Monday, April 14, 2014

February 4, part 1

We’re back to normal here on the Pussy ‘Porter, as Katrina likes to call our transport.  There have been no signs of Tragooms, renegade Earthers, or anything dangerous since our battle when we emerged from the portal.  It’s nice to be zooming along through space without fighting brutes off.

I even got to play with Oses yesterday ... if you can term it that.  A six-and-a-half-foot Nobek’s idea of ‘play’ bears little resemblance to anything I’d call it.  That man wore me out in more ways than one.  I’m not complaining, mind you.  Oses is amazing as a dominant lover.  He knows just how to handle me, even when I’m less than obedient.  Especially when I’m not obedient.

After breakfast I prepared myself carefully, knowing I would be spending the next few hours with the weapons commander.  I showered and shaved, making sure my pussy in particular was bare and smooth, just the way Oses said he wanted it.  Just a tiny touch of perfume followed ... that sensitive Kalquorian nose can’t stand a lot of fragrance, other than what I produce naturally.  Only small dots of my favorite scent went on my wrists and behind my ears and knees.

I carefully applied makeup.  I went heavier than usual with the mascara, almost to the point of clotting my eyelashes with the stuff.  Like Betra, Oses has a thing for smeared makeup.  I was generous with the lipstick too, since it would make me look more used when it became smudged.  I made sure the rest of my face was nearly bare, however.  I didn’t want to look too much like a clown.

I threw on a simple shift dress, since I would be taking it right back off once the door to Oses’ quarters closed behind me.  Slippers that were easy to kick off.  No panties or bra.  I was to be naked at all times when I gave myself over to him, so traveling light was my mantra.

I was ready with five minutes to spare before I was to present myself at his door.  With only one previous rendezvous in our history, I already knew Oses was an exacting disciplinarian.  I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to discover what he would call punishment.

I hurried through the corridors, barely pausing to wave to the other women and Kalquorians I knew.  My anxiety level was high, as was the anticipation.  My pussy had already moistened at the thought of what Oses might require of me during our tryst.

I soon found myself at the Nobek’s door, and I triggered the announce.  “It’s Shalia,” I said.

The door slid open and I entered the lair of Weapons Commander Nobek Oses.

The big, bad Kalquorian sat at his desk, looking at something on the vid hovering over his computer.  He didn’t look at me.  His gaze riveted on what appeared to me to be a news report from his home planet.

I immediately took my dress and shoes off, neatly stowing them away on shelves attached to the wall.  I dropped down to my hands and knees and crawled the small distance from there to Oses’ feet, where I knelt.  I laced my fingers behind my neck, cast my eyes down, and opened my legs wide.

Long seconds ticked by as my Nobek lover continued to peruse the vid.  At first glance, one might have surmised Oses ignored me, taking for granted that he had a naked gal at his feet.  I didn’t believe it for a second.  He was testing me, as he had told me he would.  I had no doubt he was completely aware of my every breath and any slight shift I might have made.  Nor did I believe that even if I was to offer myself to Oses for a century would he take my presence for granted.  He simply isn’t that kind of man.

It might have been five minutes after I’d gone to him that I felt his fingertips stroke through my hair.  His gravel rumble of a voice shivered me to the core.  “Well done, pet.”

I let a small smile of delight touch my lips.  I’d pleased him.

Doing so should have been easy, and on the surface, it is.  I do what I’m told and nothing else.  I don’t have to worry about coming up with some service to perform to make Oses happy.  I don’t have to concern myself with witty banter when we play.  I simply listen and obey.  If I have a problem with whatever the Nobek requires of me, I call a halt to our play.  If it comes to that, we will discuss what is bothering me and see how we can fix the issue.  We are in the early stages of building trust and exploring whether our needs are served by the other.

My part sounds easy.  It isn’t.  I’d been used and abused by men back on Earth to the point where trust doesn’t come naturally.  Then I’d fallen in love with a Kalquorian clan that I couldn’t stay with, which broke my heart.  I’m supposed to choose a full clan to spend my life with when I get to Kalquor, a group of three men who will assume the fatherhood of my unborn child.

Adding to my issues, I know I can’t stay with Oses long-term, because he is an unclanned Nobek.  Our union is not set in stone.  Hell, it’s barely written in the sand.  So to give him my complete trust and obedience is not an easy thing.  Fortunately, he realizes this and has been careful with me thus far. 

It helps that he has such a banging hot body.  I was greatly aware of him as I knelt and waited.  The calloused fingertips dragging soft trails through my hair kept me on the edge of shivering.  He wore only a kind of wrap, almost like a kilt, that sat low on his hips and ended short of his knees.  My gaze traced the veined and corded calves and thighs next to me.  Oses bulged muscle all over, which was not my usual preference when it came to masculine forms.  Yet his look suited his personality, which was big and bad in all ways.  His abdomen was carved with bumps and his massive chest looked like it was the size of a football field.  Peeking sideways through my hair, which had fallen forward and hid the fact I didn’t keep my gaze down as I was supposed to, I could see his arm as he tapped on his computer.  It was as big as a young but well-established tree, the bicep a swollen mass of unadulterated power.  Oses could snap someone’s neck without half trying. 

Adding to the unspoken threat that the man embodied were scars that turned his flesh into a roadmap of fights long ago and not so distant.  Nobeks refer to such scars as ‘marks of honor’, and they are proud of them.  To me they seem proof of pain and horror, but Nobeks love those they earned in battle.  Oses is no exception, and at over 150 years old, he has collected quite a few.  Somehow they add rather than detract to his appeal for me.  Maybe it’s because he’s such a force of nature.  It seems right he should be marked with raised slashes of red and dimpled lines of white.  I can’t imagine him without his scars.  They speak better of his past than stories could.

He shifted, and I quickly lowered my gaze to the floor between my splayed legs.  I felt his full attention move to me, and tension sang in my body.  It is scary to put my entire self in his not-always-so-gentle hands ... and exciting.

“Good morning, pet.”  The growly voice descending to my ears made me think of a god who could easily rain blessings or cast down wrath depending on his mood.

“Good morning, Master,” I answered, still staring at the floor.

“Look up at me and tell me what your doctor said when you saw him yesterday.”

My gaze climbed that magnificent body, enjoying every inch.  I swear, if my eyes could have crawled out of my head and wallowed over Oses, they would have.  Maybe I hadn’t been into muscle-bound bruisers before him, but I was certainly enjoying the appeal now.  Damn.

When I finally got all the way up to his face, I felt some relief to see a slight smile sitting on his lips.  Oses may not be precisely handsome, but he is a riveting person to look at.  The strength of his features match those of his body, but nothing above the neck is marred by scars.  With that strong brow, chiseled jaw, and prominent cheekbones, his is a face you’d never forget.  While not pretty like Betra, I find Oses’ features very much to my liking.

I reported to him, “Dr. Tep says that I may continue with sex as normal right now, probably for at least another four weeks.  Later I will have to be more careful, and not just because of the baby.  My tendons and ligaments will stretch as I get closer to my due date.”  I shook my head a little.  “Except for the occasional bout of morning sickness, I would never know I’m pregnant.  I don’t feel any different.”

Oses stroked my hair some more.  “You’re starting to lose some of that scent too.  It’s not as pronounced as it was when I first met you.”

I had to tease.  “Am I less appealing then?”

He chuckled.  “You couldn’t be less appealing if your life depended on it, little girl.  Are you ready to play?”

My heart’s pace picked up.  “Oh, most definitely.”

“What do you think of being blindfolded?”

It had been done to me before, and I knew it for the anxiety-provoking fun it was.  “I enjoy being blindfolded, Master.”

Oses’ eyes darkened.  “Do you now?  What do you like about it?”

“It heightens my other senses.  I feel what’s happening more profoundly,” I said.

“What about not knowing what’s coming next?  Does it bother you to not be able to see what I’m going to do to you?”

The way he said it made me shudder.  “I do get nervous about that,” I admitted.

“Nervous is good.  I like you being a bit on edge with me,” Oses said, his grin as dangerous as I’d ever seen it.  “Do you trust me enough to allow me to blindfold you, Shalia?”

Ah, my nemesis – trusting a man.  Oses is as scary as they come, but he’s also made it clear he’s my protector first and foremost.  What he might do worries me, but that’s also what I find most titillating.  When it comes to my safety, I have a lot of faith in this man.

“I trust you, Master,” I answered. 

“Good girl.  Come with me and let’s see you demonstrate it.  Oh, and I'm feeling generous today.  The usual formalities are suspended.  You don't have to refer to me as Master unless you want to.  Feel free to carry on conversation.”
"Okay," I said.  "Thank you."

He nodded and rose from his chair and walked over to the large bed that took up most of his living space.  He tapped the wall over the head of it as I crawled after him.  It opened, and he took out a satiny blindfold, the kind some people use for sleeping.

“That must have come from Earth,” I observed, noting that despite the elastic straps it would be too small for the larger Kalquorian skull.

“It did.  I found it with the stores available to you Mataras for your use.”

I pretended displeasure.  “Stealing from us poor little Earther girls?  You cad.”

Oses chuckled and bent down, picking me up from where I crouched on the floor and depositing me on the surface of his sleeping mat.  He gave me a few smart spanks on my rear for my bad behavior.  I giggled at the sting, wriggling at the heat.

“Naughty girl,” he chastised.  “Be good or I’ll gag you as well.”

He put the blindfold on me, conscientiously pulling free the strands of hair that got caught over my eyes.  “How is that?  Can you see?”

“Not one damned thing,” I said. 

Cut off from sight, I was very aware of the billowy softness of bed beneath my hands and knees.  There was an occasional rustle of the linens, but mostly from my own shifting.  Oses was as silent as a ghost, like most Nobeks.  I could smell him though:  his was a strong, masculine aroma, joined by that sweetish-spicy smell of Kalquorian arousal.  Scenting his desire made me feel good.  I love being wanted.

Hands slid around my waist from behind, their touch almost scalding hot.  Oses pulled me back against his body, my back held tight to his naked torso.  His mouth found my ear as he grabbed one breast, squeezing and kneading to make me gasp from mingled pain and excitement.  His teeth nibbled at my lobe.  Then he grabbed both breasts, pulling hard on my nipples, letting me know who was in control.

I groaned and writhed as he demanded my surrender.  Hearing only his breath in my ear, able to see nothing, my world was one of sensation.  Oses was brutal enough to make me groan, yet he’d already learned at what point to ease off.  I was clay under his fingers, ready to be molded into whatever shape he deemed best.

“So fucking beautiful, pet,” he muttered in my ear.  “You are gorgeous when you give yourself to me.”

I fairly purred at the compliments, rubbing myself against him as he pulled and squeezed my tits.  A sharp slap to one made me cry out.  Sparkling heat suffused it, and then its twin got one too.  I rubbed harder against Oses as my body lit.

“Good girl.  My sweet, good Shalia.”

He twisted me around and laid me on my back.  Oses held my wrists down over my head.  Then all went silent and still for a few moments.

I imagined him looking down at my naked, splayed body, waiting for him to decide what he would do to it next.  I lay quiescent, my entire frame trembling with eagerness.  The Nobek’s first assault had been intense.  I could hardly imagine what demands he would make on me next.

I was soon aware of the lightest of touches along my throat.  It was a soft, fluttery feeling, like that of a butterfly wing.  Barely there, just a tiny waft of sensation.  It reached the hollow of my throat, and it tickled.  I giggled.

Oses’ chuckle answered my titter.  “Ticklish, are you?” he asked.

The sensation returned, and I writhed.  “What is that?” I snickered.  “It feels like a bird’s feather.”

“It is the preserved frond of a plant that grows on Kalquor, with a downy bit of fluff at its tip.  Who knew something so soft could give such torture?”

“Torture is right, you sadist,” I laughed, wiggling like mad as he continued to brush the hollow of my throat with it.  “Stop, you brute!”

“Earther English ‘stop’ is not the word that will end your nightmare,” he teased.  “Let’s see where else you are ticklish.”

The whispery feeling moved down between my breasts.  There it didn’t tickle, but it still made me react.  Now it was riveting, especially as it stroked up one mound to play over a nipple.  The hair on my body rose to attention.  I shivered.

“Ooh, very nice,” Oses said.  “You’re covered in tiny bumps now.  I do enjoy how sensitive these are.”

He let the frond trail over to the other nipple, sending more light but heady sensations through me.  A tiny whimper escaped my lips.  Who knew such a tender, barely-there feeling could be so profound?

I thought Oses might continue to tease my breasts, and he did for a few minutes, gauging my every reaction as he flickered that frond over them.  Then he moved on.  He found another ticklish spot in my armpit, which was left vulnerable since his hand had my wrists pinned up over my head.

I shrieked with laughter, kicking the mat furiously as I tried to get away.  “Ah!  Cut it out!”

“But you are cute when you laugh,” came the chuckling answer.  The frond danced across my chest to get to the other armpit.

“Oses!  If you don’t quit, I’ll wet myself!”

“Really?”  That only seemed to amuse him.  “I don’t think you will.”

He kept at me until I thought I really would lose bladder control.  I decided this was an emergency situation.  “Sholt, you maniac! I am seriously about to pee!” 

The Nobek quit the moment I spoke the word ‘stop’ in Kalquorian.  I gasped like a beached whale, trying to catch my breath.

“Brute,” I whispered when I could speak again. 

There was no apology in his tone.  “That was fun.  Do you need to use the facility?”

“I’d better.”

“Go then.  When you’re done, we’ll resume.”

He took off my blindfold and helped me up.  I did my business and returned to the bed, crawling across the floor to show I was still in the mood for more naughty fun.  I just hoped Oses would give the ol’ pits a break.

The weapons commander helped me back on the sleeping mat, and I assumed the position I’d been in before the impromptu bathroom break.  Before I closed my eyes, I got a look at the horrid frond that had nearly led to disaster.  It really was a bit of a plant, a long blue stalk with white downy tufts at the end.  I stuck my tongue out at it before closing my eyes.

Oses’ hand closed over my wrists once more.  “All better, my pet?”

“Yes, Master.  Do your worst.  Oh crap, I wish I hadn’t said that!”

He laughed.  “I now have a new tool to use to punish you.  Don’t think I won’t use it.”

I sighed.  “Of course you will.  You’re unspeakably cruel to this poor little Earther.”

“Which you enjoy.”  He kissed me so sweetly I could hardly believe it was big, bad Oses.  Then he went back to his entertainment.

Monday, March 31, 2014

February 1, part 3

Oses stood there like a living mountain, arms crossed over his chest and slowly shaking his head.  “You two are not in any way ready to defend yourselves if the worst happens.”

“I don’t have any real ammo for my blaster anyway,” I mumbled.  “Besides, that’s what you’re around for.”

“So I am.  The boarders have been eradicated and the attackers turned away.  We won.”  Oses grinned as he openly leered at us both.

Betra scowled and carried me to the big Nobek.  “Here.  She needs care and I need to put on clothes.  You’ve seen more than enough of me.”

“Funny.  I was thinking I haven’t seen nearly enough of you,” Oses shot back, but he took me readily enough, letting Betra pull his uniform back on.  I guess I made a nice consolation prize.

Betra couldn’t get out of the room fast enough with his admirer there.  “I’ll get you new quarters, Shalia,” he said.  “You can’t stay in here anymore.”

“The rest of your charges are on their way,” Oses called after him.  “You have forty minutes before they’ll dock.”

“Got it,” came the call back from down the hall.

Oses looked at me, cradled like a child in his muscled arms.  “I wish I wasn’t needed back on the bridge right away,” he said.  “Fighting gets me excited and you look utterly wonderful right now with your hair a mess and makeup running.  Betra did well by you, little Shalia.”

“Yes he did, to the point I can’t handle anymore,” I said pointedly.  “Naughty Nobek.”

He grinned without the slightest shame.  “And I got to see his ass.  What a great day.  Damn, I wish I had time to fuck you right now.  Let me get you some water, my sweet, and care for you until you have recovered your strength.  I can take a few minutes for that.”

I was probably sticking my nose in where it didn’t belong, but as Oses saw to my needs I just had to run my mouth.  “You know Betra was sexually abused as a child, right?”

Oses blinked.  “I was not aware of that.”  His lips went tight and I saw anger rise in his eyes.  “He didn’t happen to say who did it, did he?”

“The man is dead.”

Oses glowered.  “Too bad.  I would have enjoyed abusing the bastard before tearing him to pieces.”

I went quiet, a little frightened by the fury I saw on the weapons commander’s face.  However, Oses had decent control over himself within a few seconds. 

He sighed.  “With a history like that plus Betra being so completely heterosexual, pressing my case for his affections is going to be in vain.  I suppose I will have to content myself with being just his friend.  Perhaps in time I can learn to view him as a younger brother.”

The tone in his voice told me that was not going to happen.  Oses is in love with Betra, plain and simple.  I can’t imagine what it must be like to be doomed to want someone for the rest of my life, knowing all the while it can never be.

After a little while, I pronounced myself steady and ready to get back to life.  Oses helped me get dressed, muttering, “This is the worst thing I’ve done all day.”  I combed my snarled hair and washed my make-up smeared face.  Betra had turned me into an absolute wreck ... and the boys say they like this look? 

Oses went back to work.  I hung out in Betra’s office while he located a new room for me.  We moved my things into my new quarters, which looked pretty much like my old quarters.  I’m now next door to Katrina.  I hope that doesn’t mean she’ll expect me to attend her parties just because I’m near at hand.

Even with those misgivings, I was happy to see her and Candy return safe and sound.  They screamed with relief when I met them in the shuttle bay with Betra.  There was much crying and hugging when we reunited.  I hate that they were worried, but at the same time it’s good to know I have people who truly care about what happens to me.

I have two of the best friends a girl could hope for.  I also have a couple of men who make me feel good and take care of my needs ... sexual and beyond.  I have three dads, and I look forward to maybe getting the mother I was meant to have in a few months.  I may have lost Dusa, Esak, and Weln temporarily, but who knows what the future holds?  As long as life continues, there is always a chance for the future.

Plus I’m going to be a mom.  Life gets scary once in awhile, but all in all, I’m happy to still be here.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

February 1, part 2

 Betra sat down, but I paced the floor of the sitting room.  “We’re not out of it yet, are we?” I asked.  “Not if a couple of battlecruisers are still in the fight.”

“Oses looked confident.  He must be if he’s involved in hunting the Tragooms that boarded the transport.  Otherwise he’d be on the bridge, handling things from there rather than allowing his second to enjoy that glory.  No doubt he’s getting ongoing reports on the battle, though.  He’d never leave anything to chance.” 

I looked at Betra, hearing a note of boasting in his tone.  “You’re bragging on him,” I said.  “You may not want to be Oses’ bed partner, but you care for him enough to take pride in his accomplishments.”

The Imdiko stiffened for a moment, and a look crossed his face as if he would deny my assessment.  Then his shoulders slumped.  “Fine.  If you must know, I care for the big brute.  If I was capable of being with a man, Oses would be my Nobek, and no Dramok would be able to make me accept another.”

I went to Betra and sat next to him, curling against his side.  “What’s so awful about admitting to that?”

He sighed.  “Because if Oses knew, he’d try to make it into more than I can offer him.  It’s enough I hurt him as much as I do.  Discovering I love him as the dearest friend possible but not as a lover would only make things worse.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

Betra nodded.  “He likes a good fight too much to accept ‘no’ for very long stretches of time.  I would have to find transfer from this ship and leave him behind if I had to fend him off every moment of every day.”  He growled a little under his breath.  “As irritating as he is, I would miss having him around.”

And here I thought my love life was complicated.

We sat there for a few minutes, quietly thinking our own thoughts and waiting to live or die.  I assume Betra was thinking over his mess of a situation with Oses and the inability to be a part of a clan.  Meanwhile, I thought of my own loved ones.  Mom lay in stasis somewhere on a shuttle out in space, unaware that she may never have the opportunity to awake.  Lucky gal.  My child, a tiny embryo in my stomach, a hostage to my fortune, shared whatever fate waited for me.  Katrina and Candy were on a shuttle, and who knew what they were thinking with my empty seat next to them.  It made me wonder if they would be all right if the Tragooms won ... would they find a safe port or be picked up by the victors?

I wondered what effect my death would have on my Kalquorian dads.  Nayun would be beside himself, but Bitev and Rak, who were not as emotionally invested in me, would be there to help him through it.  That was some comfort.  Still, it would only increase the worry over the woman they’d clanned, Joelle.  She was also on her way to Kalquor now.  That I would give any of them cause to grieve hurt my heart. 

And what of Dusa, Esak, and Weln?  Would they regret not answering my coms if I was killed out here?  I didn’t want to be the reason they ever felt any guilt.  My conscience gnawed at me for sending all those unwanted messages that only reminded them over and over we weren’t together any more.  I should have honored their request that we make a clean break of it.

I’d been so selfish.  What an awful legacy to leave behind.

I was roused from my depressing thoughts by Betra caressing my breast.  I looked into his blue-purple eyes in surprise.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” I said.  “We could die at any moment.”

“What better time to make love then?” he asked, his tone utterly reasonable.  “Why not grab what pleasure we can while we can?  Why shouldn’t we have sex as if it’s for the last time, just in case it is the last time?”

I had to admit, he had a point.  We could sit here going over the things we’d fucked up in our lives, or we could go out in the midst of pleasure.  However what he said next nearly had me running from him ... even if that meant going into the room with the smelly, headless Tragooms.

Betra smiled at me, his eyes warm.  “Dying might not be so bad if it happens in the embrace of the woman I love.”

I stared and nearly obeyed that urge to hang with the Shit Twins.  Finally I managed, “No, Betra.  No.”

His smile never faltered.  “I’m afraid so, pretty Earther.  I’ve tried to fight it, but sometimes the heart wants what it wants.”

I jumped up and yelled at him.  “Damn you!  You stupid, fucking Kalquorian, don’t you dare!  I refuse to love you, Betra.  I refuse!”

That damned Imdiko laughed at me.  “I didn’t say you had to love me too, Shalia.  I simply stated how I feel.”

I have never wanted to strangle anyone as badly as I wanted to strangle Betra in that moment.  “You’d better believe I’m not going to fall in love with you.  I already went through that shit with men I couldn’t have.  I’m not doing it again!”

“I don’t want you to,” Betra said, his voice going soft and the smile finally slipping from his face.  “The last thing I want to see is you hurt.  Truly, Shalia.  If I thought for a moment you might love me back, I’d insist they give you another liaison.”

I stared at him, completely unable to figure any of this out.  “Why?  You aren’t making any sense to me, Betra.”

He ducked his head and studied the floor between us like it was the most fascinating sight in the universe.  “I’ve seen how much it’s hurt you to leave Clan Dusa behind.  You’ve come close to making some bad choices because you fell in love with a clan that can’t have you.  I can’t have you either, because I won’t join a clan.  If you fell in love with me, it would only lead to misery for you.  I can’t let that happen.”

I blinked, my head still not really wrapping around his rationale.  “But you said you love me.  What about you getting hurt?  After all, I’m seeing Oses too.  I’m ultimately supposed to join a clan on Kalquor.  What does that do to you?”

Betra shrugged.  “It means I enjoy what I can have for as long as you’ll gift that to me.  It means every second I get is precious, something to savor.”  He frowned a little.  “It also means that if I think you’re getting attached, I will push you away.  You are not allowed to love me back.  You have to find a clan worthy of you, one that will treat you right and help you raise your child.”

“You don’t want to keep me for yourself?”  I couldn’t believe that.  Didn’t love mean you had to have and keep a person no matter what?

Betra’s gaze met mine.  The look was hard, and his expression was set with determination as he slowly shook his head.  “I am only an Imdiko, one man.  I am not enough to be all the things you must have, Shalia.  I would never be so selfish as to deprive you of what you need.”

I really do not understand him.  However, with death roaming the corridors I didn’t have time to try.  In the end, I just wanted to pretend we weren’t inches away from dying. 

I also wanted to get that look off Betra’s face that told me he really had fallen in love.  I couldn’t handle love.  I could handle lust though, so I suddenly stripped.  An instant later, I was on my knees in the position Oses had taught me:  legs wide apart, hands behind my neck, boobs thrust forward, and my eyes cast down.  I prayed it would shut the idiot up.  Stupid Betra with all his talk of love and attempts to make something noble out of it.  I think I hated him a little bit at that moment.

I couldn’t see Betra’s face, but I was at eye level with his groin.  Objectives achieved.  Those stretchy pants were pitching a tent in a hurry, and he didn’t say anything else to make me want to punch him in the mouth. 

“Now that is lovely, pet,” the Imdiko said, his tone low and quiet.  “What a sweet way to present yourself.  Stay very still while I play with you.”

I did as I was told, holding position while Betra cupped my breasts.  His thumbs rubbed back and forth across the nipples, making them stiff.  I had to remind myself to exhale, as my breath kept catching.  How was it that his every touch felt like it happened to my clit rather than my tits?  Ticklish heat trickled through me, making me wet and eager for whatever he would give.

“I look forward to seeing these grow fuller as your pregnancy progresses,” Betra told me.  “They are already quite delightful.  It will be exciting to see how your body changes over the next few months.”

I knew not to speak without permission.  My duties were to be quiet and still unless directed otherwise.  My body was also Betra’s to enjoy as he saw fit.  As always, I felt excitement to give myself over to his control.  Existing simply for another’s pleasure made things so easy.

Betra rolled my nipples between fingers and thumbs.  “I love seeing how your flesh darkens when you are excited, pet.  Look how rosy these become.  They are beautiful.  Arch back as far as you can.  I want to suck on them.”

I did as I was told, my pulse quickening in anticipation of having his mouth on me.  Betra’s dark head came into view, descending down to take possession.  His eyes watched my face as he closed in on my left breast.  I could hardly see the purple of his irises because his pupils had grown so huge.

His mouth locked down on my breast.  My liaison sucked hard on me, his tongue rubbing over the pebbled nub.  A moan escaped my lips as a shock passed from his flesh, traveling deep into my core.  A bright pulse flared within my guts.  I trembled all over as Betra sucked hard and lashed my nipple with his scratchy tongue.

He pinched my other nipple hard to send slivers of pain, a delicious juxtaposition to the pleasure the one in his mouth enjoyed.  I jerked in reaction to the tumult building within me.  My gasps ended with tiny whimpers.

Betra watched as he turned crueler still.  He slowly released my breast, scraping his teeth across the surface of my skin to leave reddened streaks on my flesh, marking me.  He tested my submission, and while I moaned at the sting, I did not try to move away from the punishment.  I saw the pleasure that lit his eyes at my obedience, and I felt glad. 

His fangs descended, the sharp points obvious behind his flatter teeth.  He wrinkled his lips back as he homed in on my breast once more, advancing slowly to bite, letting me know it was coming.  I shuddered as the hollow teeth dimpled my skin just above the areola, but once more, I did not draw back. 

Betra sank those two fangs into the soft flesh with deliberate slowness, letting me feel the pain of them driving into me.  I shuddered and cried out, the stabbing pain immense for the brief seconds it lasted before the anesthetic properties of his saliva numbed it away.  Then I waited as he fed his intoxicating venom into my bloodstream, which would make me all the more compliant to his every whim.

The first wisps of pleasure wafted into my brain when Betra withdrew.  He licked the wounds he’d left, tasting the tiny drops of blood that appeared.  Then he sealed his lips over the bites, drawing hard on me to taste more of my life.

My senses buzzed pleasantly a few minutes later when he left off that.  My pussy had begun to ache, wanting attention too.  As determined as I was to serve Betra, my greedy sex wanted to wrest control from me, to demand he sate my hungers.  My laced fingers twitched at the back of my neck, wanting to reach for him, to rub the swollen crotch of his pants in the hopes of seducing him into filling me with his cocks.

However, I remained still and pliant as the Imdiko bent his head to my other breast, filling him mouth to suck eagerly.  With the little bit of venom he’d injected, I was even more sensitive and excited by his touch.  Cries poured from my throat as the throbbing pleasure of him licking and sucking on me rolled in continuous waves from tit to clit.

Once more, he marked me with his blunt teeth before letting fangs descend.  Again, I was made to withstand the slow stabbing into my breast.  This time the pain only aroused, making my pussy clench hard as Betra penetrated me with those tiny daggers.  If he had touched my clit, I would have come for him then and there.

I was swaying drunkenly when he stopped pumping me full of intoxicant.  He had to put his arm around me to keep me from falling over as he tasted the blood from the newest set of bites he’d set on me.

At last he finished feeding from those punctures.  He sat back once more and looked me over.  “How do you feel?” he asked.

His face was just above mine, and it was a good thing because most of my vision had gone fuzzy around the edges.  I blinked slowly at him, taking a few moments to remember that with Oses I was to keep my eyes cast downward.  Oops.  Fortunately, Betra wasn’t so demanding, but I still lowered my gaze.

“I feel soft and light and happy,” I sighed to the Imdiko.  “And horny.  I can’t wait for you to fuck me.”

He chuckled, probably not just because of what I said but how I said it.  I slurred my words pretty bad.  Betra had really loaded me up.

“Don’t worry, pretty pet.  I will fuck you, but first I’m going to play a bit more.”

“Do you think we have time?  Those Tragooms might come and ruin our fun.”

“I think Oses will keep that from happening.  Be my good girl and sit as still as possible.  Let me play with that wonderful pussy.”

He kept a firm grip on my shoulder with one hand, keeping me upright.  The other reached down.  Fingers slid along my slit and I jerked as lightning zapped through my core.

He smiled at me.  “My goodness, this sweet pussy is so wet.  You do want me to fuck you, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I moaned.  “I really, really do, Betra.”

He rubbed back and forth, spreading my honey over my clit so that I cried out and thrust my hips forward.  He also rubbed juices over my anus.  “I bet you want to feel my cocks inside you.  You’d like that, wouldn’t you Shalia?”

“Yes.  Please, Betra.”

“In a little while.  First I want to see what a good girl you can be for me.  You have to let me play with you until I’m ready to fuck.”

I whimpered.  I didn’t want to bother with any foreplay beyond what we’d done.  With the venom pouring through me, I was ready to get to the main event.

Betra gave me a severe look, as if guessing where my thoughts were.  “Behave, Shalia.  If you don’t sit still and let me do as I wish, I will give you a painful spanking.  I’ll see to it you don’t sit for a week.  Then I will tie you up and prevent you from coming all day.”

Tears stung my eyes.  I gave him my most reproachful  pout.  He was being mean to make me suffer.

“Poor baby.”  Betra kissed the tip of my nose while letting his fingertips trace slow, lazy circles around my clit.  I squalled to be teased like that.  He chuckled.  “I know.  You’re going to be a good girl though.  You will do whatever it takes to please me, and you will be pleasured the way you deserve for a reward.”

Damned controlling Kalquorian.  I knew it was his way or nothing.  If Oses knew this side of Betra, he might not be so enamored with him.

Still pouting, I said, “I’ll be good.”

“That’s my girl.  Now stay still.  Maybe I won’t torment you too long if I feel like you’re really trying.”

With that threat, he pushed a finger inside me.  My breath caught and I shuddered from head to toe to feel him there.

“By the ancestors, you’re eager,” Betra chuckled.  “Your pussy is clutching so hard.  You are not allowed to come until I tell you to, Shalia.  If you do, not only will I punish you, but I will tell Oses and have him punish you as well.  As head of discipline on this ship, you can well imagine how good he is at making people sorry they have broken the rules.”

Even through the haze of the intoxicant, I whimpered.  I did not want to know what someone as adept as Oses was capable of when it came to real discipline.  His version of playful punishment had been extreme enough.

Betra continued to finger-fuck me while teasing my clit until I shuddered all over from want.  I had an awful time not moving myself against him to make that slow burn flare brighter.  Then he added a second finger, crooking the tips against my G-spot to make me cry out.

“Betra!  Please let me come.”

His smile was flat-out sadistic.  “Not yet.  Just stay right where you are and take it.”

Throbbing need pounded from within as he rubbed that nest of nerves without mercy.  I broke out in a sweat from the vicious pleasure twisting my gut in knots.  “Please, Betra?  I don’t think I can hold out.”

“You’d better, little Shalia.  Obey me or you’ll be sorry.”

As if I wasn’t in enough torment, his thumb, which had been circling my clit all this time, rubbed right over it.  The blast of carnal delight took me right to the edge of orgasm.

“Betra!  I’m going to come!”

“Don’t you dare.”  He stared me in the eye, his expression angry enough for me to claw control over myself.  “You will not come until I say you can, Shalia.”

I sobbed, tears pouring from my eyes as denied ecstasy gnawed at my sex with rat teeth.  It hurt to not climax when it was so close. 

I begged and begged Betra to let me come for the next few minutes.  I pleaded, bawled, screamed, cajoled ... I did everything I could think of to convince him to let me surrender to that clarion call of relief.  Sometimes he chuckled and other times he ordered me to obey him and not come.  Most of the time he didn’t respond at all.  He kept looking into my straining face as he pounded his fingers in and out and rubbed my clit.  He tried to make me disobey him, his will against mine.

I’d reached the point where being punished by both Betra and Oses were no longer deterrents to me giving in to orgasm.  At that point, only my wish to not disappoint my sadistic Imdiko lover kept me holding on far past the time when I should have given up.  I knew he’d be disappointed if I gave in to my wants over his. 

Every girl has her breaking point, however.  I reached mine.  Somehow, Betra seemed to intuit that, because he pulled his hand free of me.

I knelt before him shuddering and sobbing, unsure if it was relief or disappointment I felt.  My insides clenched so hard I nearly cramped with the pain of it. 

Betra stood.  He opened the crotch of his uniform, and his cocks fairly bounced out of their tight enclosure.  They hung rigidly in front of my face, glistening and engorged.

Betra let me have a good look before ordering, “Turn around.  On your knees and elbows, legs spread and ass in the air.”

I lost no time in obeying him, not when he had that steely tone in his voice.  I think he should be re-tested or whatever it is they do to determine a Kalquorian man’s breed.  When it comes to sex, Betra is an awful lot like a Dramok.

I felt him behind me, kneeling between my legs, wedging himself.  The wet tip of his primary cock prodded my ass.  It slid a little ways inside, spreading me open for its invasion.  Then  I felt Betra’s fist against my pussy as he guided the second cock to where it belonged.  My breath caught as he pushed in about an inch.

His hands closed around my hips, holding me in position for his use.  “You still may not come yet,” he said.

I groaned a protest.  The little bit of a break I’d gotten had taken me from being right on the verge, but it wouldn’t take a lot to put me right there again.  Plus I knew how it felt to be in this particular position with two cocks filling me up tight. 

Betra’s steady invasion proved my worst fears.  His cocks were thick, stuffing me tight.  The smaller one delivered insane friction right to the hotspot inside my pussy.  He was no longer playing with my clit, and he didn’t have to.  I was on the edge of cataclysm almost immediately.

“Betra, please,” I sobbed as he shoved implacably into my body while the hands on my hips pulled me back onto him.

“You will not come until I tell you to,” was the growled reply.  “Mind me or suffer the consequences, Shalia.”

He wasted no time seating himself within my ass and pussy.  I dug my fingertips into the soft floor covering, trying to hang onto control.  I had little hope of doing so.

Betra fucked me with strong, steady thrusts.  He made me move against him, his grip on me adding to the fire by making me take him as deeply as possible.  I could feel my breasts swinging like pendulums beneath me with the force of his taking.

My liaison released one hip to grab a handful of my hair.  He drew my head back, not yanking but leaving no doubt who was in control of this ride.  He was raw and animal, and I was begging to be allowed to come for him.  If I said the word ‘please’ once, I said it a million times.

I think Betra would still be pounding his cocks into me right now if he hadn’t needed to climax too.  At long last his hand left my hip to reach beneath us.  He grasped my clit in a pinch and shouted, “Come, Shalia!”

He didn’t even get to finish the command when my entire lower body seized in grateful convulsions.  I came hard and for so long that when I finally emerged from my rocket ride to heaven, Betra was already done and waiting for me to return to my senses.

I collapsed right there, tasting the carpet beneath my face.  I didn’t care.  Even the slight shit smell sneaking in from the other room couldn’t have roused me.  More Tragooms coming in to kill me and Betra couldn’t have gotten my body to move.  I was all done in.

Fortunately, when Betra lifted me in his arms, it was Oses standing in the room with us rather than pig-faced invaders.