers to give Kalquorian women the chance to give birth. If not, Hina’s story of losing two daughters will. I hope.

It shouldn’t have been a fun discussion, what with the sad stories and our small window of time. News that the number of applicants for eggs stands at nearly fifteen thousand was pretty daunting too. Yet Katrina kept cracking us up with her suggestions for how to convince plenty of the gals to attend to hear our pitch.

“Booze. Offer liquor, all they can drink, right from the start. We’ll get them soused, and then have them sign up. I’m betting on one hundred percent participation.”

“The Imperial Clan is due for a new scandal,” Emperor Egilka chuckled. “But I’d prefer to keep this week clear because of some legislation I’m trying to have passed by the council. They’re hard enough to convince when I haven’t given them ammunition against me.”

Katrina grinned at him, not cowed in the least by the fact she spoke to royalty. “So you wouldn’t be on board with the additional suggestion that you and Dr. Flencik do your presentations in the nude, huh?”

Flencik’s mouth dropped open. Candy and I hid our faces behind our hands. Hina got up and went to the next room. We could still hear her guffawing, damned near hee-hawing like a donkey at the idea.

As uptight as I take Emperor Egilka to be, he greeted Katrina’s outrageousness with perfect equanimity. “If Dr. Flencik is as physically overwhelming in certain respects as he is in others, I certainly don’t want to take the stage after him. For the sake of my fragile male ego, your petition is denied, Matara.”

“Oh well. It was worth a shot.” Katrina moved on to the next order of business. “When Hina pulls herself together, we’ll talk about panel seating.”

Hina eventually did recover. She rejoined us, and we moved on to the nuts and bolts of our big day. Naked presentations were not mentioned again, though Katrina did bemoan the fact that Kalquorian men don’t dance. “Imagine if the boring parts of the information were presented in song, sung by scantily clad men dancing around the audience.”

“Imagine me placing a com to your clan and telling them you’re up to your old tricks,” I warned. “Focus, woman. I have a staff meeting at the cruise line headquarters in a couple of hours.”

Despite my bawdy friend’s attempts to divert our attention, we did hammer out the most important aspects of the coming conference. It seems the biggest question mark is going to be attendance. All our plans will be for nothing if no one shows up. Ugh.

We ended just as I had to dash off to my staff meeting. I cringed inside to notice Katrina cornering Emperor Egilka as everyone began to file out. The poor man shouldn’t have taken her earlier comments in stride. Who knows what antics she assumes she can get away with now?

I checked my account to check how much money I have in case she ends up requiring bail. That woman needs to be kept on a leash.

Monday, December 11, 2017

February 19, later (part 2)

After dropping off Anrel, who acted every bit as delighted to have a visit with her grandmom as Joelle was, we winged off to a favorite restaurant. I smirked at my clanmates as Larten settled his shuttle on the landing pad on top of the cliff where access to the market was close by. “You’re not fooling me for an instant, you know,” I told them.

Seot escorted me out into the night, lit by a dazzling array of stars and moons. “What are you talking about?”

“You’re delighted Betra and Oses joined Clan Resan. You assume there is less reason for me to regard them as lost potential clanmates with that awful blight of a man hanging around.”

The guys made a few disbelieving sounds. They gave me somewhat offended glances, as if they would never have considered such a thing. Not one of them denied it, though. I laughed and grabbed my Dramok and Imdiko’s hands. “I love you three. Don’t doubt that for a second.”

They all smiled, their faces bright in the darkness. Cifa asked, “Out of curiosity, how do you feel you’re doing with your abandonment fears? I haven’t noticed any issues coming up lately.”

“Believe it or not, I get the idea I’m doing a lot better. Maybe it’s because I’ve been too busy to stop and think about myself.”

We lingered over dinner in a quiet, casual atmosphere. Good food, good drink, a good time. We talked over clanning ceremony plans, realizing we’d let that fall by the wayside because of my crazy schedule and the launch of the new ship—which is going so well that Cifa has ordered three more like it built. There is already a two-year waiting list for the small-ship cruise. The campaign has been a resounding success.

It was mostly Cifa and I who talked about the ceremony, with Seot adding a few suggestions and requests. As for Larten, his go-to answer was, “Whatever the rest of you want is fine by me.” Such a Nobek.

Full of food, booze, and joy, we went home afterwards. The idea had been for the guys to distract me from the unbelievable news of Clan Resan—shudder—and it was a resounding success. I was in the mood for some greater fun with my clan.

“It’s too nice to be indoors,” I said as soon as we landed in our home-sweet-rock in the sea. “What about hanging out in the garden?”

The men agreed. When we got to the flat top of the rock, Cifa pulled out a bunch of seating cushions from storage so we didn’t have to sit on the hard ground. Larten had dashed inside to grab a bottle of bohut and some glasses. We drank and snuggled together, looking up at the three moons making their journeys through the starry sky. Lobam was low on the horizon. I thought of how much it reminded me of Earth. Sadness for the loss of my home planet stirred for a moment, but I dismissed it. Kalquor is my home now. I’m far happier here than I ever was on Earth.

A shooting star flashed overhead. “Quick, make a wish,” I told the guys.

“But I already have everything I want,” Cifa said. He held me close and delivered a kiss fit to curl my toes.

Come to think of it, I had everything I could dream of too. But I was always willing to have more of a great thing. To illustrate that, I climbed on top of my Imdiko and wiggled all over him. He was more than happy with the attention.

“Hey, this clan shares equally,” Seot complained after about a minute and a half of exclusively lifebringer-caregiver action.

For a response, Cifa wrapped his arms and legs around me, clutching possessively as we continued to kiss. Then he rolled us on top of Seot and off again.

“There’s your share,” he retorted, coming up for air for a moment before his lips mashed mine again. I managed muffled laughter at his antics.

“All right, you greedy jerk,” our Dramok growled. “You’re in for it now.”

Being smothered in Imdiko, it was hard for me to see what was happening, but I eventually figured out Seot was trying to unwind Cifa’s legs and arms from around me. Cifa countered by rolling us over on our clan leader again and again, giving him a chance to strengthen his grip on me. Larten sat back and laughed at the spectacle.

Huffing and puffing, Seot at last reminded our Nobek, “You’re being denied access too, you know. Neither of us gets a chance until we untangle the two of them.”

So Larten joined in on the assault on the clingy Imdiko. Cifa had us roll over him too. It really was a great defense, because he kept me to himself for longer than he should have been able to. From time to time, he’d call out, “Mine!” And hugged me tighter.

He kept wallowing all over the little patch of lawn and our clanmates, making it hard for them to grab hold of him while he clung to me like a burr. I believe Cifa might have been a tick in a past life—that man does not let go of what he wants easily. I was breathless from laughing at him.

But they finally got him pinned down. Their next task was to pull one of his limbs away to release me, then keep that limb from curling to surround me again while they strained to unwrap another one. Easier said than done. He made them work for it.

Even when I was pulled mostly free, he still didn’t give up. He grabbed hold of my ankle as Larten held him down and Seot hauled me loose. “Give her back!” he insisted, trying desperately to wiggle out from under our Nobek.

Between hysterical guffaws, Seot told him, “You lost!” Then my Dramok wrapped me up exactly as Cifa had—and the game was on again. Nobody would have ever guessed we were four adults from the way we romped for the next half hour. But who says you have to outgrow having fun?

Eventually though, mature needs came to the fore. Joking remarks about dirt and grass stains led to clothing being shed. Warm flesh pressed against warm flesh. Rolling all over each other was less a game and more about desire. We were a tangle of flesh in the end, mouths and hands seeking, limbs twining. I found myself at the center of our lovers’ knot, woven within the men, surrounded by interlaced flesh. In the dark, merged as we were, I lost track of who was doing what to me.

Fingers danced over my skin, tracing the features that they discovered. Strokes and caresses explored, discovering the places that made me giggle, that made me heat up, that gave me gooseflesh, that made me feel like melted butter. They pushed into places that were tight and resistant, places that were wet and welcoming. Strong hands rubbed tender spots. They gripped malleable areas, molding me to their clutches. They clenched supple skin, forcing me to accept ruthless demand. They pinched and pulled, squeezed and tugged, driving me out of my head with more sensations than I could possibly name.

Tongues tasted me all over, even as I hungrily sampled the skin I could reach. Mouths kissed passionately, proclaiming devotion to face, shoulders, breasts, belly, cunt. Teeth nipped where the lips led, lending shocking pain to the exhilarating pleasure.

I was mounted, each lover finding and claiming his niche. A cock filled my mouth, heavy with need, pushing deep, making me swallow it again and again. Another shaft thrust into my ass, finding cozy shelter in the tight confines. It invaded and retreated, time and again, gaining more territory until I surrendered to all of it. Another cock filled my pussy, sliding easily in our combined slick excitement all the way to the root, sending an electrical shot through my senses. Then came more jolts, growing in intensity as it hammered in with unremitting power.

Groans filled the air, an accompaniment to the roar of the nearby waves. I was ridden hard, with a pounding that would have put the surf to shame. Someone had come prepared; a vibrating fingerpad settled against my clit as the men fucked me. I wailed and choked against the cock using my mouth as brilliance lit me from the inside, my pussy spasming around the shaft taking it. Orgasm ripped me apart. I gloried in its violent embrace. When I recovered from that one, they forced me to climax again. And again. And again, until at last one man after the next found his own pleasure, filling me with jetting passion.

I think we dozed off for a little while, out there beneath the stars and moons. I’m not sure how long we snoozed, but I woke to find myself being carried by Seot into our sleeping room. He laid me on our bed and took me again. Then Cifa had another turn. Finally was Larten. When we finished fucking, I fell asleep with his body covering mine, his cock and my pussy still twitching.

I woke no less than twice more than night to find a clanmate having me, filling my mouth or ass or cunt. When any clanmate wanted me, they all did. It was exciting to be a slave to their wants, to be awakened by them satisfying their desires as they wished, no questions asked. Sure, breakfast in bed (which happened close to noon) was a menu heavy on the coffee and stim tabs, but it was so worth it. Especially when I had three men doting on me, taking care of everything from helping me shower to brushing my hair.

Clanned life is awesome. Especially when it doesn’t include a Dramok named Resan. I’m consoled enough to declare I’m okay with Betra and Oses’ decision—but if that man hurts them at any point, I’ll make him regret it.